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Europe / missing Venetian contessa?
« on: Sunday 14 March 21 20:13 GMT (UK)  »
I've been trying to solve this mystery for years but big roadblock is not having an exact name.

In the summer of 1929 (July-Sept.) my father's aunts travelled in Europe and they met a Venetian woman called Thea from a well-to-do family. A year or so later (possibly summer 1930 or 1931) Thea visited them in America and fell madly in love with my father.

So, Iím looking for a wealthy unmarried, childless Venetian woman born possibly 1892 +/- 5 or so years. She travelled to America probably at least 3 times-
1)   Summer 1930 or 1931?
One aunt visited her in Europe in summer of 1933.
2)   Summer 1935?
3)   Summer 1937
Port of arrival would have been New York and address she was going to could be Bronx, N.Y, or East Port Chester, N.Y. or Greenwich/Byram, Connecticut. Contact was probably given as Miss Annie Gardner.
We knew her as Thea but that might not have been her name. Closest Iíve come to a surname is cousinís guess of Bergamini but may be incorrect.

During the 1937 visit she was interested in purchasing a house, well an estate really, in Greenwich, Connecticut to establish a place to visit every summer but was persuaded not to. This was probably her last visit before war broke out in Europe.

The clues from various family members aren't that helpful- she had no sense of smell so couldn't use the gas cooker, had very black hair and spoke excellent English, family had a gondola & gondolier and their house (palazzo) was on the water (canal?). I think she had a brother & possibly nephews - family tradition was that boys in family sent to Switzerland to be educated (think family left to heat of Venice to spend summer in Switzerland). I think she she survived the war but died a little while after.

My father has told me bits and pieces but can't remember her name. He was only a toddler when she came on first visit and she wanted to adopt him but his parents refused.

Technical Help / emails opening in edge instead of chrome- sorted
« on: Wednesday 03 March 21 20:53 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know how I can get links in hotmail & outlook emails to open in chrome instead of edge.
I was using edge but switched to using chrome which is working well except that when I click on a link in an email (Rootschat notifications, etc.) the link opens in edge as it used to do. Have searched but can't find what to change.  :-\

Update- found how to make the change in settings  :)

Derry (Londonderry) / newspaper apology wanted- completed
« on: Saturday 30 January 21 11:46 GMT (UK)  »
Found a snippet of a newspaper article but unfortunately one important detail I ca't get in the name of the person forced to apologised!
Not sure if this came about as the result of a court case or the threat of one but would appearciate complete text. The woman in question had gotten married in November the previous year (she was Sarah Jane Campbell or Ringrash)- I have extensive family tree so am just looking for this particular item.

Northern Constitution, 15 June 1901: APOLOGY. To Mrs. SARAH JANE WORKMAN, Moneybrannon, Coleraine. MADAM,- I hereby unreservedly Apologise to you for the slanderous statements made by me about you, and I admit I had no grounds whatever for making any such, and that same were absolutely untrue, and ...

Finding this would be much appreciated.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 2nd German Easter postcard translation
« on: Tuesday 17 November 20 10:46 GMT (UK)  »
This entire back of this Easter postcard is covered in writing. Like my other one there's no stamp or postmark (probably sent with a letter or parcel) so no clue of date. Previous card looks like fountain pen and was written after 1926. This one looks like a more modern ballpoint pen and may possibly be written by same person.

Previous card-

Added- came ouy very blurry so will try again  :-\

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / German Easter card translation
« on: Thursday 12 November 20 19:13 GMT (UK)  »
This is the first of 2 old, undated German Easter postcards I have (no stamp so probably sent in envelope or parcel)- this one written sometime after 1926. Can anyone translate into English?

United States of America / newspaper article?
« on: Friday 02 October 20 16:46 BST (UK)  »
Elias Dana Beeghly (also shown as E.D. in some records) born 1858 Ohio died 1935 Connecticut. He was a salesman for the American Seating Company.
1900 Dayton, Ohio
c1905-c1911 Manhattan, N.Y.
c1911-c1915 New Rochelle, N.Y.
1917-1935 Greenwich, Conn.

I thought there was a mention of him serving on jury of a famous court case but unable to find newspaper article again. The murder of architect Stanford White by Harry Thaw in 1906 is the one that rings a bell but maybe was merely during the same period.

I also remember seeing an article of a commuter train crash (not sure if he was mentioned by name) probably while he lived in New Rochelle but this is not the trial I am looking for.

I have details of family, all census records, etc. so am only looking for details of court case.

Hopefully this photo will be good enough for some improvement. The original isn't in great shape but the girl on the left was my grandfather's cousin and it's the only photo I have of her.

Lanarkshire / More than one Edward Gilmour?- completed
« on: Friday 05 June 20 21:34 BST (UK)  »
Posted on this board since Springburn come up in part of the information I've found but there should be an Irish connection as well.

Arthur Gilmore of Aghadowey townland, Aghadowey parish, County Londonderry, wrote his Will 8 days before he died 16 Aug.1894. Mentions wife Mary, son James, daughters Jane Moon & Alice Mary (minor children- older children Emily, Margaret Torrens, Joseph & Arthur not mentioned). Also ďto Edward Gilmour ten pounds sterling.Ē No clues as to relationship or residence.
Fast forward to 1909 when widow Mary Gilmore & unmarried daughter Alice move to America to join other children already there. Passenger manifest lists nearest relative in U.K.- Ed. Gilmour 21 Hunter Hill? Springburn Glasgow (address very hard to read).

Another bit of the mystery- registers from 2 local schools-
Aghadowey School, 28 Sept.1873, #148 Eddie Gilmore, 4, Presbyterian, Aghadowey, farmer. [born c1869]
Gorran School, 18 June 1878, #167 Eddie Gilmour, 5, Presbyterian, Aghadowey, farmer. [born c1873- or have I mis-read register and he was 8? which means born c1870? I'm doubtful there were two Edward Gilmores]
I can find no birth registration in Ireland, or death, that fits the school records. It wasn't unusually for Aghadowey families living in Scotland to send children back here to stay with relatives and go to school. Possibly the young Edward in school here is the one in Arthur's Will?

So, any idea how to find Edward in Scotland? Have tried looking on Scotland's People for a death but can't see anything obvious. Also tried births 1868-1872. If Edward was born in Scotland then I suspect father was born in Ireland.

For background- Arthur Gilmore (c1831-1894) was the son of Joseph Gilmore (c1800-1852) & Jane Moon (c1802-1877, sometimes mis-transcribed as Moore). Known siblings were Joseph (married & lived in Philadelphia, children born there), Jane A. (married Thomas McGarvey in Philadelphia, children born there), Ellen H. (married James McBride in Philadelphia, no family). By the time widow Mary & daughter Alice moved to America (1909) her other children had already left Ireland and this Edward Gilmore in Springburn seems to be closest relative in U.K. (perhaps Edward was Arthur's nephew who had spent part of his childhood with Arthur's family in Ireland?)

Any ideas on how to follow up a Springburn/Glasgow connection?

England / Can't find a butler during coronavirus lockdown. Can anyone else find him?
« on: Thursday 23 April 20 18:26 BST (UK)  »
Harry Gilmour born c1858 Aylesbury, Bucks- parents Dr. William Gilmour & Elizabeth Eustace. They had 8 children (born in Ireland & England) & have been able to trace all of them except Harry.
- Bapt. 1859 Aylesbury
- 1861 Census- Buckingham Rd., Aylesbury, Bucks.:  Ö son Harry Gilmour, 2, Aylesbury Bucks ...
- 1871 Census- Bobbingworth, Fyfield, Essex: Ö son Harry Gilmour, 10, Aylesbury Bucks ...
Father William died c1881 (just before census) & mother Elizabeth at 410 Old Kent Rd,, Camberwell, London with a daughter. Cant find mother in1891 census but she died 1898 in Camberwell district.

Then I find this person-
Harry Eustace Gillmore (1882 Kensington, London) m.(1910) Ellen Gunn
- Birth: (motherís maiden name Glass)
- Marriage: (father- Harry Gillmore, butler)
- 1911:

So I start looking for father Harry Gillmore, butler, with wife Mary Margaret Glass. Aside from Harry Eustace (1882) there are daughters Rose Maud May Glass/Gillmore (1880) & Lilian Mary Gillmore (1885). Even though they married c1878 (according to 1911 census) I canít find marriage (daughter Rose's birth registered under Glass which indicated parents probably not married at that point) & in 1881, 1891, 1901 & 1911 Harry does not appear in same household as Mary & children.
- 1881- 22 Ifield Rd., Kensington: Mary Gilmour, 27, Soho Middlesex; dau. Rose M. Gilmour, 12 mo., Kensington
- 1891- 100 Acklam Rd., Kensington: wife Mary M. Gilmour, 35, St. Anne London; dau, Rose M. Gilmour, 11, Kensington, scholar; son Harry E. Gilmour, Kensington, scholar. Note: daughter Lilian patient in hospital
- 1901- 100 Acklam Rd., Kensington: Mary Gillmore, married, 45, Westminster London; dau. Rose Gillmore, 21, Kensington London, bookkeeper; son Harry Gillmore, 19, Kensington London, clerk in counting house; dau. Lilly Gillmore, 16, Kensington London, drapers cashier
- 1909- marriage of daughter Lily Mary Gillmore lists father as Harry Gillmore, butler
- 1911- 100 Acklam Rd., North Kensington: Mary M. Gilmore, 57, m.33 yrs, 3 ch./3 liv., Westminster; dau. Rose M. M. Gilmore

So, can anyone find this Harry Gillmore, butler, in 1881, 1891, 1901 (age & birthplace should help to confirm or rule out if heís the Harry Gilmour born c1858 in Aylesbury); marriage of Harry Gillmore & Mary Margaret Glass? (if father is William, a doctor or surgeon, then he could belong to family I am tracing); death of Harry Gillmore, butler (after 1911?)

I do have more information on Dr. William Gilmour and his family but just trying to find out what happened to his son Harry (after 1871) and if the mysterious butler Harry Gillmore is same person.

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