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Shropshire Lookup Requests / Look up Joseph Perry, Clee Hill/Middleton Shropshire
« on: Wednesday 08 July 20 21:02 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I'm trying to find a baptism record for Joseph Perry who was born 1826/7 in Clee Hill/Middleton Shropshire. In the 1861 census he and his 8 year old daughter Mary are living with my great great grandparents John and Martha Rogers in Wolverhampton. Martha's mother's maiden name was Perry and I am trying to find if there may be a family connection as I know nothing about her prior to her marriage. I thought this might be a clue. Joseph lists Clee Hill as his birthplace in 1861 and Middleton in other censuses. So far I can't find a baptism for him. Can anyone help?

I'm trying to find out more about my 5x great grandfather John Cattell who lived in Preston Bagot in the late 17 hundreds.

His eldest son Nicholas Hains Cattell was my 4x gr grandfather. His baptism gives parents as John and Sarah. I think Sarah was Sarah Mortiboys b Packwood 1750. She married a John Cattell in Warwick in 1771 and this fits with Nicholas being born 1772. The Mortiboys were from Nuthurst and 2 of Nicholas's brothers later moved to that area. Also several of the children's names are Mortiboy family names.

I haven't been able to find a possible baptism for John. One person on Family Search claims he is the John Cattell b Coventry 1750 but I have found no grounds for this claim and Coventry is quite a distance from Preston Bagot.

I did a search for a Cattell Hains marriage as I assume Nicholas's middle name was a maiden name of a family member. Since it isn't his mother's name I thought maybe grandmother. I found a marriage of a William Cattell to an Ann Haines in Kinwarton nr Alcester in 1722. This is about 8 miles from Preston Bagot and seemed likely but I can't find any trace of this couple after their marriage. There is a Hains family in Alcester in the 1800 who are malsters and Nicholas was a malster, that's interesting.

Nicholas married Mary Dadley and her brother's son Henry married a Jane Haines b 1816 whose father was a malster. I wondered if there was a connection there.

Can anyone with access to parish records for this part of Warwickshire help?
I'm looking for a possible baptism for John and also his death record in the hope that it gives his age at death. He almost certainly died in Preston Bagot as Sarah was living there when she died in 1839.
I'm also searching for any trace of William and Ann after their marriage.
I would also like to find the parents of Janes's father John to see if there was a link.

I've been trying to get further with this branch of my tree for years. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Worcestershire Lookup Requests / Dudley census - Hollins
« on: Wednesday 18 July 18 16:35 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to discover more about the goldsmith & silversmith J Hollins at 1 Wolverhampton St Dudley. My gr gr grandmother's sister was married to Thomas Hollins b 1820 and their family are in Dudley as pawnbrokers and jewellers in 1871/81. They are living at 184 -5 Wolverhampton St which now appeares to be a private house, perhaps they lived separate from the shop. Thomas died in 1883 and their son John appears to have taken over the business at least until 1911. What I want to know is which member of the family founded the shop and ran it until 1871. None of my Thomas's family were in Dudley earlier than that, they were in Wolverhampton where Thomas was also a pawnbroker. Thomas's family originally came from Colwich in Staffordshire so I can't work out how they came to take over a family business in Dudley.

Can someone do an address search on no 1 in the earlier censuses and also look for any possible Hollins in the area. I haven't yet found anything.

Leicestershire Lookup Requests / Parish record look up Shepshed or Loughborough
« on: Monday 21 August 17 02:06 BST (UK)  »
I have a suspicion that my husband's grandfather was illegitimate.
He was Albert Underwood b 1886 either Shepshed or Loughborough.

His parents were George and Emma Underwood (nee Warner). In the 1881 census they are living in Shepshed with 3 children, but in 1891 George is with Louisa who is listed as his wife. The children are with him plus 2 others born since 1881. The younger child is Louisa's.

 Emma, however, is still alive and living in Baxter Gate Loughborough with son Albert. The birth reg for Albert doesn't give a mother's maiden name although his surname is Underwood.
Another odd thing is that in 1911 Emma states that 5 children were born to her marriage. There were actually 5 before Albert as another son died young, Albert was her 6th child so is she saying he was not of the marriage? She also states only one is still living. At least one of her other children was living at this time.

I assume Albert was baptised and I'm wondering if the baptism record might show his father's name. Unfortunately I don't know if he was born in Shepshed or Loughborough.
Does anyone have access to the Shepshed and/or Loughborough parish records? I would be most grateful for any help or any suggestions as to where I might find more out.


Armed Forces / Trying to find Waterloo/Napoleaonic war record for 3xgr grandfather
« on: Sunday 22 February 15 17:59 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone advise me on how I might find out more about my 3x gr grandfather John Doyle.
On the baptism reg of his son in March 1816 in Dudley it says he was in the Light Dragoons so it seems likely he was at Waterloo.
He didn't marry his son's mother until May 1816, whether that had to do with his being on active service or not I don't know.
I know from his burial record that he was born 1779/80. My mother told me that the Doyles were from County Cork. Her father was the grandson of John's son and lived next door to him throughout his childhood and teens so I think I can trust that.
I've looked through records for Waterloo and Napoleonic Wars on several sites, there are many John Doyles but none from Cork, though not all record the birthplace. Is there anywhere where there are more detailed records? I would really like to establish what part of Cork he was from to have some chance of getting further back but unfortuately Doyle is a very common name and so is John!


Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / Look up request King's Stanley burials 1816 -1841
« on: Tuesday 03 February 15 12:39 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to discover the burials of my 3x gr grandparents. They are Thomas Brinkworth and Harriet Hogg of King's Stanley.

Thomas was b King's Stanley 1786.
He married Harriet 1809 King's Stanley.
They had 3 children -
May 1811
Thomas 1814 (my gr gr grandfather)
Harriet b 1816

Mary and Thomas were baptised at Ebley Chapel and Harriet at King's Stanley.

I have not been able to find out any more about Thomas and Harriet after 1816. Thomas Jr and Mary were married and still living in King's Stanley after that date. Thomas married there in 1842.
I especially would like to discover Harriet's burial record in case it gives her age as I would like to confirm my theory that she is the Harriet Hogg b Frampton on Severn 1776.

Is anyone able to do a look up for me?



Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Parish record look up for Cannock
« on: Saturday 31 May 14 15:45 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to discover what happened to my 3xgr grandfather's 3 daughters.
He was Joseph Lee married to Betty (Elizabeth nee Goodlad).
The family were from the North Derbyshire/Sheffield area and moved to Cannock between 1822 and 1824. These are their children -
Mary b 1822 Norton Derbyshire
Elizabeth b 1824 Cannock baptised at St Lukes Mar 21
Samuel B  1828 Norton Derbyshire - I'm puzzled by this but everything points to it being the same family. Joseph's father died a few months before the birth so maybe that's why they went back.
James b Cannock 1831 baptised St Luke's Nov 20
Hester b Cannock 1836 baptised Cannock Independent Chapel Oct 29

In 1841 Joseph, Betty and the 2 sons are living back in Sheffield, but no sign of the daughters. Mary and Elizabeth were old enough to have been married or left behind in service but Hester would still be a child so presumably had died.
I haven't yet found any record of marriages or deaths for any of them in Cannock.
To complicate things further Samuel married in 1851 and a witness was Sarah Lee. Could one of the sisters second name be Sarah?
I would really appreciate it if someone could check the parish records for the Cannock area for possible marriages or deaths for Elizabeth and Mary and a death for Hester (could be Esther as Samuel's daughter was named that).


The Lighter Side / Found out some bad things about Hubby's ancestors
« on: Tuesday 13 August 13 17:57 BST (UK)  »
Has anyone else found out things that they wish they hadn't about their family history?
I was happily going through the newspaper archive at Find My Past a few days ago when I was delighted to find articles which included the names of some of my husband's ancestors. When I looked closer, however, I discovered that his grandfather was an army deserter in the late 18oos and his great grandfather was taken to court for assulting his wife. I have now found more things about other members of the family.
I haven't told my husband yet. I'm wondering if I should. This isn't some distant ancestor it's his grandfather and great grandfather and, of course, they are our children's ancestors too.
I don't want to judge but they do sound a bit like the Victorian equivalent of those problem families you read about in The Sun!
The ironic thing is that my husband's father was very proud of his service in the army as a reservist and in World War 2.
Am I taking this too seriously? It wouldn't be so bad if it was just one person but so far there are at least 4 members of the family who have been in court for everything from embezzling their employer to petty larceny and being drunk and disorderly.  :(


Shropshire Lookup Requests / Wilson family of Lee Bridge in 1841 census?
« on: Saturday 28 July 12 18:02 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help me with finding my 3x gr grandmother's family in the 1841 census.
She was Martha Wilson (nee Savage) about born 1792 in the Shawbury/Lee Brockhurst area. I'm not sure exactly where as it varies on later censuses.

She married Timothy Wilson in Shawbury in 1817 and had 5 children - Mary b 1818, Thomas b 1820 John b 1824 Timothy b 1829 and Ann (my gr gr grandmother) b 1833. They were all born in Bessford Wood, Lee Bridge.

Her husband Timothy died in 1833 and Thomas died aged 2 in 1835 both buried in Lee Brockhurst. Then the family disappear until 1851 when Martha, Timothy jr and John are living in Tipton in the 1851 census. Mary and Ann are in the Stoke on Trent area working as maids.

I can't find any of them in 1841. Can anyone help?



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