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Tipperary / Dunne Moyne in Thurles
« on: Sunday 28 February 21 15:48 GMT (UK)  »
Could anyone help me please,

I'm looking for Michael Dunne who married Nora Gleeson....I believe Michael had a sister Bridget dunne ... I'm not sure of year of birth but would think around 1900. I'm trying to find out more about Bridget if anyone can help as cannot find anything on census.... if anyone can help me regarding her marriage or any details then I really appreciate it ☺

Dublin / Santry residents
« on: Sunday 07 February 21 22:42 GMT (UK)  »
Beautiful people of rootschat ....on the census I have residents of

1 of Santry , Coolock

I've no idea where that is located but I'm actually looking to find out who lived in

1 of Santry , Coolock


3 of Santry, coolock

In 1922 or 1923 ??? I'm confused because I know Santry as being Santry and coolock as being coolock

Thanks in advance if you can help please?

Kildare / Dunne morristownbiller
« on: Saturday 06 February 21 16:07 GMT (UK)  »
Back again with a different Bridget Dunne... I'm slowly losing my mind so if anyone can please help

Bridget Dunne 1907 birth on census ... sister Esther Dunne ...who became broughall ...

Bridget married Thomas Cross ... could anyone help me as to the history after ??
Of course trying to Google Bridget cross is only showing me all things religious about actual crosses by saint brigid... myheritage says she had 2 children, one becoming a fagan... I'm looking for a photo or gravestone if you guys could possibly help

Dublin / Thoms directory
« on: Sunday 31 January 21 21:59 GMT (UK)  »
Would any of you lovely people be able to tell me who lived at 56 grosvenor SQUARE, rathmines/ rathgar in 1923/24

I found the residents on the 1911 census but a bit lost then after ... thank you ... I found a marriage cert for a Brigid Dunne who got married in 1925 and gives her address as there ... but I reckon she was possibly a servant there

Cork / Dunne family from meath
« on: Saturday 30 January 21 14:44 GMT (UK)  »
Its a long shot but would anyone have information about a Bridget Dunne who possibly moved to Cork ( no idea where so a shot in the dark) the family moved from Meath to Cork...I would suspect late 1920's ...not much to go on......thanks everyone

Meath / Newland common donaghmore Dunne
« on: Wednesday 27 January 21 02:13 GMT (UK)  »
I actually put a link on the kildare thread ....I'm looking to discover the history of

Brigid dunne , age 7 on 1911 census.
Her mother was Annie Dunne and Father Thomas Dunne ( im trying to see if the parents had connections to Rathbride in kildare )
I'm trying to find if brigid dunne married , had children,  buriel place and a photo would be a big bonus  ;D thanks for any tips

Dublin / Bridget/brigid dunne berkeley Road
« on: Monday 25 January 21 01:26 GMT (UK)  »
My grandmother was born in 1923 ...baptism recorded at 2 berkeley road.. Berkeley parish...there was never a birth cert and was 'fostered by the maloneys in the city centre. the baptism cert says 'address of Baptised ' Rathbride, Kildare/Berkeley Road and was told she was named after her mother... I've posted on the kildare thread but if anyone could give me any advice please

Kildare / Doyle/Dunne of Athy
« on: Friday 22 January 21 22:21 GMT (UK)  »
Hello ...if anyone could help with the information may not be exact

Doyle's born 1928 , 1930 , 1931 , and 1932.Edited.

I think they may be the descendants of
Marion Bridget Doyle nee Dunne
John Thomas Doyle father , Solicitor

Kildare / DUNNE - Osborne Lodge, Rathbride
« on: Thursday 21 January 21 23:14 GMT (UK)  »
James 'Fairy' Dunne horse trainer built osbourne Lodge around 1920s

He had a daughter Marion Bridget Dunne who i believe studied in boarding school in Navan , loreto college

I can find her wedding in Kildare in 1929 to John Thomas Doyle a Solicitor and would like to know if anyone can give me more information regarding her life afterwards ?
When she got married it says her residence was ballyglass in Kildare but she grew up in Rathbride, Rathangan ...Osborne lodge ...its my first post here and would really appreciate any leads ...

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