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Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Wainfleet St Marys - 1881
« on: Sunday 12 November 06 16:01 GMT (UK)  »
Could some kind person please double check something for me?

I'm hunting for

ELLEN BROWN (b. 1857, Welton-le-Marsh)
GEORGE WILLIAM BROWN (b. 1856, also Welton-le-Marsh)
CHARLES (base born) - could be SHORT or BROWN on the census (he's a BROWN on the 1891) b.1876 Spilsby

They should be in Wainfleet St Mary, it's where the majority of their children were born, indeed their first as a couple was born in 1881.

When I've gone through the 1881 census (for Wainfleet St Mary) - pages 8 to 11 in District 7 are blank. I've also tried on familysearch and not found them there either. No other Brown's 'fit' across the County. That or I'm going blind  :-\

So - are these pages actually blank or are they just showing as such on my computer?

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Baptism look up please
« on: Sunday 22 October 06 13:13 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the mother of JOSEPH COOPER, b abt. 1827,  DARLASTON.

He's consistent with his d.o.b on each census, he married in 1850 (full age), father's name THOMAS COOPER (a buckle maker).

Thanks  8)

Unwanted Certificates & Artefacts / Medal cards - DARBY
« on: Sunday 15 October 06 19:24 BST (UK)  »
Have medal cards for the following -

DARBY, Joseph - R.D.C (looks like)

DARBY, Joseph - Worc. R, private

DARBY, Joseph -  ???, Copl then Sgt

DARBY, Joseph - S Staff R, private

DARBY, Joseph - R.A.M.C, private

DARBY, John A - R.F.A, gunner <----------- mine!

PM me if any are yours  ;D

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