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Hello kind and knowledgeable deciphering enthusiasts...

Thanks every time advance. Appreciated.

I was hoping to get a better lock on the two wives maiden-names on this document from 1950's Scotland.

Cheers. Means a lot.



If anyone could be so kind... I have a surname on a document that I cannot decipher. The first name is really butchered and I'm not to concerned (any hints appreciated). It's his surname F_______ that I was hoping to know.

When/If covid is not a thing I will ask for a new copy, can't right now.

Thanks you very much. I value your skill and kindness.

Sorry to be a pain. I made a post , got the answer I needed but then tagged another question on the end so as to not make another thread. I worry it will be buried on the tail end of my already-answered thread.

Pretty please forgive me and take pity and help decipher this doc...

I was hoping to know know what word comes before the word show in " George Rose   _________  Show Proprietor"

Also on the same document I was hoping it was possible to untangle what is George's mother's first name. Her maiden-name/surname is crossed out but before that her first name is displayed. (Best guess is Jane)

 Above that it has an occupation for William Rose ending in "dist" (I believe) and it's only  a 5 or 6 letter word! I still can't get it. (Best guess is Medalist)

The handwriting in the mid-section of this death cert is terrible, ink job is bad and there seems to be a hair that went across later at some point. I've read enough of these bad docs to be pretty good at it but I'm stumped here...

Usually I make it very big and step back from the monitor 10-15 feet. Not working in this case.

Thanks so much. I know it's cheeky to ask twice and for that I am sorry.  Just excited to know the info.


Could anyone be so kind as to help decipher what William Crawford's occupation...and his wife's maiden-name is ?

Thank you very much. Means a lot.


I am searching for any information I can find on a soldier who lived on the Channel Islands in the late 1700's. His name was William Pierce. He had my great-grandmother who was baptized October 20 ,1782 in St. Clement, Jersey. Mother is listed as Elizabeth.

That is all I can find. After much searching i'm brickwalling on any more siblings for Catherine or any info about the parents. It's possible they were stationed at Channel Islands only for a short time. I see no reference to William Pierce other then the the 1782 birth.

Now as I read up I realize there was an invasion of the Channel Islands in 1781. William Pierce would likely have been involved in the battle. Not sure though.,_6_January_1781

I used Jerripedia to find Catherine's birth to begin with ... since have come up blank.

Any pointers or help greatly appreciated. Ultimately i'd love to know Elizabeth's surname/parents, William's parents... but at this point I'd just be happy to get any information possible to fill the picture in a little.

Thanks in advance.

Hello and thanks in advance...

My grandparents married in 1702 and there is quite a bit of info on their marriage document. I get the gist of it but there's a bunch i'm missing. For instance I cannot discern whether William McClounan's occupation beside his name says weaver. There are a bunch of words beginning with W on whole document that I can't decipher such as the one directly below . 2 lines down from the word I had thought was weaver.

Any help appreciated.

More of the rest of the document to compare


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1761 Wedding Doc - Need Help Deciphering Words
« on: Monday 28 September 20 03:09 BST (UK)  »
Greetings. In this 1761 document my Grandfather Richard Scott marries Mary Turnbull. I have trouble understanding what it says about what seems to be a church-related title. Any help greatly appreciated.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1783 location in birth document - need a hand
« on: Wednesday 23 September 20 02:18 BST (UK)  »

My grandfather Alexander Boyle in Ayrshire was born in 1783 and in his document it mentions the location/mill that his father Alexander Boyle is from. Could anyone please help decipher what it says? The birth took place in Maybole.

Thanks in advance


Ayrshire / Quintin Stewart - Tailor of Maybole- Searching for birth info+
« on: Monday 14 September 20 22:09 BST (UK)  »

I have been searching for the correct birth information for my many G's Great Grandfather. His name is Quintin Stewart and I know he was a Tailor in Maybole Ayrshire from the documents of his daughter JENNET STEWART    

Both her birth and death documents list father Quintin as a Tailor in Maybole. As I search SP site all these many months the only Quintine Stewart (under any spelling variation) I can find only 4 in all of Scotland...all from Ayrshire and only one date-appropriate for having Jennet Stewart in 1777 and that is:
David Stewart.

Countless people have Quintin Stewart , Tailor of Maybole in their trees but he is always listed as born in Maybole 1747 with no fixed date. There is no such entry under any spelling that I have been able to find in 1747 or any time close...except for the 1754 Dailly Quintin Stewart. For that one I have acquired many documents related such as all his siblings births etc. I'll get to that later.

When researching Quintin Stewart one of the first things I found was reference to a trial in Ayrshire whereby a Tailor from Maybole was put on the witness stand. It was all related to potential involvement in Knights Templar ritual activities by local Freemasons. The reason I believe this was my Grandfather is because though the trial was in 1800 the events happened several years before , eliminating almost all the other know Quintin Stewarts from Scotland that were listed on SP.

More par-
ticularly the said John Andrew and Robert Ramsay above complained on,
or one or other of them, being members of the said association, did at May-
bole aforesaid, on the 22d of August 1796, at a meeting held by the said
illegal association, and at which the said John Andrew acted as Master or
Preses, wickedly and feloniously administer or cause to be administered to
Quintin Stewart, tailor in Maybole aforesaid, an oath or engagement bind-
ing him ' to conceal and not to reveal or discover the secrets of the Order
of Knight Templars, murder and treason not excepted,' or an oath or en-
gagement of a similar import. Further, the said John Andrew and Robert
Ramsay above complained on, or one or other of them, did at Maybole
aforesaid, on the 17th of December 1796, or upon one or other of
the days of that month, or of the month of November immediately pre-
ceding, or of January in the year 1797 immediately following, at a
meeting held by the said illegal association, at which the said John Andrew
above complained on acted as Master or Preses, wickedly and feloniously
administer or cause to be administered to William Hamilton, mason in
Maybole aforesaid, an oath or engagement binding him ' to conceal and
not to reveal or discover the secrets of the Order of the Knights

Anyhow leaving aside the trial stuff and whether that is the same Quintin Stewart, Tailor of Maybole. I was hoping that others could help and nail down if the 1754 Quintin Stewart is my Grandpa or is there really a secret 1747 Quintin that many have in their tree's with no birth date info. In those trees the parents are John Stewart and Agnes McLinteen (a name I cannot find in Scotland at all).

What I know and have documents for so far...

Birth of daughter Jennet Stewart and siblings
Marriage of daughter Jennet to John Orr
Death of above Jennet Stewart
Death cert of Quintin Stewart (only says "old" and it was 1823)

Things I don't know:

When was Quintin Stewart born if not the 1754 birth?
Where is his marriage doc to Agnes Crawford
Who are his parents (If David Stewart from Dailly is not his father)

Attached is the birth cert of Jennet Stewart in 1777 that mentions Quintin the Tailor.

Any help finding or confirming Quintin's birth and parents greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance



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