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Completed Yorkshire (North Riding) Look up Requests / Completed
« on: Wednesday 11 February 09 21:07 GMT (UK)  »
I need some help
Marriage for
William KING m. Ann Mortimer-
Seems that the index has one but here is what it has
William RING m. Ann Mortimer
Year 1839 some time between April and June District Pickering North Riding Volume 24 page 463

this would be the correct area-and time  for their marriage.. Soooooooooooooo
What I wonder is 'Ring' a mistake - should that be KING and not RING.. as the index has it now.

Does , anyone have access to the original parish record  to look at that record , and willing to help   ??? decipher what it really says ???

Thanks for reading and what ever we can find on that family- I have so little to go on for England.

England / Phillimore transcripts of parish records
« on: Wednesday 20 June 07 05:26 BST (UK)  »
 Does any one have access to these records?
I need information off the marriage for
Charles Hudson and Jane Sanderson I located it in the being
Jan 31 1803 - Shipton By Thorpe, Yorkshire, England
What I need to know is what was Charles parish name and his and hers parents name if its on the record.


England / BOERS WAR death for Wm C. Larner Help needed Please
« on: Monday 11 June 07 16:04 BST (UK)  »
Wondered how to locate info. on a death from Boers war .
1900 family has it for time
Name Wm. Charles Larner age unknown- but should be born around 1855- 1865 ? We do not know where tho.
He had married a lady named Elizabeth, they had a child named
Henrietta abt. 1900 for time frame.
I guess thats pretty much all we know on him.
 then about 1913 Elizabeth left Eng. for Canada.
Elizabeth was born around 1866 ish ??
I know not much to go with is it ?
But , If we can figure out the Boers war stuff, that may help a ton..
Thanks for what ever can be brought to light with this request.
smiles- with Hugs-
LAH - Lucy
I also know the people are GREAT- Top of the line.. brick wall crackers on this message board.. so, if there is any info out there.. heres the group that will locate it.

Hello-  :)
 I am searching for the information on the record of marriage for
Charles Hudson to Jane Sanderson on 31 Jan 1803 in Shipton by Thorpe.

Thanks for what ever help can be given on this request.


Family History Beginners Board / Naming Their Children Order
« on: Tuesday 29 May 07 14:13 BST (UK)  »
Hello Friends of the Archives - I search,

My question today is..
Does anyone have the order for the way children were named ?
Such as..
1st male after fathers dad/grandfather
1st female after mums / mum.. side
2nd male after ???

If so.. can you share it..

Thanks,  :D

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / SAME PLACE ?? HOLME, & Holme Upon Spalding ??
« on: Saturday 24 March 07 11:48 GMT (UK)  »
  Wondered if some kind soul, could tell me if this happens to be - 2 places ..
Holme, and Holme Upon Spalding, Yorkshire, England.

I found both names in the 1851 census, and wondered- was it the same .. ??  ??? ?? or Differnent  ??? place

Thanks for your answers  :D

The Common Room / Old Hand writting, Help Needed
« on: Wednesday 13 December 06 06:38 GMT (UK)  »
I am wondering is anyone good at reading / and willing to help me with the old style writtings found in old letters from 1818- 1830s?

I found a mountain of them, and some are not all bad to read.. but some are.. I could really use the help here, with them bad ones.
They are from Stapleford, England , wrote by my 4th great grandfather for the most of them. Some are answers back to him from  his sons in New York.
Very interesting- to read, some talk about life in general /work / death  there in Stapleford- and the people they have contact with, also other towns- I do not read well the town / peoples last names..could use a ton of help with that alone. One talked about a air balloon , another about the son who was in study- Dr. viewing a few operations.
However I am not getting all the information that the letters tell, because - I am having a time with the style of writting.

There are 224 total, but I only have 9 at this time. I have to get more from the museum in New York. Which I plan to do before Winter break here at the school. So, I can play with them during that time more. In time I want to get them all .

Thanks - for any help I can get in reading the letters.


Nottinghamshire / STAPLEFORD Help needed please
« on: Thursday 30 November 06 04:10 GMT (UK)  »
I need some help with my Hannah please.
I have this much, from family records.
Hannah SCATTERGOOD b. 24 Jun 1773 m. John BARRATT in Parish of Phillmore,Ilkeston, Derby, England.
their issues are
John Barratt b. 1794 Nottingham
Dr.Joseph Barratt b. 1796
Hannah (Barratt) b. 1799 m. Thomas Bramley
Ann Barratt b. 1802 m. Anthony Johnson
Mary Barratt b. 1805 m. Joseph Chadborn
Sarah Barratt b. 1807
William Scattergood Barratt b. 1810 Stapleford * my line
Augusta Flavius Barratt b. 1813
Rufus Barratt b. 1819 Nottingham

The 2 elder sons moved to NY one John came as a merchant, and Joseph who was a Dr and Professor latter in Middletown, Middlesex Co. Connectcut , the rest of the family moved to the USA in 1829, minus the one daughter Hannah (Barratt)Bramley who stayed in Stapleford,England.

Hannah SCATTERGOOD (my 3rd great grandmother) had a brother named John SCATTERGOOD, who is talked about in family letters from John Barratt to his son's John/ Joseph, as your Uncle John SCATTERGOOD . Along with a female cousin to the Barratt children, first name is not legiable to me..but starts I think with an (H)last name of SCATTERGOOD who married it apears to be Luke Lipson (not with her familys approval it seems, according to the letter). I am at this point unsure if this female SCATTERGOOD, is the daughter of the Brother John.
Here is what it says
"" Your cousin H-- SCATTERGOOD & Luke Lipson (Tipson?) were married about last May very very much against the wishes of both her Father and Mother and Friends they now live between old Radford and Notthm but are expected to come to Stanton soon ""
There is also a mention of a Richd SCATTERGOOD, but not a connection other then he worked on one of John SCATTERGOODS lace or twine machines. the letter was wrote in Oct of 1823, sent from John Sr. Barratt in Stapleford England to his son in New York.

I am working on transcribing these letters, some are fadeing fast. There is a total of 224 letters in all.All hard to read, when the writting is in old english style. So, it is a very slow process.
I will post what I know on the SCATTERGOOD line , that I find as I get it.
But, For now I am looking for the parents to
Hannah SCATTERGOOD and her brother John SCATTERGOOD.

Does anyone have a clue to whom they could be ?

thanks for what ever can be provided

Canada Lookup Request / Ontario Death Desperately - need help
« on: Saturday 17 June 06 04:10 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for reading this..
I need help bad in Ontario.. Pickering area is my guess.
2 deaths..
Mary Scott wife of Abraham Scott  died in  1857 according to Abrahams Bible.

1861 census.. list a female death with in the past 12 months in the Scott Household of Pickering, age not told, name not told.
Last name would be Scott..
Either the bible is incorrect, or this death in 1861 census, is the daughter Emma Scott, who I have lost , she was not in 1861 census , least I did not see her. I did see one once at age 10 which she would have been, but not with her  parents, and I have not been able to locate that census again, I thought it was over by Toronto , where we believe that they may have entered Canada in. There was other family there in the area before they came over from England.
The bible does not mention , anything on the daughter except her birth in Eng. 1851 .

Can someone - anyone help please.. ??? I have been a few years at this brick wall. Added a few greys along the way over it too.. :)
Thanks - for what ever information that I recieve.. its all welcomed !

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