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Hi all, new here. I have been looking for my lost great-grandfather. Story goes he went to work one day in 1917 and never came back. I am working on some additional research via tips I learned from a genealogy course. I think I may have my first breakthrough.

I have posted an original signature below (from 1912, primary source), and below that I have posted a signature found on a naturalization paper from 1919 via external research. I am interested in your thoughts as to whether these signatures could be of the same person, and therefore, a significant lead in finding my lost great-grandfather.

You will see in both signature examples: (1) The lowercase E looks like a backwards "3", and contains a trailing mark/slash. (2) The lowercase L is shorter than the lowercase F. In his other primary documents we have (postcards), the lowercase "E"s are consistent, like a backwards 3. His uppercase V has varied slightly, but remains similar to these examples. Also, his lowercase "L"s are also consistent with these signatures in other postcards. I have tried researching other handwriting styles, but I am assuming it would be unlikely for there to be two people with the same name (both first and last names in this case) and have the same two signature features, and have been born at roughly the same time and from the same region in Europe!

Looking forward to your replies! My friend told me about this site, and I am glad to see a supportive community here.

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