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Warwickshire / Mary Ann WALTON - John Jesse WHITE
« on: Wednesday 12 May 21 05:21 BST (UK)  »
Mary Ann WALTON was born in Birmingham in 1835, daughter of Elijah and Mary Ann.

At some stage she has married a John Jesse WHITE as they are in Santiago, Chile by 1859 and had three children there.
Julia 1859
Thomas Tristan Alfred 1861
Amelia Mary Lucia 1863

According to Julia's marriage cert in New Zealand her father was a Professor of Music.

By 1871 census Mary Ann and the three children are back in Warwickshire. Mary Ann says she is married but there is no sign of John. Mary's occupation is Professional Singer. Julia is away at school and the two younger ones at home.

In 1878 Mary Ann and the three children emigrate to New Zealand. Have pretty much everything about them after that.

The main thing I am looking for is a marriage for Mary Ann and John.

Can anyone help please.

Ian C

New Zealand / EDNEY - WHITE - WALTON
« on: Wednesday 12 May 21 01:28 BST (UK)  »
Julia WHITE married James EDNEY at Taupiri in 1884. He was 32 and she was 24.

Her father was James WHITE, Professor of Music and her mother was Amelia WALTON. Julia was born in Santiago, South America.

Witnesses were
George Alfred Thompson - Auckland
Amelia White - Wanganui
Harriet Walton Thompson - Auckland
T T White - Builder, Auckland

George Alfred THOMPSON married a Harriet WALTON in Westminster in 1856 and Harriet Walton THOMPSON is one of their daughters. Another daughter Georgina THOMPSON married an Edward WALTON.

Trying to find out who Amelia WHITE is, is she Julia's mother? Who is T T White?

Is there a connection between Edward WALTON, Amelia WALTON and Harriet WALTON?

Some fresh eyes would be appreciated.

Ian C

New Zealand / John MUNRO 1864-1952
« on: Saturday 08 May 21 04:55 BST (UK)  »
John married first Ellen BRADING in Jan 1889. She died Sep 1889 in Kimbolton. No children to this marriage.

John married again in 1902 to Elizabeth BELL. Elizabeth died 1918 in Hamilton. Trying to confirm how many children this couple had.

There is a John Bell MUNRO born 1902 and a Caroline Audrey MUNRO born 1909. Some trees also have a Wilfred Edward MUNRO born 1905 as another but I am inclined to disagree. There was a John Talbot MUNRO also with a wife Elizabeth having children around this time, and I believe Wilfred belongs to them.

Wilfred died in Kawakawa in 1926 and his death notice indicates he had a brother Mr A Munro. The brother I believe was Alexander James MUNRO whose parents were John Talbot and Elizabeth. According to NZBDM fiche Wilfred and Alexander were both born in Pahiatua.

Caroline Audrey is a daughter as she is listed as NOK on John's notification of death in Stratford in 1952 in his Boer War records. Her married name is MANGIN.

John Bell would be a son because of his second name.

Can anyone assist please.

Ian C

New Zealand Completed Requests / STACKHOUSE
« on: Friday 07 May 21 03:33 BST (UK)  »
Alfred STACKHOUSE married Charlotte Ann ECKSTEIN in 1900, not sure where. They had one known daughter Elsie Eileen born Oct 1903. She married Douglas Lyford McNAE in 1925. They are all buried in the Kimbolton Cemetery.

Can't find a birth reg for the daughter anywhere. Her DOB comes from her death reg.

Believe Charlotte Ann was married before to Fred ECKSTEIN and that her maiden name was actually JOHNSON. Has anyone come across this lady anywhere.

Ian C

New Zealand Completed Requests / Dorothy Eileen POOLE 1900-?
« on: Tuesday 04 May 21 03:09 BST (UK)  »
Dorothy Eileen POOLE was born 1900 in Whanganui, youngest daughter of William Shakespeare POOLE and Agnes BROWN, married 1889.

Not sure that she married, can't find one in the usual sources. Can't find a death either.

Latest date can find her is 1938 Electoral Roll when she is in Wellington, still a spinster.

Any assistance much appreciated.

Ian C

New Zealand Completed Requests / George HALL 1867-?
« on: Friday 30 April 21 10:43 BST (UK)  »
George Joseph HALL was born in Scotland c1867 son of Ambrose HALL and Mary PURCELL according to his marriage certificate. He married Jane WADDELL in 1904 in Edinburgh. Jane was the same age, daughter of John WADDELL and Margaret DONALD.

They left Scotland for New Zealand sometime after 1904 and ended up in Kimbolton in New Zealand, where he was the local doctor.

Jane died in Kimbolton in December 1906 and was buried in the Kimbolton Cemetery.

Can anyone find George after that date, he seems to have disappeared.

There were no children and according to Jane's will George was George Joseph Alphonsus HALL, and Jane was also known as Jean. Kimbolton Cemetery records have her as Jean but NZBDM have her as Jane.

Ian C

New Zealand Completed Requests / Blanche WHISHAW 1881-?
« on: Sunday 25 April 21 12:39 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone find this lady. She was born July 1881, probably at Tinui in the Wairarapa. Her parents were Henry Yeames WHISHAW and Susannah MUNRO.

Does not appear to have married.

Last I can find is the 1911 Electoral Roll where she is with her mother in Eltham.

Two of her brothers went to New South Wales so she may have gone over there.

Ian C

London and Middlesex / William ANDERSON 1790-?
« on: Saturday 24 April 21 09:13 BST (UK)  »
William ANDERSON was born c1790 at Finchley. Married Sarah EATON 5 Sep 1819 at Tottenham.

They had nine children

Jane 1820-1885 born Edmonton
Sarah 1821-1893 born Edmonton
Mary Ann 1823-1912 born Southgate
William 1825-1840 born Southgate
Thomas 1828-1830 born Friern Barnet
George 1831-1909 born Finchley
Emma 1833-1917 born Finchley
Elizabeth 1834-1929 born Finchley
James 1836-1837 born Finchley

Can anyone find a death or burial for William snr. Can't find any of the children in 1841 so suspect he may have died prior to that. Sarah his wife died at Finchley in Jan 1837.

William, Thomas and James all died young in London. The other six children all came to NZ in late 1850s, some were married and some were not. Do not need anything on the children.

In all the baptisms of the children and the marriages in London, William snr was a gardener.

Many thanks.
Ian C

New Zealand Completed Requests / Sarah MOORE Kimbolton
« on: Friday 23 April 21 11:52 BST (UK)  »
There is a headstone at Kimbolton Cemetery for a Sarah, wife of E MOORE who died 21 Sept 1904 aged 42. The NZ Cemetery records have a burial date of 22 Sept, plot for M S MOORE, and purchased by E MOORE.

Current burial records on Manawatu District Council website have the year as 1906.

Cannot find a death for this lady on the NZ BDM website. No will either. Also not connected to the other MOORE family in Kimbolton.

Hoping some fresh eyes can assist.

Ian C

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