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The Common Room / Geneanet purchased by Ancestry -
« on: Monday 15 November 21 05:56 GMT (UK)  »
True?  My heart sank when I saw something about this happening.  Ancestry gutted the Rootsweb site so thoroughly that it's essentially useless today - and undoubtedly other websites that I hadn't used yet.  It's crushing to think about all that work posted on Rootsweb that's just gone. 

Northamptonshire / Travel to Gloucestershire for wedding in 1651?
« on: Monday 15 June 20 00:06 BST (UK)  »
Am looking for confirmation either way: fellow Americans tracking the origins of the Quaker Browne/Brown family which emigrated to the colonies and helped create the Nottingham settlement for William Penn may have grabbed a document which doesn't belong to our family. 

Specifically, there's an online marriage record for a Richard Browne who married a woman named Mary Masters in Gloucestershire on 14 Aug 1651.  I didn't know whether to automatically accept this as fact if only because of the travel required at the time.  Would this have been usual practice? 

Richard's wife was named Mary and his name was spelled with an "e" on the end and his known children were born after that date, but it might just be convenient to find an ancient, foreign, record online.  Thoughts?

I’m stuck and need your collective help!  Barbara Ellyett (21 Feb 1840-1 Sept 1896), d of John Ellyett and Elizabeth McCoy/McCloy, was married to Eli Lewis Fishpaw by Rev James H. Wolf on 18 May 1865 presumably in Virginia, USA, where her parents lived.  (Eli was born and raised in Maryland.)  I’ve documented Barbara’s siblings and her descendants, which include my mother, but haven’t been able to definitively go back further than her parents.
As you all undoubtedly know, there were a gazillion ways to spell what sounds like “Elliott”.  Within the records I’ve found for our line, the letter “e” is usually the vowel; there’s variability over the number of “l”s and “t”s; some end in “e” and some don’t. But there’s one constant with my family, at least from John forward:  inclusion of a “y”.

Per his data on Ancestry from the Clarke County, Virginia Deaths 1853-1896, John Ellyett was born in Frederick County, VA in 1807. This jives with the birth year on his headstone (Find A Grave), but Clarke County wasn’t created out of Frederick County until 1836. His parents could have been in what became Clarke County – or in what remained as Frederick County.  Per his death record’s data, John’s parents were named William and Mary.

I haven’t been able to locate data for William, Mary, or their family, but there are tantalizing items from Maryland, such as William Elleyeot, listed in the Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol 1, p 47, for 2 Sept 1668, referencing his son William, when he comes of age.  There’s also William Ellyott, from Somerset County, Point Patience, with 143 acres on 1 July 1695 in the Settlers of Maryland, 1679-1783 p 212. 

I run out of names with a “y” in the area after this.  While that’s obviously not the only way to look at the evidence, I haven’t been able to tie any of the other surnames which are spelled differently to John either.  Any thoughts regarding these folks whether in the US or in England would be appreciated!

In the response to a query about non-conformist registers online, someone asked if this was "the RG 4, 5, and 8". I trying looking in the lexicon but couldn't find anything with "RG". This is a non-conformist question I would have asked as well - what's RG? Thank you

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