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Ayrshire / McDonald to Logan (Ayr, Scotland)
« on: Tuesday 13 October 20 06:39 BST (UK)  »
Hello all!

I was born a McDonald. I grew up with our crest proudly at the entrance of our home (American, but my mother is now a proud British citizen and has always been a historian of sorts.) To my surprise, when I had mine and my brothers DNA tested (his basic and y-line), it came back we were full siblings, our parents are who they say they are, no one is adopted... but we aren't McDonalds. Not even related. Somewhere down the line, someone changed something and it wasn't recent in the last three generations.

I've been trying to get past my third great grandfather since I began this journey when I was only 17. Now nearing 30, I'm a bit closer but still have no concrete answers except now I know we are indeed LOGANS. I don't know if he changed his name, as the earliest record anyone has ever found is his marriage, he lived his life not knowing who his real father was and was born a McDonald, or maybe took his mother's last name.

Regardless, I believe one day I will have answers, but for now, I've been able to connect to relatives I didn't know existed and see they all have this line in common. Every single one of them. I just have to figure out who the father was - my 4th great grandfather.

I am proud of this name, but I have to admit, it is hard changing your brain to realize your given last name was only a name and not your true heritage, especially after 20+ years.

My husband and I are now planning a trip to take once it is a bit safer with COVID. He actually just found out about the same time he was indeed adopted and is Welsh! Lloyd surname from a common English name he knew his whole life. We can't wait to go step foot where our ancestors once stood.

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