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Berwickshire / Help with this Stark family in 1861Census Westruther Berwickshire
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 21:42 BST (UK)  »
I am busy searching back my Stark family as my computer has died and lost quite a lot of items
Tonight I thought I would look for m Stark family
Ive found this family marked paid so had another look
1861 there is a Barbara Stark deserted child aged 11 born  St Boswell
also her brother John aged 9 born Melrose ,William aged 7 also born Melrose and Elizabeth aged 5 born St Boswell the census shows no 17 Westruther
Above the Starks are shown at no 17

Margaret Dodd's aged 21 born Berwickshire
her daughter Margaret Dodd's aged 13 months and her sister Jean Dodd's aged 13 years old born Berwickshire
Could they all be of the same family I have searched Scotlandpeople for Barbara and her siblings to see who their parents are but had no luck

Sutherland / John Kenneth McKenzie
« on: Saturday 02 May 20 15:16 BST (UK)  »
Not sure where to start here
My DNA show a John Kenneth McKenzie as a relative of mine he was born 25/7/1871 Pictou Canada
Died 27/7/1938
He Married Ellen Henderson b 1877    d 1955 
I have the family coming down the tree but need to know who John Kenneth's parents are and where he fits in my tree
I am in good contact with the lady who has John's tree in Ancestry as she was born in Canada and lives there she hasn't much information about her family in Scotland she thinks they came from Assynt and she remembers someone talking about a Donald McKenzie

this is what an old relative of hers gave her Kenneth McKenzie 1754-1833 he was the father of Alexander McKenzie 1784-1871 Alexander was the father of Isabella McKenzie 1813-1874 ( her maiden name was McKenzie and her first husband was Roderick McKenzie ) who married Donald McKenzie 1807-1842

So Isabella was a McKenzie and never changes her name though  married twice she had 3 children  Isabella and Donald are the parents of Daniel Deacon McKenzie
I have the rest of this family as I said above

My McKenzie 's are George McKenzie b 1749 I have no death Married Christy Polson no birth died 1867 they married 1770 don't know where their  son Alexander b 30/11/1775 died 1841 !!!!!! Alexander is the only family I have of George and Christy .I have the rest of this family too coming down the tree
Hope you can understand this


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Old family photo Bella Hilda and Jim
« on: Thursday 27 February 20 14:51 GMT (UK)  »
Please could the flash light be taken from this photo


Sutherland / John McKenzie born 1803 Loth Sutherland
« on: Tuesday 11 February 20 14:50 GMT (UK)  »
I'm Looking for the Birth Certificate  and whereabouts of John McKenzie born1803 son of Alexander McKenzie and Ann Polson Loth Sutherland .I cannot find his birth in Scotlandpeople old section
His Siblings are
Ann born 1793
Flora born 1806
James 1808
Alexander born 1811
Roberta born 1816
All born at Loth Sutherland
Can anyone help please

East Lothian (Haddingtonshire) / Beatrice Stark
« on: Saturday 07 December 19 18:56 GMT (UK)  »
Beatrice is the first born to John Stark and Elizabeth Pringle who were married at Haddington on 19.8.1848
She was born 1849 Scotland I cannot find her in Scotlandpeople
I have most of this family if I find Beatrice I might can fine a marriage and  onwards if she lived
The family moved from Scotland about 1851/52 into Northumberland

Lancashire / Looking for William Melvin Maghie
« on: Saturday 28 September 19 23:30 BST (UK)  »
First of all I don't have much to go on
A lady from Canada has contacted me about my Maghie family
I don't have a William Melvin in my tree (yet)
Here is  what I have from her
William Melvin Maghie b Warrington Lancashire 1867 died 1947
Her mother Susan Maghie b 11.12.1914 ( could be Williams granddaughter ) also born Warrington said she thought Williams family came from Scotland I have looked for Maghies in Scotlandpeople but can only find my own from the Glasgow area
I have been given the rest of her family but this doesn't help me find Williams parents and where they came from .Most of my family are from Cumberland and later moved around the Newcastle area.

Northumberland / Parents of William Henry Maghie born 1882
« on: Thursday 08 August 19 16:34 BST (UK)  »
I cannot find the parents of William Henry Maghie I found his birth in Free BMD born 1882 Newcastle T
He married Alice Mills in Islington in 1904 and had a daughter called Maisie b 1919
Maisie Married Frederick Charles Robinson .I am trying to find if this family to see if they  belong to my Maghie's as we are related through our Ancestry DNA
Maisie and Frederick had a son who was born 1939 but as I cannot put a name in he is still alive
and he would like to find out more about his family he thinks one of his great grandfathers were  knuckle fighters

Sutherland / Another Jessie McKenzie
« on: Wednesday 31 July 19 00:21 BST (UK)  »
Seems like I have a few Jessie McKenzie's in my tree
I'm looking for any information on Jessie born 27.3.1898 Helmsdale ( all siblings born Helmsdale )
eldest child of John Taylor McKenzie and Dorothy Mackay who were married 7.10.1896 Inverness
Siblings are Donald G b1902,Margaret b 1904, William A b 1906 Evander James b 1908 d 1996  and Dorothy Mary  b 1912


Ross & Cromarty / Duncan MacKenzie b 1932 Gairloch
« on: Sunday 12 May 19 12:21 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the parents of Duncan Mackenzie .
Duncan was born in 29.2.1932 Gairloch  and died in Canada on 3.4.2018 he was a master builder in Vancouver ( I have been sent the clipping from the news paper of his obituary )from a relative found for me from rootschat so this is my reason for sending this today
he also had a brother who died in 1970 named Osgood
Osgood's birth certificate is on Scotlands people but before sending for it I thought someone on Rootschat could help me out
As I have a lot of my Mackenzie's from Gairloch in my tree already
I wanted to add who the parents might be of these two gentlemen

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