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World War Two / Info wanted re: Merchant Navy torpedo survivor
« on: Monday 05 September 11 13:27 BST (UK)  »

I'd really like to find out some more about my Granddad's involvement in WW2.

His name was John Graham Roy Wilson, although was known by everyone as Graham Wilson.

He was an engineer in the Merchant Navy and joined as a volunteer.

I know one of the tankers he was aboard was called the George MacKnight. It was a captured German oil tanker, which at it's time, was the largest tanker afloat.

My Grandma knows he was torpedoed 3 times whilst in the Merchant Navy and survived all of these attacks. The experience had a great impact on him. He was severely traumatised by the events he witnessed never spoke about it right up to the day he died. It is also believed to have contributed to how he died.

I'd really like to gather some more information for the family, who would like to know more about his experiences.

Can anyone tell me more about the sinking or capture of the SS George MacKnight?

I've read on the internet that the tanker was torpedoed and that 24 survivors were rescued by the USS Cronin on October 14th 1944. They were taken to Sicily.

I'd like to know if my granddad was one of these 24 survivors.

The information I've found is very limited though and unfortunately could be confused with another tanker called the George W McKnight, which also sank that year I think.

Does anyone know how I can find out what other tankers he was on and about the other 2 occasions he was torpedoed?

Many thanks for reading this. Any help would be appreciated.


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