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Staffordshire / Mousecroft Brick works / William Mollart and Joseph Boon Harding
« on: Tuesday 14 December 21 19:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,
I am currently researching the Harding side line of my family and their possible works in the mid/late 1800's. 

William Mollart Harding (1827-1905) and Joseph Boon Harding (1829-1898), both sons of Wingfield Harding (1793-1858).  I'm also aware of daughter Frances Mollart Pidduck (nee Harding / 1825-1885) who, with her husband, ended up in Southport and took over and ran what appears to be a successful Ironmongery business on Lord street (but I digress!)

I am aware of their the Harding's involvment in the pottery industry at Globe Pottery (Harding & Cockson) and then later New Hall Works (Cockson & Hardings).  This seems reasonably well documented, however its what they get up to elsewhere that's peaked my interest (mostly because of a road name  ;D)

The works of interest is Mousecroft Brickworks, Hanley.  There is a reasonable amount of detail from 1890ish onwards of E Hampton and sons and an alternative name of Eastwood Firebrick and Marl Works, but I have seen evidence in the 1866 OS map that the works existed earlier than Hampton's and appears undocumented!

I see in the 1881 census, William Mollart Harding lived at a property called Mousecroft House with his family which I later discovered could have been off Bower Street.  Side note: I have an unproven theory that its known today as Westcroft House on the corner between Harding Street and Bower Street, which is now a Nursing home (but I could be very wrong on this... and yes I contacted them to see if I could get anything from them history wise - they were unaware - shame!)

I am curios about 'Harding Street' or 'Harding Road' (its now known as Harding Road with a YMCA directly above the old works).  The road itself partly exists in 1866 OS map un-named (could be due to scale), however by 1898 appears extended/better defined and named.  It makes me think this is a (albeit rather tenuous) hat tip/acknowledgement of individuals named Harding?!

I have posted a timeline below with some links of what I have gathered so far about this works (as I say, there is some about their pottery works which I have excluded from this timeline to avoid muddying the water).  In most of the map links, Mousecroft Brickworks can be seen in the top right of the map, but 1 or 2 might be top middle-ish.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Street address help from census
« on: Thursday 18 November 21 19:48 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all!
Hope you can help.
Having a bit of trouble deciphering the street name of the attached   The same address appears 5 times in a document, but still cant decipher it despite 5 chances!!


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Handwriting on death cert help
« on: Saturday 06 November 21 15:10 GMT (UK)  »
I am having a bit of trouble understanding part of the attached certificate, I am getting some words, but not complete.  Is anybody able to assist on both cause of death and description.


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