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Scotland / Jock Young and Mary Young (nee Ferro of Malta)
« on: Friday 09 October 15 07:38 BST (UK)  »
I'm hoping someone can help me find any descendants of Jock Young who married Mary Ferro in Malta in 1943 (give or take a year).

Jock was in the RAF and a member of 137MU (maintenance unit). His wedding photograph, which may be the only one to survive, is in the photograph album of my late father in law, Vic Oldridge. Jock and Vic were in the same unit servicing Spitfires and Hurricanes during the darkest days of Malta's history in WW2. I'd like to get a copy of the photo to Jock's family, but first I need to find them.

After the war, Jock (the photograph album doesn't tell me his real name) returned to Scotland bringing his bride, Mary with him. Mary was the daughter of Joseph and Grace Ferro. Joseph worked as a mechanic for the military during WW2 and also owned a bicycle sales and repair shop in Malta. After Joseph died his widow, and Mary's mother, came to Scotland to live with Mary. Her name was Grace and she would have died in Scotland as Grace Ferro, probably in the late 1900s.

Mary's brother, Charles, and sister, Doris, also came to Scotland and married there. It is probably their descendants that I seek. I have no idea which town/city they came to but I would think they lived close by one another in the post war years.

I do know that Charles Ferro who married Joanna in Edinburgh in the 1990s is not a member of the family.

I am grateful for any more clues.



Louth / St Mary's in Drogheda
« on: Friday 02 January 09 09:17 GMT (UK)  »
I'm hoping that some kind soul will help me understand the parish or parishes in Drogheda dedicated to St Mary.

On 28 Jan 1856 Edward Inkerman CONNOR and his twin sister Mary Anne Alma CONNOR were born in the Drogheda area - this may have been as far away as Rogerstown in Meath, just south of Drogheda or Tullyallen, just north west of Drogheda. Their parents were John and Anne CONNOR. I have been informed that they were christened on 3 Mar 1856 at St Mary Drogheda, but which one?

I believe that the family were Roman Catholic and it would seem appropriate, therefore, that the christenings took place at St Mary's Catholic Church which is south of the river in Drogheda which would be Co Meath. I also understand that the church was not built until the 1880s so the event could not have happened there. There is a Church of Ireland St Mary's church in or around Drogheda which was built in the early 1800s and would appear to fit the bill as far as date is concerned, but not the denomination. From this I have questions like ..Where is this latter church? .. Was there an earlier RC St Mary's? .. Where are the records for these two and potentially any more churches so that the details can be validated?

The reason for wanting to unravel this is that I am looking for my wife's great great grandfather who was Lawrence Patrick CONNOR and brother to the twins above. His army enlistment papers of 1869 record his birthplace as Tullyallen and his date of birth as 28 Oct 1855 but we suspect he was actually three years younger than that and was just 11 or 12 when he signed up for the British army.

Any help in unravelling my confusion would be most welcome.



London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Louisa Clark - b Hackney abt 1860
« on: Saturday 05 August 06 07:58 BST (UK)  »
Has anybody come across the birth or baptism my Great Grandmother, Louisa CLARK. I've been searching for her for years, without result.

Working backwards:
 - died in Bermondsey as Louisa MILLER in December 1933 aged 72; therefore born about 1861
 - 1901 census living in Bermondsey as "Louisa Miller, wife, married, 40, born in Hackney, London"; therefore born about 1861
 - 1891 census living in Bermondsey as "Louisa Miller, wife, married, 34, born in Hackney"; therefore born about 1857
 - 1881 census living in Haggerstone as "Louisa Miller, wife, married, 24, born in London, Middlesex"; therefore born about 1857
 - married in October 1880 in St James the Great, Bethnal Green to (William - unused christian name) Frederick Miller (of full age) , her age given as 20 and recorded as a spinster and the daughter of William Clark, bricklayer; their addresses merely show as Bethnal Green; witnesses are both Millers; therefore born about 1860
- 1871 census = not found
- 1861 census = not found

I have certificates for:
- Louisa Clark, b 6 Jan 1859, 14 Union Street in Stoke Newington, parents are Samuel and Emily Clark (nee Dallas)
- Alice Louisa Clark, b 17 Jun 1859, 30 Wellington Street in West Hackney, parents are Edward Thomas and Mary Ann Clark (nee Stallard)
- Louisa Clarke, b 11 Feb 1860, 9 Wargate Street in Hoxton Old Town, mother is Jane Clarke formerly Wescott (no father given)

The IGI carries:
- Louisa Clark, b 17 Jul 1855 (bp 12 Aug 1855 St John the Baptist, Shoreditch), parents are William and Louisa Clark; (born too early to fit my Louisa)
- Louisa Clark, b 21 Oct 1854 (bp 3 Dec 1854 St Dunstan, Stepney), parents are William and Mary Ann Clark; (born too early to fit my Louisa)

Anybody got any fresh ideas for me, please.

Ripperware ???

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