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Durham / 1920s accident Easington Lane
« on: Saturday 11 February 23 01:55 GMT (UK)  »
I recently read 'Born of the Pit: The story of the BRICKGARTH'. It's about Easington Lane. It's where some of my family lived late 1800s into the early part of the 1900s

In the paper(not sure what to call it as it isn't a book and more than a leaflet) an accident is mentioned that involved a waggon and a child that was killed. Made me curious as I'm sure my grandmother mentioned something about an accident and a child being killed. It seems to have been in the 20s or possibly just before. It states :

'Looking at the Brickgarth of the 1920s....The old colliery railway line that bordered the South side, is in the process of being dismantled. A child had been killed with waggons on the line previously. It was this accident that speeded up the decision to stop its use.'

Just curious really but does anyone have more information? or a link to where I might find it? I did google but I'm starting to think I'm rubbish at using google, I never quite find what I want.

My grandmother appears to have taken the truth of things and distorted them a little. So my curiousity has me wondering if it was a relative of hers.

Durham Completed Look up Requests / Children in care 1940s
« on: Thursday 09 February 23 22:27 GMT (UK)  »
Were records kept of children put/taken into care in the 1940s? 

If so, any idea what information they would have recorded? would it state the circumstances and/or how they ended up in care?(neglect, abandonment, poverty, abuse etc)

Most importantly is it possible to access those records?

My mother's older siblings ended up in care. My mother and her 2 younger brothers did too but I think she has some understanding of why. We knew of the older siblings but always thought their father(not the same as my mother's) had raised them but we recently discovered that wasn't the case. I'm curious but also as I've found one of those siblings (and a cousin) I think it'd be good for them to understand why. They were only a baby at the time.

Durham / Oaklands Bishop Auckland
« on: Thursday 19 January 23 19:25 GMT (UK)  »
I have a birth certificate of an aunt born here in April 1947, was it just an ordinary hospital then?

Just wondering why she was born there when the address given for parents is 263 High street, Easington Lane, Hetton Le Hole, Durham. Would this be the right place to give birth from that home address in that time period? Place doesn't seem to be very near to the address is all.

Durham / Confused by death certificate of 1949 abandoned child.
« on: Tuesday 17 January 23 23:44 GMT (UK)  »
I have a death certificate for an aunt (Mary Tuck, aged 13yrs) who died as a child in 1949. It states she died in the General Hospital (not named), her address was Fishburn Terrace, Fishburn, Sedgefield, Durham. She died of heart related issues. Occupation is 'daughter of Minnie Tuck' (her mother, my grandmother). Informant is given as 'causing the body to be buried' (I've researched that term so understand the person wasn't next of Kin.

The address given for the informant and Mary are the same and Mary's surname hads been changed to that of the informant, stating Mary (new surname) formerly Tuck.

I'm confused. I thought she might have been fostered or adopted (she was left by her mother). A younger sibling definately had and another may have been(I've yet to find that one).

Why would her 'occupation' be as 'a daughter of Minnie Tuck' if she was fostered/adopted? If she fostered why would her surname have been changed? and why wasn't the informant classsed as her next of kin if they were bringing her up as their child?

PS I haven't put the informants details as I know nothing about them and no idea of the rules around that. Mary & Minnie were my relativesw and are both deceased.

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