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Scotland / Searching for Farrell family after 1911
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 07:21 BST (UK)  »
I would appreciate some assistance with locating members of this family please.

Some background:

1911 census
2 Crawford St, Greenock.
George Farrell head 50 widr bricklayer b Ayrshire, Saltcoats
Sarah Farrell sister 52 W
Peter son 16 S apprentice boat builder b Glasgow
Laurence son 13 b Renfrewshire, Greenock
Samuel son 4 b Greenock

Georgeís wife Maggie died in 1910.

There was an older son, George b 1890 who emigrated to Australia in 1910. I have information about his family and WW1 service. I also have the family in 1891 and 1901, plus some related of birth, death and marriage certificates.

It is specifically George snr and his sons that I am looking to track down after 1911. There are a few possible deaths and marriages on SP but I am hoping for some ideas or help on how to determine which, if any, might be the right people.

I considered that Peter might have joined up but I canít see an exact match on Ancestry for a Peter Farrell serving in WW1.

Thanks for any help.  :)

« on: Tuesday 05 November 19 04:33 GMT (UK)  »
This may be of interest to some, especially those who find that their ethnicity estimates are not what they expected:

The Common Room / ďDr Livingstone, I presumeĒ
« on: Tuesday 15 October 19 23:57 BST (UK)  »
I hope it is OK to pass on this challenge from the latest Lost Cousins newsletter. I havenít looked at this myself but I thought others might be interested.

Please remove if it breaches any rules.  :)

Quote from Peter Calver in the Lost Cousins newsletter:
In search of Stanley
The words "Dr Livingstone, I presume" may never have been spoken by Stanley, but I can remember being told about them at a very early age, possibly at Sunday School. Henry Morton Stanley was commissioned by his editor to find Livingstone - but the task I'm going to set you is to find Stanley!
According to Wikipedia Henry Morton Stanley was born John Rowlands on 28th January 1841 in Denbigh, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Parry, but brought up in his early years by Moses Parry, his maternal grandfather. Wikipedia and other sources record that his birth certificate referred to him as a bastard, but I've never seen that description on a birth certificate.
I had a quick look for the birth of John Rowlands or John Parry in the GRO birth index, but in the short time available I couldn't find an entry that fitted - nor could I find John in the 1841 Census. I think it's about time that the information on Wikipedia was checked (and updated if necessary), so perhaps the members of the LostCousins Forum can succeed where I failed? If you're not already a member of the forum check to see whether there is an invitation on your My Summary page - please don't write to me direct (this is a challenge for forum members only).
Note: I did find Stanley's autobiography online, but it didnít seem to answer any of my questions.

Australia / Mystery notation on 1907 Qld birth certificate
« on: Sunday 26 May 19 14:46 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know what these mean?

These symbols are on a 1907 Queensland birth certificate which I downloaded today. The bottom image is beside the mother's name, and the other is beside a note written in the border. The baby was illegitimate if that has any bearing. I have googled for possible explanations but found nothing.

Additionally, the birth certificate was not the usual foolscap orientation, rather it was laid out horizontally across two pages. I have not seen one like this before.

Apologies for the blurry images.

Thanks for any suggestions. Fingers crossed that this works*:
*it worked, but image is sideways - sorry.

Cavan / How to pronounce Cavan
« on: Wednesday 17 April 19 05:54 BST (UK)  »
Very quick question for those of you who will know ...

How do you pronounce Cavan?

Ca- Vann?
Like Gavin with an "in" rather than an "an" sound at the end of the word?
or some other way?

This is probably more off topic but I thought putting it here might catch the eye of an Irish expert.

Ireland / Advice on claim to Irish Peerage
« on: Monday 18 February 19 23:37 GMT (UK)  »
I hope someone can give me some advice and guidance regarding the application process for a (possible) claim to an Irish peerage. Does anyone have any personal experience of this?

I find this a complex subject and know nothing apart from what I have found via google in the past day or two. I would also be grateful for any help interpreting the information on this link:

The website seems to be skewed more towards English peerages though it also mentions Irish peerages (almost as an aside).

The Debretts link says you need to apply to the Lord Chancellor to be entered on the Roll. It says the application and supporting evidence is presented under the direction of the Lord Chancellor which is a bit vague.

It also says that anyone claiming a peerage should apply to the Lord Chancellor. It then says the registrar of the Roll of the Peerage is Ian Denyer who is the head of the Crown Office at the House of Lords. Is that the same thing or does he have a number of roles or does Ian Denyer pass all this on to the Lord Chancellor? I read this as indicating that Ian Denyer the person to contact in the first instance. Is this correct?

General questions about peerages:

If several people have claims do they all need to apply before being considered? It seems that anyone who may be entitled is not automatically contacted and offered the role?

Are there any duties or responsibilities or is the title in name only? (or does it depend which peerage?)  :-\

Does the closest relative to the current peer take precedence over a closer relative to the "original" peer, in this case, from the 1600s. For example, the current peer is a very distant relative of the previous peer, but there may have been closer living relatives who either did not know they had any entitlement, or did not apply for the peerage upon the death of the previous peer. (sorry, that sounds very complicated)  :(

The peerage in question has an "heir presumptive" according to Wikipedia, :-\  though it also says there are other distant cousins, which presumably also may have a claim to the title. Does an "heir presumptive" mean this person is already confirmed as next in line? (in which case it would be a waste of time applying) Would Ian Denyer tell me this if I enquired about this peerage? Or do you think he would consider other applicants to the title?

Do applications for the next peer need to be in place prior to the death of the current peer?

Do any applicants take priority over others, eg those living in a different country are less likely to gain the title?

Apologies for the huge thread, and for asking so many questions, but thank you for any assistance with this.  :)

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / My Heritage question - Managing more than one kit
« on: Monday 24 December 18 11:18 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone who knows their way around My Heritage would be kind enough to help me with an issue I am having with the site.

I have just uploaded my father's raw data from FTDNA to My Heritage, and am managing both his and my kits.

My problem is that I can't find out how to view his matches.

Under "DNA" is a pull down menu. If I select "manage DNA kits" I can see both of our details including kit numbers. Both say "results are ready".  However when I click on the three dots beside his name and select "view DNA results" I just see my own results not his. I was not given the option to have a different email address or password for his account, so if I log out of my account I cannot log into his, as he doesn't have one.

Where are his results hiding? Have I done something wrong? I realise that My Heritage are now charging to use the Chromosome Browser and some other features that used to be free up until a couple of weeks ago. Is this the problem? Can't I view anything on his account until I pay up?

I have looked in the help section which tells me that to view other accounts I need to "select another person" from the drop down menu. I have looked everywhere but cannot see "select another person" on any of the drop down menus.  :-\

My Heritage do not seem to have an option to contact them via email (my preferred method), only phone, and I do not want to ring them so close to Christmas, hence posting this question here.

Help please! :)

Thanks a lot.  :)

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / X Match interpretation
« on: Thursday 20 December 18 05:45 GMT (UK)  »
Yesterday I received my father's FTDNA Autosmal results. Both my results and my father's results show a match with "LB".

Estimated relationship with LB is 2nd to fourth cousin.
My father has 89 shared centimorgans with the longest block 39.
Mine is 86 and 36.

I have an X match but my father does not. What does this say about where LB might connect with both of us?

Over a year ago I contacted the "match" whose account is managed by a second cousin once removed. The contact claims I do not match LB on her maternal grandmother's side with "either of her cousins"  :-\ so any match must be on LB's father's or paternal grandfather's side. Frustratingly, the contact has no knowledge of that side of the family so can't help me.

I am looking for clues as this is my father's best result. I have read a bit about X matches but I am still confused.

Thanks for any help.

World War One / WW1 RFA Shoeing Smith
« on: Sunday 11 November 18 22:30 GMT (UK)  »

I don't suppose any of you would like to have a shot at finding information on one of my soldiers? No service record found and with the additional complication of very common name.
(If so I will start a new thread or ask a mod to split this one)  ;)  :)

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