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Family History Beginners Board / Lamont, Ireland 1820
« on: Monday 09 November 20 00:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction .... doing our family tree and Iím stuck with a Hugh Lamont born in Ireland about 1820ish ..... he married a Mary Mitchell and had 3 kids , Catherine Ann Lamont who went onto  marry a James or John Dunbar , a Jane Lamont and also a Francis Lamont who was born about 1845 ....... for some reason I canít find anything out about them before 1850/60 ish when they all turn up in a census in Glasgow ..... itís Hugh Lamont or Mary Mitchell Iím after to try n take things further ...... many thanks n all that Paul
( something tells me they were from the north , Ballintoy , ballymena etc area as Catherine married there and think she was born co Derry )

Hi everyone
Trying to get my head round the last bit of my family tree on my grans side and was wondering if anybody fancies double checking it for me as is all getting a bit strange  ...... Iíve finished it as far as I can to 1550 and  just wanna see if someone else came up with the same for the last few generations ........
I need to go from a Henry Watts born 1550 in georgeham Devon died 1626 ....... married a faith Elliot and had a son Tristram ..... Iíve managed to take it a few more generations but is getting all strange so was wondering if anybody fancied double checking n see if we come up with the same ....... 🤷‍♂️

Family History Beginners Board / Document officially closed 🤷‍♂️ ?????
« on: Thursday 15 October 20 09:00 BST (UK)  »
Morning all
Doing a bit of research and trying to find my grandads brother who was killed in the war somewhere ..... no one really knows when n where .... he should come up in 2 of the census and I can find them but itís coming up as document officially closed with 2 big black lines through where his name should be ...... anybody sheíd any light ???? Think heís buried at the war cemetery in Aden but donít quote me in that .....

Antrim / Lamont family Ballintoy 1800
« on: Wednesday 14 October 20 00:53 BST (UK)  »
Hi there all
In middle of doing my family tree and wondered if anybody has any info on the Lamont family that lived in the Ballintoy area approx 1800 ..... am looking for a Hugh Lamont in particular born 1823 my great whatever it is grandad , am sure he married a Mary Collins , moved to Glasgow had kids including Francis (1845 )  who again is one of my great whatever it is grandads ...... any info greatly appreciated ...... Paul

Family History Beginners Board / Watts family Newton Nottage Wales
« on: Wednesday 14 October 20 00:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi there ,
Doing my tree on my grandads side and was just wondering if anybody has come across or got any info on the Watts family that  lived in Newton Nottage wales appx 1860-1900
The Father was a Robert Watts ( my great whatever it is grandad ) he had sons one called David Watts again great whatever it is grandad who went on to have Thomas Watts who moved n lived his days in Porthcawl wales ..... think by all accounts they either had a farm or worked on a farm ..... any info appreciated , Paul ....  think Robert was originally born in Devon about 1823 ......

Family History Beginners Board / Nathaniel Lamont .Francis Lamont ,Hugh Lamont
« on: Monday 12 October 20 23:03 BST (UK)  »
hi everyone ,im just reseaching my family tree and the gentleman above are all my great great great great great grandads , nathaniel also had a son called nathaniel who married an annie maria innes . nathaniel  senior married jane mcdougall .Francis married Harriet Newsome and Hugh married a Mary Collins they were both born about 1823 in ireland .......
 ive got everyone up till Hugh so was wondering if anyones came acroos this line before and got any info ????? as far as i know they were from the Ballintoy area of Ireland
 cheers folks paul

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