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Australia / WDYTYA Series 3 Episode 1:Magda SZUBANSKI
« on: Sunday 28 November 10 08:08 GMT (UK)  »
WDYTYA Series 3 begins tonight on SBS. Tonight's Episode Magda SZUBANSKI.

Edit to Add:

Please post your comments here.

Either Diana (or myself in her absence)  will start a new thread each week for your comments. You will see Trystan has kindly given Diana a News Link to the episodes at the top of the board, so I  hope she gets lots of feedback. Please keep your comments on the appropriate weekly threads. Thank You. I would ask that you do not start any extra threads as I will not be able to merge them as merging alters the URL and if I do that our lovely links will not work.

Hope you all enjoy the episode. Your comments please:

Regards Kris  :)

Australia / LDS Pilot Site
« on: Friday 16 July 10 22:21 BST (UK)  »
A lot of Australian records now available in the LDS Pilot Site. Be sure to check!

Births and Baptisms 1792-1981
Deaths and Burials 1816-1980
Marriages 1810-1980

Nothing for NT or ACT and only a few hundred marriages for Queensland but other States extremely interesting.

BMD Coverage


NSW Index to newspaper cuttings 1841-1987
NSW and ACT Masonic Lodge Indexes
NSW and ACT Masonic Lodge Registers
Sydney Branch Cemetery Inscriptions
NSW Bounty Immigrants 1828-1942
Miscellaneous Records 1776-1980

Cheers Kris  :)

Dorset Resources & Offers / Link: Chardstock Historical Group Records
« on: Sunday 23 May 10 13:38 BST (UK)  »
Chardstock Historical Group Web Museum

A lovely site full of BMD Records, MI's, Census Records 1841-1901 and much more.

Australia / NZ BMD'S at Queensland State Library
« on: Thursday 17 December 09 03:22 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed a post I removed yesterday as it concerned living persons. The poster is interested in some late marriages and births from NZ. I was a little confused, but poster has now let me know that it is the Queensland State Library and provided me this link.

I was quite surprised by the years of access suggested. - to 1990 :o

I know NZ Online records certainly have strict access (100 years for births)

Wondering if this is so, what it consists of, and if anybody may be able to access it privately for the member?

Cheers Kris  :)

Australia Lookups completed / ROBINS - Tas, Vic
« on: Tuesday 29 September 09 00:06 BST (UK)  »
Hi all.  ;D

I have been working on a thread on the Cornwall  Board for a new member koch and hope you may be able to help me. Call me suspicious  ;)

I started working on it and found the parents to be William ROBINS and Jane/Jenefer ACKERLY who married in 1807 in Mabe Cornwall. They lived nearby in St Gluvias and I found the baptisms for 6 children.

I later found while looking for Thomas's wife Elizabeth FOWLER on the Devon Board a tree which listed this information I had posted, but also listed a lot more births in Cornwall in different parishes. I sat up quite late playing about with it and I have proved that these births are NOT to the same couple so if this couple had births between 1816 and 1833 they are not those listed in this tree.

The family is then said to emigrate to Tas aboard the ANN arriving in 1833. They are said to have had a son George Henry born at sea and the birth of 3 more in Tas. I do find the birth regs of

ROBINS George Henry 21 Sep 1833 Parents William and Jane U #1834 - 5634
ROBINS Louisa Ann 26 Sep 1835 Parents William and Jane U #6220
ROBINS Emma Jane 27 July 1837 Parents William and Jane U #8544

No sign of the alleged unnamed in 1835

My concern here with the lack of the mothers surname is - are these births to the same couple? I certainly have doubts. They had been married 30 years in 1837. Jane is at least in her mid 40's :-\ We often see a bit of a gap when a woman is approaching the end of her childbearing years and then a late one, but this is three births very quickly which to me reeks of a younger woman.

Apparently all went to Vic. I wonder if anyone may be able to spot the deaths - I did find the marriages in Vic as listed in this tree but am unable to look for the deaths. I am hoping the deaths may just list mothers surname. I wonder as there is a son William.

George Henry ROBINS = Agnes Jane GRIMSLEY 1877 #3834 (mmm looks like this one says born London so possibly not even the same George Henry ROBINS  ::) )
Emma ROBINS = David RADLEY 1854 #2112
Louisa Ann ROBINS = John Thomas CLOSE 1852 #20389 (St Andrews CE Brighton)

The death they have for dad William does not seem right either - too young and born in Kent. ???

I think there are a lot of problems in this tree.

Passenger list for the ANN would also be handy.

Thanks...........Kris :)

Australia / Charles Roy Truman SMITH for CHERAN
« on: Monday 31 August 09 09:10 BST (UK)  »

I was at Centennial Park today and snapped this for you this arvo.

Cheers Kris  :)

Australia Lookups completed / SA: Centennial Park Cemetery Offer - 1 May 2009
« on: Tuesday 28 April 09 02:23 BST (UK)  »
I will be visiting Centennial Park Cemetery South Australia, on Friday, to visit my dad who would have been turning 100, armed with a big bunch of flowers, and a lot of fond memories. ;D  :'( 

As I visit Centennial Park a few times a year I thought I would see if I can help anybody else while I am there.

If you are out of State/Country, too far away or have health issues which would prevent you from visiting in person, I would be happy to help. Would you like me to check/photograph a Plaque or Gravestone for you? Weather and time permitting I would be happy to help.

Please leave the full details including location details which can be accessed

Cheers Kris  :)

Australia / Trish251 goodbye thread Accidentally Deleted
« on: Tuesday 24 March 09 10:54 GMT (UK)  »
My sincere apologies to MarieC the thread originator and all involved in this thread. While removing redirect notifications I have accidentally deleted the thread "A sad goodbye to an Aussie Researcher".

To my knowledge it is only the second time I have accidentally deleted a thread. It truly was an accident. I was not even aware I had removed it until MarieC contacted me.

All I can say is I am terribly sorry.

Kris  :'(

Australia Resources & Offers / ~AUSTRALIA RESOURCES ~ No Requests Here Please!
« on: Tuesday 24 March 09 04:12 GMT (UK)  »
This is the Australia Resources Board. It has been provided for you to post all of your links to great information relevant to those researching in Australia, and also for you to post any kind offers you may wish to make to help others in their journey.

Please Do Not Make any Offers which would be in breach of copyright or licence agreements.

However, it is not the correct board for you to post Lookup Requests on. If you would like to request help with your research or hope to make contact with other researchers, sharing the same interests, please post your query on the Australia Board.,165.0.html

You will find many researchers who would love to help you in your journey.

If a lookup request is posted here, under Australia Resources, we will have to move it.

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