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Armed Forces Resources / Where do I start?
« on: Wednesday 04 November 20 23:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I live in a small village in north Wales and we are hoping to have a community day next year to celebrate the history of our village. I have been appointed as the researcher due to my interest in history/genealogy and whilst I am quite experienced in researching my own family, taking on the history of the village is quite daunting.

I'm planning to do a section on WWI and WWII and am really looking for advice as to the best websites and resources to use as I realise this could be very time consuming and don't want to waste valuable time on websites which have little information or are not user friendly.

So far I have a list of names of men who would be the right sort of age to have served in WWI from the census records. But obviously that only gives me names, addresses and approximate years of birth. A lot of the names are similar so trying to pick out which is the correct 'John Jones' out of a great long list when I don't have exact dates of birth etc could be frustrating to say the least. I'm guessing that the most likely service they would have served in would be the Royal Welsh Fusiliers but I doubt that would be exclusive.

So I look to you all for any advice you might have about how to approach this if you have done anything similar and also where should I concentrate my efforts?

Thank you  :D

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