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World War One / Householder's Return Forms
« on: Sunday 17 September 23 03:05 BST (UK)  »
Today I visited the Edward Elgar Birthplace Museum near Worcester and one of the exhibits was a completed Householder's Return form which asked if anyone living in the house was able or willing to volunteer for service in the Forces. I had never come across one of these before.

Were the returns ever catalogued at the time, or is it just chance to come across one? Does anyone have a more detailed knowledge?

What a wonderful resource they would be as a snapshot of family members at the beginning of WW1.

The Common Room / Baptised under one name but registered under another
« on: Tuesday 15 August 23 22:29 BST (UK)  »
My grandmother was known as Amy Davies throughout her life. She was born in Shrewsbury in July 1896 and her birth was registered in Atcham as Amy Davies.

Finding a baptism proved more difficult until I found one under the name of Ada Davies 7th July 1896 at All Saints, Shrewsbury - father William & mother Ada being the correct parents.

What is the (if any) legal implications of this and was it a common occurrence, anyone know?

Kilkenny / Dennis Campion - Thomastown to Shrewsbury 1840s
« on: Saturday 15 April 23 02:01 BST (UK)  »

This is a long shot, but Iím trying to find any memories or knowledge of the following couple and family.

Dennis Campion (b. abt 1813 possibly Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny) who married a Mary Brennan (b. abt 1811 Bagnalstown, Co. Carlow) on 19th Sept 1831 at Thomastown, Co Kilkenny.

The family appear in the 1851 UK Census living in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

Dennis Campion 38 Co. Kilkenny Railway Servant
Mary Campion 40 Bagnallís Town, Co Carlow

Peter Campion 18 Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
Michael Campion 15 Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
Thomas Campion 11 Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
Margaret Campion 9 Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
Mary Campion 7 Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
Eliza Campion 5 Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
Joseph Campion 2 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Bridget Dunn 30 (Sister in Law) UnMar Bagnallís Town, Co. Carlow.

Son, Peter Campion, marries Annie Taylor in 1855 in Shrewsbury.

Their daughter Winefride Campion (b. 1874) marries George Owen Jones in 1895 in Shrewsbury and in turn their son, George Ernest Campion Jones (b. 1895), marries Nelly Davies (b. 1895) in 1925 in Shrewsbury, who happens to be my Great Aunt.

I knew my Great Aunt in old age but had no idea she had married earlier in life, she never talked about her husband. It was only by searching the 1939 Register that a connection was made. Also I don't think they had any children.

Although there is no direct genetic connection to me, any information would be useful to fill in the family links.

Shropshire / Where was Ada DAVIES born?
« on: Sunday 05 March 23 15:33 GMT (UK)  »
I have a brick wall trying to find a birth/baptism and mother for Ada DAVIES my GtGm b.1870. What I have gathered so far is below.

Husband, William Francis Wilding DAVIES, a widower and retired Railway Clerk, living with daughter Nelllie and her husband George Ernest Campion JONES at 2 Dalmeny Villas, Shrewsbury.

Ada with WFW DAVIES (using Frank in Census return) and 4 of her 6 living children. 96 North Street, Shrewsbury. One child Amy at 7 North Street with Ellen Lewis, sister of WFW DAVIES. Ada aged 41 born (1870) Condover, Shropshire.

Ada with WFW DAVIES (using Frank in Census return) and 5 children. 96 North Street, Shrewsbury. Ada aged 31 born (1870) Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

February 25th, Marriage of Ada DAVIES age 24 Spinster of 13 Argyll Street, Shrewsbury to WFW DAVIES 25 Bachelor of 7 Tankerville Street, Shrewsbury (Brakesman).
Father of Groom - William DAVIES Basket Maker. Father of Bride - William DAVIES Farm Labourer. Note: 13 Argyll Street is unoccupied in the 1891 Census.
Both signed in own hand with one witnesses unreadable and E DAVIES (could be Ellen LEWIS from above)

Possible location as 'Working in Service' was a bit of a family tradition.
Household of Charles Frederick FINNEY, Huyton House, Liverpool Road, Huyton with Roby, Widnes. (His death reported 8th February 1908 Liverpool Mercury)

Ada DAVIES Servant Single 21 (1870) Cook Domestic Servant b. Condover, Shropshire.

Household of Thomas DAVIES brother of WFW DAVIES at Heckfield Place, Shrewsbury
Ada DAVIES Niece Age 11 (1870) Scholar b. Cheshire, Crewe. ??

1871 No suitable person found
Eliza A DAVIES b. 1869 Condover, Shropshire is Eliza Ann DAVIES in 1881 Census

1870 No suitable births in Condover, Shrewsbury or Crewe found. Name and age matches found so far appear in same location in later censuses and/or married to different people in the same timescale.

I'm not worried about at Shrewsbury/Condover locations as they are only 5 miles apart, but Crewe seems a bit strange - even so I haven't found a suitable birth in the Crewe area either. Maybe Uncle Thomas didn't know where Ada was born. I have tried a wider search for a William DAVIES as a Farm Labourer with a daughter Ada for 1871 with no luck.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Is it just me...

When using FindMyPast Family Tree Builder in Pedigree View, I often click on the Hints offered for each person to see the latest suggestions. The software opens the Hints panel (that's OK) but changes to the Tree View, whether I want it to or not (that's not OK), often obscuring the person of interest and their nearby relatives on the View.

On closing the Hints panel, the Tree View stays rather than returning to the Pedigree View with the Tree View now being re-centred on a seemingly random person.

I'm thinking this is a bad or lazy programming and makes the software difficult and inconsistent in use. I have tried giving feedback to FindMyPast with no luck. It is also the main reason I am not willing to pay £200 for the yearly subscription.

Has anyone else found this a problem or a work around, or am I being too critical.

Warwickshire / William Randall (Randle) b.1842 Bedworth
« on: Thursday 02 February 23 00:51 GMT (UK)  »
I have reached a brickwall trying to find a definitive Birth/Baptism and Marriage for a William Randall. According to Census returns he was born in 1842 in the Bedworth/Exhall area. I'm also having difficulty finding his future wife, Mary, who was also born in Bedworth the same year.

By 1871 he was established in Leicester and married to Mary.

1871 Leicester 2 Lyndhurst Street
   William Randle age.29 (Shoemaker) b. Bedworth Warwickshire
   Mary Wife age 29 b. Bedworth Warwickshire
   Clara Dau age 3 b. Leicester
   Edwin Thos Son age 9 months b. Leicester
   Mary A Bromwich Niece age 14 b. Bedworth Warwickshire

1881 Leicester 102 Argyll Street
   William Randle age.39 (Grocer) b. wrongly transcribed Bideford Warwickshire ?
   Mary Wife age 39 b. wrongly transcribed Bideford Warwickshire ?
   Clara Dau age 13 b. Leicester
   Edwin Son age 11 b. Leicester
   Mary Dau age 6 b. Leicester
   William Son age 2 b. Leicester
   Sarah Askham (Servant) Single age 16 b. Northampton

I have a few ideas but would appreciate a fresh pair of eyes as I'm starting trip over the numerous Randall/Randle names from the area.

Has anyone researched this family in the past?

Flintshire / Thomas Jones & family in Overton 1800s
« on: Sunday 13 November 22 13:27 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to find any birth information for a Stephen Jones, son of Thomas Jones (Slater and Master Plasterer) of Overton.

Stephen appears in the 1841-1891 censuses in Overton (and births given as Overton) and died in Feb 1895, death registered in Ellesmere (aged 73), he was unmarried. I'm guessing he was Anglican as all other family religious events were not 'Chapel'.

So far no birth records that match have been found, so are there missing records or was the birth simply not registered?

Any info welcome.


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