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A single page has survived of a New Testament in the Gaelic which belonged to Alexander Smith my GGGrandfather born 1806 in Skye of Curr near Grantown on Spey.

The page has handwritten notes of his parents, marriage and children.

His father James Smith is described as ‘Tenementer’, and I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this description and would welcome comments.

From -

- the term meant the holder of a Feu of land in a village.

Would this have been granted in some way by a ‘Superior’ presumably the Earl of Seafield who was, and still is, the major landowner in the area?

If that is the case could there have been subtenants who paid rents or feuduty and would have been bound by feuing conditions?

It would be wonderful to have this sepia photo of my Grannie tidied up (thank you to jmagarac for kindly size reducing).

It shows her with three of my late Mum’s siblings Johnnie, Doddie and Bessie.

They stayed in Elgin.From the children’s ages I’m guessing the photo is c 1916.

Many thanks in anticipation.

AKA Calleva

Help please - please could someone track down the marriage record from FreeBMD of William Ross and Jane Ann Smith In Chelsea March 1888
William Ross’s death in Clewer, Berkshire in 1891.

Also any newspaper or other articles of William’s death would be fantastic (there may even be photos or drawings of the funeral).

Thank you in anticipation.

Attached 1788 record of James Smith’s birth and baptism - his Father was James Smith.

However one witness is also James Smith described as ‘brother to the said parent’. I dimly recall something similar on RootsChat recently but can’t track it down. In any event could this be feasible or possibly the scribe made a mistake?

Look forward to hearing from the experts, many thanks.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help with word please 1839 Marriage record
« on: Thursday 16 November 23 18:42 GMT (UK)  »
1839 record of marriage in Petty, Scotland tracked down by ColinC who’s kindly helping me with some research in a separate post — I’m struggling to read the word between ‘Munro’ and ‘Contracted’. Presumably it’s where the bride came from? All thoughts welcome!

Trying to find BMD or any other records for GGGGF James Smith and his wife Isabel, MS McGregor.

They are shown in the 1841 Census for Skey of Curr (Gaelic Skiath Churr, modern Skye of Curr) aged 85 and 70 respectively, both described as farmers. A frontispiece from a family prayer book in the Gaelic belonging to a son GGGF Alexander notes James Smith was a ‘Tenementer’. They possibly farmed land belonging to the Earl of Seafield’s Grantown estate.

In the 1841 Census the age of anyone over 15 years was supposed to be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5 which implies James’s age may have been up to 90 and Isabel’s up to 75.

I cannot find them in the 1851 Census or any records of their BMD in SP, and would welcome all thoughts, advice or any information from the remarkable people on this site. 

Thank you!

Any and all thoughts welcome on this photo -

When? Guessing Edwardian?
Where? Morayshire?
Who? Could it be a work’s ‘do’?
What? Easter event?

From a tiny bundle of family photos, this one is from B Wilken’s studio in Elgin, Scotland (name impressed on border bottom LHS but border removed to keep size down).

There is nothing written or distinctive on the back. No idea how or why the top part of border is missing.

I saw a similar photo in a cafe in Jedbugh last year showing an Easter picnic with people wearing very similar clothing hence wondering if this could be an Easter ‘do’ possibly with employees of Johnston’s of Elgin which employed a number of my late Mum’s family.

Many thanks!

Found this photo in other family photos and wondered if any of the wizards on this site could shed any light on who Mr and Mrs T were!

Not much to go on I’m afraid -

‘Mr & Mrs T. Silver wedding’ is written on the back.

I think the woman with glasses standing behind the seated woman also with glasses is my Auntie Jane Mudd (MS Patton). If correct, the man standing next to her in the light jacket is possibly her husband Leonard Mudd.

Jane McPhee Patton was born in 1911, married Len in 1936 and died
in 1988. I think she lived in Stockton on Tees for her adult life, and was a teacher. I don’t think they had any children but this is just a hazy recollection of family conversations a long time ago.

Appreciating this is a very tall order but it would be great to see if there could be any leads which may shed light on Mr and Mrs T!

Thank you!

Grateful for a transcript of a record dated 1675 of Helene Gentleman’s birth believed to be in Tillycoultry. Clackmannanshire. Many thanks.

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