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Australia / NSW birth of Cedric Malcolm MATTHEWS and Betty Irene BAMBER
« on: Tuesday 16 November 21 06:45 GMT (UK)  »
Currently struggling to find birth certificates for Cedric Malcolm MATTHEWS born 1926 died 1985 to Leonard MATTHEWS and Elma JONES.

Betty Irene BAMBER born 1927 died 2002 to James BAMBER and Doris Irene SEWARD.

We have suspicions Betty was not born that name, and she has a twin or sister or it's possible her birth name, Peggy May BAMBER born 1927.

Cedric and Betty were married in 1945 in Islington 

Australia / Birth/family of Muriel Victoria WEEKS
« on: Monday 15 November 21 22:42 GMT (UK)  »
I'm chasing down information on my great grandmother Muriel Victoria WEEKS. I've had not much luck in tracing her or her family down, and family members I have left have very limited knowledge of family background. But this is the information I know;

Muriel Victoria WEEKS
born 1920
Died 1998

Married Bruce Reginald STUART in Sydney 1942. I have a few census records of them living together after that and know their children ect so am after information on her birth and parental lines.

From what information I could get from my grandmother, Muriel's mothers maiden name was CARLINE though I am not 100% on spelling as my grandmother is mentally ill and it's quite hard to get any information.

From what my mother remembers nana CARLINE and poppy WEEKS divorced/separated.

I don't even know for sure where the family originates from so it's making my search quite difficult!

Australia / New South Wales birth - Frank STUART
« on: Monday 08 November 21 11:12 GMT (UK)  »
I'm currently searching for a record of my great great grandfathers birth. From what I have researched he was born in Sydney nsw 1881.  On his death certificate it has his mother as Elizabeth Anne Turner and father is Frederick Gately stuart, who was born Frederick Gately Townsend. I'm not sure about the name change on his behalf either. However, on fredricks death certificate Frank stuart is not listed as a son of his, only his children from his first marriage in England. 

 From what I have found, Frederick and Elizabeth were married in syd 1908, several years after Franks birth and his sister Maud (1882) and brother Frederick (1888) I'm so confused! On Fredericks birth certificate it says his father was Frederick gately stuart but his mother was Annie Turner - when I looked into this I assumed Elizabeth was going by Annie ( again, not sure why the name change) as she was listed at the address as Elizabeth on one record and Annie on another.  It also stated they were married in England  roughly around 1880 but I can't find any such record, only the marriage in 1908.

Really I'm after more evidence that yes they were definitely his parents which a birth certificate would verify, but I'm also curious why Frank wasn't on Fredericks death certificate, and why Frederick changed his name from Townsend to Stuart to begin with ( i know stuart was his mother's maiden name)

Sorry I hope that makes sense it's been a massive rabbit hole!

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