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Northumberland Lookup Requests / Chatton Mill and CHARTER(S) family
« on: Tuesday 21 August 18 09:18 BST (UK)  »
I am wondering if anyone  has information about the CHARTER(S) family who seem to have been millers at Chatton Mill from the seventeenth century? My 5X great grandfather was John Charters who married Dorothy Wallace 1721 in Chatton.
I am trying to find out his father or indeed grandfather.

During my searches I have found a will for Thomas Charters 1705 where he leaves "half of the Corn Mill of Chatton purchased by my dearest brother James Charter" to his brother Joseph. Said Thomas leaves property to his sister Margaret Charter, and his sister's daughter Margaret HUTSON and her son John Hutson. He also leaves his brother John Charters 5/- if he returns from Her Majesty's Service.

I have also found the death of Joseph's wife Anne in 1716 in Chatton.

However, without the baptism of John CHARTERS (married to Dorothy) I am unable to work out how these families fit together.

Does anyone have any information about these families, Chatton Mill or suggestions as to where I might pursue my research?

Many thanks in advance.

United States of America / Marriage records Massachusetts 1950s
« on: Tuesday 25 April 17 09:48 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone
I am trying to find  family members for my husband's aunt who is 84 and who has lost touch with her first cousins who lived in Norwood Massachusetts. I know their names and the 2 boys I can find are already dead. I have access to the Massachusetts Marriage Index for the years 1950-52 but cannot seem to find a way to discover their spouses and thereby find possible children of these marriages. I also need the spouse to find out if my Aunt's female cousin has died (the same age as her!)

Can anyone please advise me of ways I could find out this information. I live in Australia so obviously rely on Internet access.

Thanking you for any suggestions

Cornwall Lookup Requests / Baptism records for NORTH PETHERWIN 1705-1730
« on: Wednesday 22 March 17 02:51 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All
I am looking for evidence of the children of Mary Vosper and William BERRIBALL/BARABALL who were married in 1705 in North Petherwin.

Does anyone know where I can find this information (apart from the Cornish Record Office?)--as I live in Australia!!

Family Search does not have that coverage nor does it seem any of the other sites eg OPC Cornwall FindMyPast -although they do have the couples' seemingly last born and many other Baptisms from that time but with First names only!

Very many thanks for your assistance in this.

Derry (Londonderry) / Maghera records c 1802
« on: Friday 05 August 16 08:34 BST (UK)  »
My husband's 3X great grandfather was one Joseph Chambers born according to his attestation record in Maghera c 1802. He enlisted in Armagh Feb 1820 aet 18. He died 11 Feb 1860 in Sydney New South Wales aet 61 according to his death certificate. On his attestation he has the trade of weaver.

I have details about his military service and his subsequent marriage in Chorley Manchester  and family in NSW but have hit a brick wall. I assume he was a Protestant as he was in the 50th Regiment of Foot but I may be wrong.

Can anyone please point me in any possible directions where I can further my research?? It seems there are no extant Church Records.

He names his only son Francis and his youngest daughter Frances so I wondered if this was a "family name"?

Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed.
Thanking you all in advance


Somerset / Early 20C Hospitals in the Bath area.
« on: Wednesday 18 November 15 02:11 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to piece together an account of my grandmother's life and have become stuck on her life before she was married. Family stories have her as a nurse both before and during the early part of World War 1. and indeed in the 1911 Census she is with her parents in Marshfield given as a "Mental Nurse".
In early 1915 she was living at Englishcombe as we have letters addressed there from my grandfather Charles A J Bone who was fighting in France. I have photos of her in c 1909/1910 in a uniform including a large bow at the neck and what looks like a white pudding basin as a cap. There is also one with a long floor length cloak.

The assumption is that my grandparents met when my grandfather was wounded as he was a Londoner  but I have been unable to confirm the first date he was wounded. (They were married in December 1915) Does any one know whether, in the vicinity of Englishcombe , there was a hospital military or otherwise from about 1910?

Would be glad for any leads to follow up.

Thanking you all

Gloucestershire / Holland family possibly of Chedworth
« on: Wednesday 08 April 15 06:04 BST (UK)  »
I have hit a brick wall with my husband's 5X great grandfather David Holland. I know he was married in Chedworth to Frances Robins 7th August 1758 and died /buried 2 February 1826 in the Northleach cemetery of the Chedworth Independent Congregational Church. The records has him aged 88 therefore giving him an approximate birth date of 1737/8. I also cannot find this France Robins although the Rob(b)ins family seems to have a number of lines in Chedworth.

I have all the children of this marriage but am wondering if anyone has come across an appropriate Holland family in the Gloucestershire area? There is one other ? clue. One of the children--Mary-- was baptized in Chedworth 1767 but born a couple of years earlier Dec 1764 in Faringdon Berkshire.

If anyone has any suggestions about lines I can follow I would be happy to hear from them.

Thank you

Sue T

Berkshire / Holland family Faringdon
« on: Tuesday 31 March 15 22:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

I am posting to see if anyone has come across the Holland family in Faringdon or nearby. I am searching for the birth of David Holland born c 1738 married to Frances Robins in 1758 at Chedworth. I can find neither of these in the Gloucestershire records but I am pretty certain Frances does come from the Chedworth area ( Rob(b)ins is a very common name here.)

I am making this request as a wildcard as when I looked at the actual Baptism record of one of their children---Mary I found the following entry:

Born 29 December 1764 at Faringdon Berks baptized 8th June 1767 Chedworth.

Any suggestions would be most welcome .

Many thanks

Suffolk / Susan Balding Hessett
« on: Monday 08 December 14 07:25 GMT (UK)  »
I have hit a total brick wall as regards Susan Balding who married Jacob Presland in Hessett 22 Mar 1769 aet 25. She is given as of the parish  as was Jacob. She died in Hessett 26 Dec 1815 and Jacob died 10 March 1816. On her death she is given as aet 83..something of a discrepancy . That said, I have been unable to find any evidence for her birth anywhere.

I am wondering if anybody has ideas about where I can go from here. I notice that there was a burial in Hessett in 1780 of Ann widow of Thomas but no other Balding refs. There does seem to be a family in Rougham but no mention of Susan.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received. Thank you.
Sue Tulloch South Australia

Herefordshire / The Weaver family of Bromyard in 1700s
« on: Monday 14 July 14 08:29 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any information about the Weaver family specifically Samuel Weaver and wife Hannah who had the following children (IGI)
Richard, Samuel, Hannah, William, Allen , Thomas.

They were all baptized in a Non Conformist church in Bromyard.  Does anyone know which Independent churches were in Bromyard from c 1757 to 1778? A Samuel Weaver married a Hannah Edwards in Bromyard in 1756 but I do not know in what church.

I am interested in finding out about the family as in 1782 Hannah b 1759 married Martin Barr ( part owner of the Royal Worcester Factory).I believe from what I have read that Martin was a draper before becoming part owner of the Worcester factory therefore I believe the Weavers must have been in trade of some sort.

Any suggestions about how to trace the Weavers would be most appreciated.

Thanking you

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