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Scotland / Beginner looking for some help for my Fraser Ancestors
« on: Wednesday 18 November 20 09:37 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

I am hoping that you all may be able to help me. I am a beginner and have had wonderful help from the forum before so i thought i would ask for help again. When researching my mother's family i have come across some Scottish heritage that i am not able to find complete information for and unfortunately a lot of them have the same name! Here is what i have so far:

My 2nd great-grandfather, Walter Gibson Fraser, was born in Glasgow on 22nd April 1864.
He married Ellen Mary Frizzell sometime in Ireland in 1891.
They had i believe 7 children? (Thomas, Mary Hamilton, Walter G, Alexander Frizzell, Henry, Annie and Norman) - i have not been able to find any complete records confirming the children and only have census records to go from.
Mary Hamilton is my Great Grandmother and was actually born in Ireland. I had thought she was Irish but her family all originate from Scotland.
I believe Thomas Fraser may have gone into the army and died there in 1915 but have no records to confirm it is the same Thomas Fraser.
Walter may have died in Belfast but i cannot trace a death certificate for him.

Walter's father was William Fraser who was born sometime around 1841 in Wigtownshire? (again, cannot find a definitive record to confirm date of birth)
He married Mary Hamilton on 2 Feb 1864. She must have already been pregnant at this time as Walter Gibson was born in April of 1864.
It looks like William & Mary had 6 children? (Walter Gibson (man above), Mary Jane Hamilton, Marjory Hamilton, Margaret, Jessie and William)
I cannot find a definitive date of death for him.

William's father was also a William Fraser and was born sometime around 1815 in Dundee. I have no records and can only find him on later census with estimated year of birth.
He had maybe 6 children with a woman named Janet (maybe Jennet?) McDowall but i cannot find a marriage certificate or parish record so this may not be accurate as i took this from census records. Children named as follows: Helen, Jessie Logan, William, Alexander, Archibald and Isabella.
I have no date of death for him either and cannot find any record of his birth to find his parents.

If anyone can fill in any gaps or point me in the right direction i would be most grateful. It is very confusing with so many William Frasers! I am very eager to find out about my Scottish Heritage and possible Clan. My mother had this gorgeous woollen blanket tartan since she was married at 19 and it was a gift from my Grandfather who told my mother it was the family tartan colours and i now know it must be from the Fraser family.

Sorry if any of this seems confusing by the way!

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Hilton Roscoe Walmsley
« on: Thursday 01 October 20 11:33 BST (UK)  »
So i have come across a big block in my family history on my Mother's side. Was trying to trace my 3rd great grandfather called Hilton Roscoe Walmsley born sometime in 1824 in Ainsworth, Lancashire. He was probably born under the name Hilton Roscoe. Only information I can find is a baptism record in Bolton-Le-Moors in November 1824 which lists his mother as Charlotte Roscoe a spinster and it does not note any father's name.

My mother's paternal family are Walmsley, so now it seems that the name Walmsley may have come from a step father? I assume that Charlotte Roscoe had Hilton out of wedlock and later married a Walmsley which Hilton later added to his own name. Is a Walmsley his father, who knows? Is there any way i can find the father of Hilton? I have literally been looking for months and i have no idea what avenue to go down now and i am still fairly new to genealogy.

I also can find no records of Charlotte Roscoe anywhere! I also can find no marriage records for her either or any other children. Without Charlotte's information and without knowing Hilton's father i can't go any further back with my Mother's family.

If anyone can let me know where to look next or may have any information i would greatly appreciate it!

Family History Beginners Board / Cannot find a date of death
« on: Wednesday 30 September 20 15:33 BST (UK)  »
I am recently new to family history and spent 9 months doing my family tree when a family friend asked if i could do theirs for them. I have suddenly now come across a road block early on in my research for him.

I am trying to find the date of death for a Patrick Colgan born/baptised 18th December 1862 in Ireland. He married Margaret Connolly in Birkenhead in July 1889. He was listed in the 1901 census in Birkenhead in Cheshire England but not on the 1911 census. His wife Margaret Colgan (nee Connolly) is listed on the 1911 census as widowed. I have searched for any Colgan's dying between 1901-1911 and have come up with nothing! Is it possible that he didn't die between those years? I even searched for Colgan's dying in Ireland but came up with nothing. And there are thousands of families with the name Colgan!

Can anyone help me at all or at least point me in the right direction? Help would be much appreciated. I have spent weeks on this and have no idea what i should do now.

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