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Australia / Help finding an obituary please
« on: Thursday 27 July 23 14:00 BST (UK)  »
Just got a telephone call to say a relative in Australia died (I got news at least third hand so no details). Last known address was Byron Bay NSW but Christmas cards stopped a few years ago
Born 1928 in Northern Ireland so might have been in care home or unwell for quite a while.
There was a daughter & a son who didn't keep in touch. Also a twin sister in Australia who may, or may not, be living.
Can anyone suggest best place for a recent obituary (hoping he was somewhere around Byron Bay area)?

Armed Forces / Royal Artillery help needed- John CLYDE
« on: Sunday 16 July 23 11:29 BST (UK)  »
Have been given a scrap of paper (found online but original source unknown)-
1 Batt Royal Artillery No 671
John Clyde born Garvagh enlisted 1852 aged 19 years

I suspect he came from outside Garvagh (possibly Gortfad or Bellury) and would also like to find what happened to him. I did some searches on Family Search and found lots of John Clydes, born 1830s  Ireland, but nothing too promising to link to the soldier John Clyde.

Any information or advice appreciated.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Have I found Timaru?
« on: Tuesday 04 October 22 13:40 BST (UK)  »
I’ve been searching for a mystery relative for over 30 years and might finally be close to identifying him but need some help.

The story starts with a photograph, well actually two copies of the same picture, the portrait of a woman, which was taken in Timaru, N.Z. but copies ended up in different houses in Aghadowey, Co. Londonderry, Ireland. There is, however, one difference to the two photos- ours has ‘E. Hunter’ written on the back. From earlier post ( it would have been taken between 1900 and 1909.

Next is a story passed down from Aunt Minnie that an old relative left Ireland, went to N.Z. then years later returned ‘home,’ stayed for a while then went back to N.Z. where he died. Aunt Minnie is long dead and she referred to him as ’Timaru’ so it’s been difficult to find him. After he died Aunt Minnie was left money which she used to purchase the first wireless (radio) at home (1920s/1930s).

So, I was searching for someone with possible surname of Hunter, born in Ireland possibly before 1850s (Aunt Minnie was born 1882) who lived & died in Timaru with a connection to a woman in Timaru in early 1900s called ‘E. Hunter’ (Elizabeth, Ellen…).

Is this "Timaru" ?
Last night I found an obituary for a George Hunter born c1834 in the ‘north of Ireland’ who died in Timaru in 1921.

He was buried at Timaru Cemetery and in the same plot is his wife Elizabeth Hunter (died 1911)

I haven’t found their marriage yet but did go through Electoral Rolls- George listed as labourer-
1903- George Hunter, Timaru
1905/06 & 1908- George & Elizabeth listed at Church St.
1911- George & Elizabeth listed at Arthur St. (address when Elizabeth died Nov.1911)
? 1914- a George Hunter, Grey St. (also listed there in 1919)
From the above it looks like they might have married between 1903-1905 so, based on their ages, unlikely to have had any children together.

IF this is finally the missing relative then it's likely he was born in Mullahinch, Co.Londonderry, Ireland (now Northern Ireland) and his parents Leslie Hunter, a farmer, and Nancy (Ann/Annie.Agnes) Gilmore.

continued in next post...

The Common Room / Where's Rosa?- completed in record time!
« on: Saturday 30 July 22 14:01 BST (UK)  »
Mordecai Meyer Goldberg born 1849 Warsaw, Poland, son of Usher & Rosa Goldberg was minister of Pilgrim Church in Brooklyn, Queens, N.S. 1880-1890 where he married a local girl, Ella McLeod (born 1864) 13 Jan.1891. From 1891 he was minister at Oil City Ontario. Mordecai & Ella had one known child, Azubah Rosa Goldberg (named after both grandmothers but known as Rosa) born 16 Oct.1891 at Oil Springs, Lambton, Ontario. He died in Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario in 1909 four years after having a stroke according to his death certificate. In 1911 census widow Ella Goldberg & daughter Rosa are in Toronto. On 28 Dec.1914 Ella died in Toronto and is buried with her husband in the Anglican Cemetery in Woodstock.
I have vital & census records up to 1911 and also passenger lists with Ella & little Rosa traveling from Liverpool, N.S. to Boston after visiting relatives.The problem is that I can’t find any trace of Rosa after 1914. According to family notes she married a Mr. Screton [this name may not be correct] but I haven’t been able to find her anywhere.
According to her father's lengthy obituary she was very clever & musical.
There was no contact with her father's family in Poland. By 1914 her grandmother, Aunt Lucretia Letson and Uncle Ernest were closest relatives left in Nova Scotia. Another aunt, Evaline Buchanan, lived in Wyoming.
Can anyone find anything about Rosa after 1914?

Ireland / McMurrough marriage?
« on: Friday 24 June 22 22:44 BST (UK)  »
Have been searching Irish civil records but unable to find the following marriage-
Arthur McMurrough (usual spelling in Belfast although can also be McMorrough, etc.) married Matilda Tierney. Both were Catholic and oldest known child born 8 Aug.1887 in Belfast (10 others from 1887 until 1901 also born in Belfast). Arthur died in 1922 and widow Matilda in 1929. I have details of the family from Aug.1887 onwards so I do NOT need details of the children and their families.

Both 1901 and 1911 give Arthur born Co. Monaghan (c1857) and wife Matilda born Co. Tyrone (c1865). (MacMurrough)

It seems the family are buried Milltown Cemetery and in Belfast their local church might have been St. Paul's R.C. Church (parish registers not available here-

Would like to get back at least one more generation on McMurroughs, if possible, and hoping marriage would list Arthur's father. Do not know where Arthur & Matilda met or married. Appreciate any help in finding Arthur's marriage and his family.

United States of America / Mary Gilmore Marshall Campbell- New York?
« on: Monday 13 June 22 13:14 BST (UK)  »
Mary Gilmore, born c1841 at Glenkeen, Aghadowey, Londonderry, Ireland
Daughter of John Gilmore*/Gilmour & Letitia Thompson/Thomson

Married 2 May 1868 Manhattan, N.Y. to William Campbell- Mary listed as widowed.

William Campbell died 28 Dec.1891

When John Gilmore* of Glenkeen died in 1892 the informant was “Mary G. Campbell granddaughter Glenkeen.” Was this a daughter of his daughter Mary Marshall/Campbell or a daughter of hers?

Would like to find-
1) marriage of Mary Gilmore to _ Marshall? his death? any children?
2) Mary's death (in N.Y.?) or her returning to Ireland?
3) possible birth of a daughter Mary G. Campbell (or perhaps born as Marshall?)?, travel to Ireland?
4) census records in U.S.?

Have used Family Search but not found anything other than the 1868 marriage & William's death in 1891. William buried ? New Jersey but not sure of place (Mary buried there or did they live in New Jersey previously?). Can't find Mary in 1901/1911 Irish census or Irish deaths up to 1921 in Aghadowey area.

Mary did have an older brother Archibald Gilmore, born 1832, in America (married 1857 in N.Y., but by 1863 had moved south)- she could have gone to U.S. with or to him. She also might have had a brother Robert but no further information on him

I already have lots of information on Archibald's family and the family in Ireland so not looking for details on them but just 'found' Mary this weekend. Any information or suggestions much appreciated.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / DNA- huge difference in centimorgans?
« on: Tuesday 21 December 21 10:23 GMT (UK)  »
Was contacted yesterday by a DNA match of a friend who has actually done some research already and has a family tree. Their ancestor, who left Ireland and went to Canada, is 6 generations back and ours (probably a brother) is 5 generations back. Not a close relationship so was surprised to see My Heritage shows 66 cM but since friend's father & mother were related (1st cousins once removed) thought that might explain the high number.
However, then discovered we are both also on FTDNA which shows match as 16 cM (estimated 3rd-5th cousin which is not unreasonable).

Now, they share 1 mutual match on My Heritage who I'll call SME. My Heritage has friend & SME sharing 48 cM and yesterday's match shares 29 cM. However, on FTDNA friend & SME only show 14 cM.

Can anyone explain this?

Strangely enough, friend and my OH (who are related) used to appear as matches on FTDNA until they did that big updating in the summer and now they no longer show as matches for each other.

Would appreciate any help in finding out where Eliza & her daughter Leila died.

What I know so far-
Eliza Ann Clendinning, daughter of Rev. Robert Gillespie & his 1st wife Kate Clendinning Watters, was born 22 Apr.1872 at Mission House, Rajkote, Gujarat, India where her father was a missionary. She married (23 Oct.1897 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Bombay) to another missionary, Rev. Robert Reynolds Johnson [sometimes mis-written as Johnston]. They travelled between India & Ireland several times but he died in Ahmedabad in March 1917.

Last night I discovered they had a daughter born in Ireland in 1905 (not sure if any other children born in India)-
Birth- Lily Charlotte Gillespie Johnston on 5 Sept.1905 at Portstewart, Co. Londonderry
Marriage- Leila Charlotte Gillespie Johnson on 31 Aug.1935 in London to Guy Brownell Carleton L'Estrange (died 1997 Brighton, England).
1939- daughter born Wales, 1943- daughter born Glasgow.

Leila Johnson's wedding announcement gives clue to mother-
Belfast Newsletter, 3 Sept.1935: L’Estrange-Johnson- On August 31, 1935, at Barnabus’ Church, Kensington, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Armagh, Guy Brownell Carleton L’Estrange, son of the late Rev. Guy W. Carleton L’Estrange, Rector of Killylea, Co. Armagh, to Leila, daughter of the late Rev. Robert R. Johnson, of India, and Mrs. Watters, London. Another write-up gives mother's address as Holland Road in Kensington, London.

Found on Free BMD-
A/J 1919 York dist.: James W. Watters to Eliza A.C.W. Johnson [James Withers Watters to Eliza Ann Clendinning Watters Johnson]. James died 2 July 1921 in London.

Last trace of Eliza (called Lily by the family) are the 1935 marriage announcements for her daughter and last trace of daughter Leila is birth of a daughter in Glasgow in 1943.

Europe / Danish help please
« on: Thursday 30 September 21 21:47 BST (UK)  »
Possibly 1st query sorting out Christensen family of Aarhus.

Wonder if anyone can decipher note on Frederik Christensen's baptism recorded on right hand side of page added much later- dates 1910 and 1936?
He was one of 15 children, & eldest son, of Hans Christensen, bybed (messenger), & Birthe Kristine Sorensen.

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