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I'm thinking this has been covered before, but I've recently had to take (yet another) break from research and, into the bargain, had to have a new computer so a lot of what I'd saved on XP is now not accessible through Windows 7 ( ::))- including some of the suggestions on this topic†so forgive me if I'm repeating the ruddy obvious.

I want to start writing up some of the family history research I've done over the past 25+ years, (mainly for my daughters) the only thing is ..... I'm not quite sure how to go about it.† †Including scanned copies of certificates, photos, documents etc., is not a problem, but I particularly want to include more than just a diagrammatic family tree with list of names and dates, this is supposed to be a 'history' and therefore, I want to include what I know about the people themselves.† †This is fine and can be done fairly logically until I start to get to great-great-grandparents - people I knew but who, to my daughters, are just names and photos.

Since my daughters won't be as familiar with the names as I am, my first thought is to perhaps include an 'index' using the Record Id and to make a separate section where I can include all those facts, notes, anecdotes and 'how/why did theys?' that will bring these people 'to life'.

Does this seem logical?† †

All suggestions welcome - thank you

World War One / Anyone have a copy of 'The Buffs' by Ponsonby?
« on: Tuesday 22 March 11 12:51 GMT (UK)  »
It's a long shot, but I'm hoping someone may have a copy of West Kent (Q.O.) Yeomanry, and 10th (Yeomanry) Battallion The Buffs, 1914-1919 by Charles Edward Ponsonby (sadly I can't afford the £100 for my own copy).

Some while ago I was told that my Grandfather - quote ' ... is listed in Ponsonby as having having joined B Company 10th Buffs after 1st March 1917.† †He is shown as having served in Palestine and France and as being wounded on the Somme in September 1918'.

The person who gave me this information promised to photocopy the relevant page/s, but sadly died before they were able to do and thus, I am no further forward.

If by some chance, someone has a copy (or knows where I could look at one), I'm trying to find the entry/mention of my Grandfather Pte. G23600 Edward L. French.† †I have tried the 'obvious' places, library, Buffs Museum but with no luck.

I do have his medal card, luckily most of his fire-damaged service record and am currently working my way though 'The Buffs' by R.S. Moody

Family History Beginners Board / Two children, same name. Just a tip
« on: Friday 18 March 11 12:50 GMT (UK)  »
Only relatively recently did I discover that if a child died, it was not uncommon for a subsequent child to be given the same name.

Knowing this, suddenly made clear why some families appeared to have two children with exactly the same names.

I'm sure it's common knowledge to most people, but it took me a while to find out and I thought it might assist a newcomer.

Kent Lookup Requests / Richard French, Loose/East Farleigh
« on: Thursday 17 March 11 09:37 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone have access to Loose or Farleigh Parish Records?†

I'm trying to find a baptism for Richard French.† †From census info., I know he was born in East Farleigh and have him in 1841, 1851 and 1861 living in Loose.† †Loose church MIs, have him 'Died 19.1.1865 aged 85 years', putting his birth circa†1740, and his wife, (Harriet - nee unknown) is also shown on Loose MIs died 20.9.1856 aged 75.

There are a number of other French's in the Loose MIs, and I'm wondering/hoping there's a connection between them, but without Richard's parents ........†

If anyone could find Richard's parents (and perhaps sibilings) I would be so grateful.

Family History Programs, Tree Organisation, Presentation / RootsMagic Help pl.
« on: Saturday 12 March 11 15:49 GMT (UK)  »
I was given RootsMagic 4 UK Deluxe Edition† recently and I'm not terribly impressed by it, least of all by all the 'sub sections' for entering extra information - (notes for an individual, then census information and notes on census information, etc., etc.) but I guess that's just a case of getting used to it.

My main, big problem is, I can't find the 'backup' file(s) it's supposed to have created when I quit the program.† †I've given folders and files the most stupid names so that they'll stand out, but still no joy.† † Would someone kindly take me by the hand and explain what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you

The Common Room / Can you suggest a website for ...
« on: Wednesday 08 September 10 12:41 BST (UK)  »
I'm lucky enough to have some documents and notes etc., relating to how much was received in wages and how much was paid for certain items - these are pretty random and cover anything from the early 1800s right up to the 1960s.

What I'm looking for is a website where I can get an idea of how these sums would equate to the present day, or - being of a 'certain age' - even in 'proper' pre-decimal amounts (I may be getting older, but I'm not yet beyond doing a conversion!).

I have tried googling, but clearly I'm not asking the question in the correct way so any suggestion would be most welcome.

Census and Resource Discussion / Suggestions on where to subscribe pl?
« on: Monday 25 May 09 10:45 BST (UK)  »
My wedding anniversary present from my husband is the offer of a subscription to a genealogy site and I'd really appreciate some suggestions on where to spend it, bearing in mind some has already been 'diverted' for certificates.

Just to give some idea of where I am re: researching - I have, with a few notable exceptions, found most of the census entries I need and free sites (BMD, LDS etc.) never seem to have records of the people I seek, so I need Parish Record access.† †

I've been using Ancestry (Essentials) to good effect for some time since all but one tiny twig of my family were born, lived and died in England.† †Recently however, I've found less and less that's of real use and I'm not absolutely certain my (or should that be 'his' money!) would be best spent there.

I did have some vouchers for FindMyPast, (which I 'spent' on the 1911 census) but they seemed expensive to use - although this was quite possibly because they were vouchers.

Someone suggested The Genealogist and from a quick look at their site and from what they say they offer, it does seem quite good.

Finally however, there is my bÍte noir - having spent 15 years working for the Serious Fraud Office, I refuse to give my credit card details to any company (online or indeed anywhere else) which places the onus on me to cancel a subscription by automatically renewing it on my behalf thus, it is the ability to pay by cheque which draws me (at the minute anyway) to The Genealogist.

Some 'user' suggestions on any sites would be really helpful and very much appreciated.

The Lighter Side / The National Archives in Cheshire
« on: Thursday 26 February 09 07:41 GMT (UK)  »
According to the BBC, much of the information held on all of us is being (or will be) stored in part of a salt mine in deepest darkest Cheshire.† †So far about 2 million boxes of 'stuff' have been stored and there's room for a further (I believe they said) billion in this cavern which is the size of 700 football pitches.

So, I'm guessing that in future, if our grandchildren or great-grandchildren want to find the results of our Xrays or details of our banking transactions, they'll be heading off to Winsford.

Census and Resource Discussion / Vessels - where in the census?
« on: Thursday 26 February 09 06:01 GMT (UK)  »
I believe I recall reading somewhere, that those serving on various vessels may appear twice in a census - once included at their home address, the other wherever the vessel was moored.† †Stupidly, since it didn't apply to anyone I was looking for, I didn't make a note of it - now, of course, I'm searching for an Archibald Finlator Eve (b. between 1874/76, Gravesend, Kent) who was, in 1901, a 'Waterman (barge)'.† †Since I can't find him in 1891 I'm assuming he may have been on board a vessel of some description.† †

Any suggestions as to where I may look for/find him would be very much appreciated.

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