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Radnorshire / Wilding/Llangullo & a lady believed in their service!
« on: Sunday 30 August 20 21:26 BST (UK)  »
My first time here and I'm after some help/advice, please?
I am researching a family tree on behalf of a family friend and I am looking for pointers on how to find any information on a lady called Elizabeth Owen(s), born about 1803 (assuming she was 21 when her son was born, she could have been much younger and location of birth unknown).
She had a son called John Owen in about 1824, Bromfield, Herefordshire.
The family of John Owen(s) believe that his mother was in service as a housekeeper or similar in a place called Pennyclaud (no idea of the correct spelling), Llangullo with a family called Wilding and John was illegitimate as a result of a liaison (forced or consensual) between his mother and one of the Wilding men.
I am an experienced family tree researcher, but due to the years of birth and locations that are unfamiliar to me, I'm struggling to make any headway. I do not know if John had any siblings, so can't find him via that circuitous route.
I have a marriage cert from 1852 where he married a lady called Harriet Webb in Hatfield where he lists his father as being William Owens a farmer (the family think this is a fake name), with the bride coming from Hatfield and the groom coming from Richards Castle, Salop.
Due to the lack of 'official' documentation from anything prior to 1837, I am happy to admit defeat, but not before I've asked a few questions to those who might know.
Any thoughts would be most gratefully received.
Thank you.

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