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Hopefully this photo will be good enough for some improvement. The original isn't in great shape but the girl on the left was my grandfather's cousin and it's the only photo I have of her.

Lanarkshire / More than one Edward Gilmour?- completed
« on: Friday 05 June 20 21:34 BST (UK)  »
Posted on this board since Springburn come up in part of the information I've found but there should be an Irish connection as well.

Arthur Gilmore of Aghadowey townland, Aghadowey parish, County Londonderry, wrote his Will 8 days before he died 16 Aug.1894. Mentions wife Mary, son James, daughters Jane Moon & Alice Mary (minor children- older children Emily, Margaret Torrens, Joseph & Arthur not mentioned). Also “to Edward Gilmour ten pounds sterling.” No clues as to relationship or residence.
Fast forward to 1909 when widow Mary Gilmore & unmarried daughter Alice move to America to join other children already there. Passenger manifest lists nearest relative in U.K.- Ed. Gilmour 21 Hunter Hill? Springburn Glasgow (address very hard to read).

Another bit of the mystery- registers from 2 local schools-
Aghadowey School, 28 Sept.1873, #148 Eddie Gilmore, 4, Presbyterian, Aghadowey, farmer. [born c1869]
Gorran School, 18 June 1878, #167 Eddie Gilmour, 5, Presbyterian, Aghadowey, farmer. [born c1873- or have I mis-read register and he was 8? which means born c1870? I'm doubtful there were two Edward Gilmores]
I can find no birth registration in Ireland, or death, that fits the school records. It wasn't unusually for Aghadowey families living in Scotland to send children back here to stay with relatives and go to school. Possibly the young Edward in school here is the one in Arthur's Will?

So, any idea how to find Edward in Scotland? Have tried looking on Scotland's People for a death but can't see anything obvious. Also tried births 1868-1872. If Edward was born in Scotland then I suspect father was born in Ireland.

For background- Arthur Gilmore (c1831-1894) was the son of Joseph Gilmore (c1800-1852) & Jane Moon (c1802-1877, sometimes mis-transcribed as Moore). Known siblings were Joseph (married & lived in Philadelphia, children born there), Jane A. (married Thomas McGarvey in Philadelphia, children born there), Ellen H. (married James McBride in Philadelphia, no family). By the time widow Mary & daughter Alice moved to America (1909) her other children had already left Ireland and this Edward Gilmore in Springburn seems to be closest relative in U.K. (perhaps Edward was Arthur's nephew who had spent part of his childhood with Arthur's family in Ireland?)

Any ideas on how to follow up a Springburn/Glasgow connection?

England / Can't find a butler during coronavirus lockdown. Can anyone else find him?
« on: Thursday 23 April 20 18:26 BST (UK)  »
Harry Gilmour born c1858 Aylesbury, Bucks- parents Dr. William Gilmour & Elizabeth Eustace. They had 8 children (born in Ireland & England) & have been able to trace all of them except Harry.
- Bapt. 1859 Aylesbury
- 1861 Census- Buckingham Rd., Aylesbury, Bucks.:  … son Harry Gilmour, 2, Aylesbury Bucks ...
- 1871 Census- Bobbingworth, Fyfield, Essex: … son Harry Gilmour, 10, Aylesbury Bucks ...
Father William died c1881 (just before census) & mother Elizabeth at 410 Old Kent Rd,, Camberwell, London with a daughter. Cant find mother in1891 census but she died 1898 in Camberwell district.

Then I find this person-
Harry Eustace Gillmore (1882 Kensington, London) m.(1910) Ellen Gunn
- Birth: (mother’s maiden name Glass)
- Marriage: (father- Harry Gillmore, butler)
- 1911:

So I start looking for father Harry Gillmore, butler, with wife Mary Margaret Glass. Aside from Harry Eustace (1882) there are daughters Rose Maud May Glass/Gillmore (1880) & Lilian Mary Gillmore (1885). Even though they married c1878 (according to 1911 census) I can’t find marriage (daughter Rose's birth registered under Glass which indicated parents probably not married at that point) & in 1881, 1891, 1901 & 1911 Harry does not appear in same household as Mary & children.
- 1881- 22 Ifield Rd., Kensington: Mary Gilmour, 27, Soho Middlesex; dau. Rose M. Gilmour, 12 mo., Kensington
- 1891- 100 Acklam Rd., Kensington: wife Mary M. Gilmour, 35, St. Anne London; dau, Rose M. Gilmour, 11, Kensington, scholar; son Harry E. Gilmour, Kensington, scholar. Note: daughter Lilian patient in hospital
- 1901- 100 Acklam Rd., Kensington: Mary Gillmore, married, 45, Westminster London; dau. Rose Gillmore, 21, Kensington London, bookkeeper; son Harry Gillmore, 19, Kensington London, clerk in counting house; dau. Lilly Gillmore, 16, Kensington London, drapers cashier
- 1909- marriage of daughter Lily Mary Gillmore lists father as Harry Gillmore, butler
- 1911- 100 Acklam Rd., North Kensington: Mary M. Gilmore, 57, m.33 yrs, 3 ch./3 liv., Westminster; dau. Rose M. M. Gilmore

So, can anyone find this Harry Gillmore, butler, in 1881, 1891, 1901 (age & birthplace should help to confirm or rule out if he’s the Harry Gilmour born c1858 in Aylesbury); marriage of Harry Gillmore & Mary Margaret Glass? (if father is William, a doctor or surgeon, then he could belong to family I am tracing); death of Harry Gillmore, butler (after 1911?)

I do have more information on Dr. William Gilmour and his family but just trying to find out what happened to his son Harry (after 1871) and if the mysterious butler Harry Gillmore is same person.

US Completed Requests / Help find Mississippi house, please
« on: Wednesday 26 February 20 18:59 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to find location, name (if any) and perhaps photograph of family 'summer house' in Pass Christian, Harrison County, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast but details are scarce. I've googled myself in circles without finding anything specific although I now know a lot more about the history of Pass Christian.

From Wikipedia-,_Mississippi
"The town was a famous resort prior to the American Civil War. It was a favorite location for the beach and summer homes of the wealthy of New Orleans, who built a row of historic mansions along the shoreline, where Scenic Drive was one of the country's notable historic districts."
"On August 29, 2005, Pass Christian was almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Of the approximately 8,000 homes in Pass Christian, all but 500 were damaged or destroyed. In spite of the fact that the beachfront Scenic Drive follows the crest of a small bluff, affording it some elevation, most of the historic mansions along the road were severely damaged, and many were completely destroyed."

There are a lovely series of photographs taken in 1960s which show some of the mansions by they don't seem to identify any owners, etc. Here's one page-  Also older photos on LOC site.

If the house had a name, as many of the summer homes seem to have had, then it might be easier to identify but I've not come across anything. Last night, reading through family probate records from 1920s I did find that the house was described in a 1904 Will of Ellen Gilmore as "the property belonging to me at Pass Christian Mississippi, known as the Gilmore place or residence, one arpent or more front on the beach by about six arpents more or less deep, between the places of Gianella to the East and Penrose on the West side."
Ellen's father died in 1890 and she said he lived there the last year of his life. I believe the house passed to Ellen's unmarried brother William Valentine Gilmore in 1924- he died in 1930.

Some of the family are buried at Live Oak Cemetery, Pass Christian, although the family vault was in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans where they had their main residences and businesses.

In the 1950s family were still summering in Pass Christian. This may or may not be the same place.

Ireland Resources / Irish burials in Dundee, Scotland
« on: Thursday 30 January 20 11:03 GMT (UK)  »
Over 80,00 records of burials Howff Cemetery, Dundee now online-

Scroll down the bottom for Irish section which lists name, date of burial, age, place of birth (county), cause of death, notes & last residence.

If you find someone listed in Irish section be sure to check for same surname in main section as might be relatives born in Scotland listed there.

Angus (Forfarshire) / Howff Cemetery, Dundee
« on: Thursday 30 January 20 10:59 GMT (UK)  »
Over 80,00 records of burials Howff Cemetery, Dundee now online-

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / DNA muddle on chromosome 1 with DNA Painter
« on: Thursday 05 September 19 22:00 BST (UK)  »
Trying to work through DNA matches but have come across something that is really making it difficult to use DNA Painter. The problem is on Chromosome 1 (all others showing results as normal).

My 4 grandparents each came from separate countries and I have done extensive research on all 4 of them and their ancestors. Now, here's the problem-

My Canadian 2nd cousin (DG) on paternal grandmother's side shows a match with my Irish 4th cousin (HB) on my paternal grandfather's side but that is probably because DG's mother's family came from this part of Ireland (think relationship is thru HB's mother).
Now, when I put DG & HB (both on my paternal side) into DNA Painter they overlap on chromosome 1. DG & I share 154.5 cm & under this range are loads of matches including HB with a large portion of match same as DG.

So, if my paternal relatives DG & HB are related to each other through their mothers would this explain the results I'm getting?
Eventually as I add more people I'm hoping to find known relatives that will help sort out some of the now unknown ones.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Hunter, Timaru
« on: Thursday 22 August 19 10:34 BST (UK)  »
Would appreciate any thoughts on this photograph, especially date of picture and age of subject. I don't need any restoration done.

The Common Room / Ernest Palmer & Ismay (de Torres) Palmer Sloman COMPLETED
« on: Wednesday 30 January 19 11:26 GMT (UK)  »
Posting in Common Room as this covers Northern Ireland/Wales, World War II, etc.

Trying to make contact with family of soldier killed WWII to share photos of him taken in Aghadowey in front of aunt's shop not long before he died.
Ernest Charles PALMER, R.A.S.C., based at Wigmore in Aghadowey, died 2 Oct.1940 age 21 near Kells, County Antrim in a motorbike accident whilst on duty
Born 27 July 1919 and was a coalman in 1939 living 12 May Rd., Cardiff
Married (1937) Ismay Mabel de Torres and had several children (eldest may have died as entry visible in 1939 register)
Ismay Palmer m.2 (1951) _ Sloman (not sure if deceased) & had a daughter
Ismay Mabel Sloman died 28 Sept.1981, address- 28 Rhigos Gardens, Cardiff

So far I have his death certificate, entry on CWGC site, 1939 register entry and have checked FreeBMD

Ancestry is acting up at the moment but when I searched for Ismay Mabel deTorres there were at least 2 family trees but when I clicked on the first one there was nothing and further searches don't  show any trees. Can anyone help me contact family?

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