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Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / John Rook of Froxfield and possibly son Thomas
« on: Sunday 02 January 22 17:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hoping someone could look up the Baptism Index for  Thomas ROOK 1747 and the Marriage Index for John ROOK 1723 as the transcriptions I have found on Family Search are a bit confusing.

On Family Search I have found the marriage of Jno ROOKE at Froxfield on 23rd April 1723 but the bride's name is given as Argent UPSDEAL on 1 entry, the 2nd entry  shows the name as ***Ent UPSDEAL. What could this first name be?

I am also interested in Thomas RROOK but again from Family Search the transcription is confusing:
One result shows Thomas KOOK was baptised at Empshott on 16th June 1747 son of John and Elizabeth KOOK but a second result shows a Thomas ROOK baptised at Ewshott also 16th June 1747, son of John and Elizabeth! Empshott is quite close to Froxfield but Ewshott is I think in Surrey?

I was intending to  invest in  the Baptism and Marriage Indexes from HGS but will they be more accurate than FS or do I need  to go to Winchester and view the original parish register entries?

Many thanks

Would some kind soul with access to the West Sussex Catholic Register have a look for the baptism of anyone with the surname Bateup around 1720 please?
I am specifically looking for the  baptisms of Edward and  Frances Bateup - alternative  spellings include Baytop/Batup/Baitup.
Both Bateups married in West Grinstead, Edward in 1744 and Frances in 1747.
Many thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Edward and Frances Bateup
« on: Saturday 06 November 21 12:46 GMT (UK)  »
I have both Edward and Frances Bateup in my family tree.
Edward Bateup married Jane Cobby 21.5.1744 at West Grinstead and Frances Bateup married Thomas Feist 28.12.1747 also at West Grinstead.
I have tried various spellings (Batup, Baytop, Batchup, Baittup) but have been unable to find a baptism for either and wondered if anyone had come across this family?

I found baptism for Jane Cobby (Parham) and Thomas Fist (Cowfold) but the Bateups are eluding me.

Edward & Jane's children were baptised at West Grinstead but Frances and Thomas Feist's children were baptised at West Firle.

Not sure if this is relevant but there were 2 other Bateup marriages at W Grinstead; Elizabeth married Edmund Cobby (brother of Jane) in 1747 and Mary married Thomas Lepherd in 1751

On Ancestry I have found another FT which suggests Edward Batchup is the son of Thomas Baytop (born 1690 at Wadhurst) and wife Catherine but no facts attached though 'my' Edward Bateup named his eldest daughter Katherine and Mary & Thomas Lepherd also had a daughter Katherine which seems to tie in.
Any help or hints much appreciated

My GGGG grandfather John Puttock married Elizabeth Greenfield at Billingshurst on 31st Oct 1769, witnesses were William Puttock and Thomas G (Greenfield?).   
I can't identify a baptism for John Puttock and would appreciate some help.
I found a number of possibilities on SFHG, none in Billlingshurst but from nearby parishes, my best suggestion at the moment is 15th Jan 1739 at Rudgwick 'John son of John Puttock from Cranleigh', based on distance and correct spelling.
 John and Elizabeth children were Richard, Rhoda, Zephaniah, David, James, Mary, Sarah and Hestor and I hoped this would help identify the right branch of the Puttock family as they are quite unusual?
I have read other posts on here about the Puttock/Greenfields of Billingshurst and realise their complicated family trees but wondered if anyone has come across 'my' John Puttock?
Many thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Finding surname Schasted
« on: Wednesday 24 March 21 14:09 GMT (UK)  »
I have found a marriage for William Danton to Sarah Schasted 11th Oct 1798 at Nonington Kent but I've been unable to find any further information about Sarah Schasted or indeed anyone with that surname and wondered if anyone had come across that surname in Kent or elsewhere?
As neither the bride nor groom could sign the register, I did wonder if Schasted was the curate's 'best guess' at the spelling? I've tried a few 'sounds like' spelling variations to no avail so would be grateful for any help for advice.

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