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Travelling People / Elizabeth Ward/Youngs 1833 - Great Great Grandmother
« on: Saturday 17 October 20 11:54 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I'm looking for help on Elizabeth Ward, she was my Great Great Grandmother. 
I seem to have a few choices on Ancestry of who she might have been..
Another name could be Frances Elizabeth.
Married Robert Youngs, although could be Robert Carrs Youngs.

My mum always told me there was Romani down her side of the family.  I believed her as she could read palms and tea leaves accurately herself, and had no reason to lie.  There are traits in family that are possibly connected apparently too.  But I've hit a blank.

Some very kind people have been helping me, but I am currently stuck here
I have ordered Ancestry DNA so hopefully in a few weeks can get further.

I'm also stuck on mum's father's side, totally stuck.  (Frederick John Flaaman (or Flaxman on his birth certificate) Seago, 1874-1921.  His Parents are possibly listed as John Seago/Sago (very possible)/Seage I can't get any more hints than that, and Emma or Emily for his mother. 

Any help or pointers to Romani heritage would be amazing, I have been talking to someone extremely knowledgeable and in this area but other's of you may have different info of course :) x

Travelling People / Looking for HOLMES information, and possibly SEAGO
« on: Thursday 17 September 20 22:53 BST (UK)  »
I am very grateful to have found this site, and read some of the posts on the HOLMES family. 
My Mum always told me that there was Romany down her dad's side of the family.  I have been looking for a long time as I feel I really need to know where I come from, and I have a huge interest in the Old Ways as it is.  My mum could read palms and tea leaves, although she only showed me once and it was hidden again (she was very accurate).  So I am looking for information going back from Arthur Harold HOLMES of Beccles, 19 May, 1905, (wife Muriel SEAGO 21 Jan 1908).  Children : Shirley (my mum), Nola E, & Derek, possibly one other.
His Father is Thomas William HOLMES, also Beccles, Print Compositor.  Wife Edith Emma HARVEY.

I am also interested in Muriel's side, as her father was Frederick John Flaaman SEAGO, an unusual name..  from Norfolk.  That is a brick wall after him.  His birth certificate also said flaxman apparantly.  He was a 'marine engine driver', and was employed on several small Minelayer ships, of which I know there were 5 at least.  His mother was Emily/Emma Seago, no named father but on his ship records says John.  Frederick married Jane YOUNGS, father Robert YOUNGS.

My dad's side are all Irish, Moran's and Burns/Byrnes... :)

If anyone can tell me where to look or knows anything I would love to hear.  Maybe the information will help someone else.


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