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Cumberland / History of Kirklinton
« on: Saturday 08 April 23 22:28 BST (UK)  »
There doesn't seem to be a VCH entry for Kirklinton yet so what has been published re its history in the late medieval/early tudor periods?

Berkshire / C19th Freemason Lodges in East Berks
« on: Wednesday 15 February 23 20:03 GMT (UK)  »
Were there any lodges in the east of Berks in the 1800s and do they have any surviving records?

Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / One family Two Coats of Arms C.14th?
« on: Monday 05 December 22 22:48 GMT (UK)  »
If a family owned part of their lands from the paternal side, and part of their land from their maternal side (i.e., heiresses with no surviving brothers) would the arms they carried be the same no matter whether they were being summoned to serve for their paternal or maternal lands? i.e., if they were summoned to perform Knight service on their paternal lands they would bear their plain vanilla paternal coat of arms, but if they were summoned to serve on their maternal lands would they would bear arms that merged their maternal arms with their paternal?

Obviously in the C14th Centruy there was no College of Arms to enforce a uniform set of rules like quartering..

Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Arms born by substitutes at Musters c C14th
« on: Monday 05 December 22 22:29 GMT (UK)  »
If the holders of Knights fee were summoned to a muster but for whatever reason couldn't, or didn't want to, and found a neighbour who was willing to go in their place what arms would the neighbour carry? Their own or the arms of the Knight Fee they were representing?

As a personal observation I have found many families bearing their next door neighbours arms in Burkes GA etc and the only explanation I can think of is that they were acting as "substitutes" and carried the arms of the manor they were being paid to represent.

Armed Forces / Earl(e) brothers in arms? of Southease, Sussex
« on: Monday 31 October 22 21:50 GMT (UK)  »
A William Earl of Southease, Sussex served in the 58th Foot Regiment and was discharged between 1812-35 becoming a Chelsea Pensioner:-

Was he the William Earl baptised in Southease 26 Feb 1797 who had a brother John Earl bap 12 Dec 1802 who also served in a regiment that was stationed in the East Indies in 1831 and Ireland in 1833?

Occupation Interests / Tudor Merchants of Barbary
« on: Thursday 07 July 22 21:44 BST (UK)  »
Augustine Lane, a sometime Muscovy (c.1560) and latterly Barbary Merchant* died before June 1595 (pcc will ). This was during the Anglo-Spanish War (15851604) and shortly before Drake & Hawkins tried to invade San Juan, Puerto Rico

a) What were the circumstances of Augustine's death? natural or violence?
b) Are there any good books that deal with the Tudor Barbary Merchants?

* Slavery, both black and white, were core parts of the their trade.

Armed Forces / Inq PMs post-Towton
« on: Tuesday 26 October 21 16:47 BST (UK)  »
Much of the county gentry involved in escheatorship and inquisitions would have been mobilised for the Battle of Towton. As that turned into a bloodbath for the Royalists many of the County administrators would have been eliminated.

How long did it take for the Inquisition Post-Mortem process to get going again? i.e. if someone was killed at Towton on 29 Mar 1461 when would their Inq PM have taken place?

Buckinghamshire / Who was John Byshoppe of Hughendon d.1509?
« on: Sunday 19 September 21 20:00 BST (UK)  »
A transcription of a will is as follows;

"John Byshoppe, 26 Feb 1508/9. My body to be buried in the Church of St Michael at Chindon in Bucks. Amy my wife; Thomas Lane and Joan his wife. I appoint my brother Robert Phelpe, and Roger Brampton, and William Byshoppe, my supervisors of this my will. Witness William Ketyng, Vicar of Hutchindon. Proved 30 Sep 1509"

a) he must have been fairly well off to have a will although there are no clues as to his occupation.
b) Judging by similar wills I suspect the words "I appoint as my executors"  were missed off from in front of Amy, Thomas & Joan (the supervisors were overseers)
c) If he trusted Thomas & Joan so much there is likely a family connection between the Lanes and Byshoppes.

Does anyone know any more about him?

Kent / Baptism of Pte. Stephen Taylor 1st Coy CH RM b. 1772 Faversham
« on: Sunday 01 August 21 16:47 BST (UK)  »
A 28 year old Stephen Taylor enlisted in the Marines on 2 Dec 1800 and stated his birthplace as "Faversham". He was posted to the newly built 12-gun-brig HMS Mallard in 1801 and assigned to Channel Island patrols. A mysterious fever struck half the crew down rendering Stephen unfit for further service and he was discharged back to civvy st in 1802.

Can anyone work out which baptism belongs to him? There can be a bit of an error margin in early military records and "Faversham" could really have meant the "Faversham Union" which covered multiple villages. Ancestry has a Stephen Taylor s Thomas & Elizabeth bapt 20 Dec 1801 Faversham which considering the timing could be a cousin of the Marine.

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