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The Common Room / My Brickwall: 2 X Ggrandfather John Henry FARRELL
« on: Monday 10 February 20 22:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Helpers,
I have a long story which I hope I can lay out understandably.
My living family, including 80y.o. uncles/aunts and second cousins, have it that JH Farrell was from Ireland, but no one knows when or where he arrived in South Africa in the 1800s. We don't have and idea of birth or death dates, or places.
Here is what I know/sort of know:
1) JH married/common law union? Cornelia Sophia SWART. I have her Form of Information of Death from She died 1934 Kimberley, S.A. at age 84, according to a son who completed the form [I think it was a son -could have been a grandson...?]- so I calculate her birth around 1850. This form gives no other information other than that she was a widow, what she died of, and where she lived at the time of death. Place of birth - Cape Province . . . ;D
I have assumed that JH might have been born around 1850 too, but that may be totally wrong -who knows!?
2) 1st child Peter John was born 1868 Kimberley - I have no proof. I have is Death Notice which notes he was born in Transvaal... ;D I also have a lot of information on his descendants, like children born in Mafeking & Bulawayo , and from as second marriage/union children born in Transvaal...
3) Next two children were girls, Maria and Nellie or Grace? Maria supposedly married Hendrik de Bruyn - I have no information on her. Nellie - I have one married to Robert Chalmers, on whose Death Notice (Zimbabwe registers) it notes that she died around 1898 - no mention of where, and no DN for her in Zim registers. No birth dates or place names. Nellie and Robert have two children who were baptized at St John's in Mafeking 1893 & 1894.
4) 4th child John Alexander [my ggrandfather] - on his death notice [he has 2 -family issue!] his place of birth is noted Mochudi, Bechuanaland [British Protectorate] 1882, and that he is Irish..?! I have no proof of birth. I have marriage cert. and all information on his wife and children.
5) 5th child Hermanus Stephanus born 1886 in Mafeking, according to his Death notice. I have all his family info.
I have noted year and place of birth so you can see how they moved about.
Peter John and John Alexander's marriage certs note that they were policemen, but professions changed through the years. JA worked on the railways, and death note says he was a shopkeeper.
All the documents I have I got off

I had a DNA test done -autosmal. I have connection on with 25 5th-8th cousins who have FARRELL in their family trees. I have sent them all a message. Those who have replied are also stuck/not searching further back/don't know more about their Farrell family.
Only one of these cousins has communicated more and we are trying to search more for our connection. Angie's great grandfather is also John Henry Farrell - born in 1853 in Tennessee, USA; married and died 1904 in the USA. [he was in prison for many years and had just one child, a son.. John Henry.. ;)
My hunch is that perhaps her great grand JH and my gggrand JH were cousins....  so we're trying to find her JH's ancestors. I found his Father, mother on Find a Grave, and more info on FamilySearch: her John Henry Ferrell was the son of George Ferrell [1827-1859] and Eliza Lawson Ferrell. He married Minerva Jane Murrell. (note it was then FERRELL)

On FamilySearch I found George's parents : John Ferrell 1780-?? married to Elizabeth Cook [some places just Eliza/Elizabeth with no surname -and birth date varies, approx 1789] They were married supposedly 1804 in North Carolina, USA.  I have children:
Alexander 1823 [I don't know where I found him to add to this family  :-[ ]
Alfred 1824-1864;   Jackson 1825-1876;  John 1826 [I also don't know where I found him] ;
then George 1827-1859;  Andrew 1828; maybe a Mary ?
This info I got off different FamilySearch trees [for the first time very happy to have found 'possible duplicates]
I want to know if there weren't children before 1823 since the marriage was 1804?
Who those children were, and what their descendants names and history was -I know that's pushing it...
I did see on Find a Grave a son John born 1802...   [I wanted to add a link but it would not paste] but he did not have a son named John Henry.
Alexander married to Annis had a son John b 1849-ish on 1850 Tennessee census, but I don't find the family on subsequent censuses.

And by now I have lost my train of thought, but I do hope there is enough information here to help me find my JH gggrandfather.
I appreciate any information that I can follow up on.

Armed Forces / Medals and Clasps under the army order, issued on 1st April 1901
« on: Thursday 06 February 20 20:06 GMT (UK)  »
The question has been asked and for the most part answered, but I could not get back to it after registering an account.
I have found on the USA 1910 census a page with a list of names of those who were receiving these medals and clasps. There is one John Henry Farrell, regiment number 389, who was present at the operations Defence of Kimberley; Relief of Mafeking; Orange Free State and Transvaal. This sounds very much like my great-great grandfather, but how will I verify and confirm that it is him? Is there somewhere that at least his wife's name was noted? His age?Date of birth? Place of birth? Death? The remarks on the doc is feint, and of course I don't understand the meaning of it.
I attach a copy of the page, and hope that someone can advise. Much appreciated, thank you in advance. (PS an error occurred - my image was too large)

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