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Wales / Welshpool in 1850
« on: Friday 29 August 08 17:35 BST (UK)  »
Could someone please tell me where I should look for the birth of Alfred Jones born Welshpool 1850-1852? Would it be Montgomeryshire?


Cheshire Completed Lookup Requests / childer thornton
« on: Thursday 28 August 08 10:55 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the death of Margaret Roberts, born 1779, who was living in Childer Thornton on the 1851 census. She's missing from the 1861 census so presumably died in between.

Which parish would that be under? On the Free BMD there's only Wirral mentioned and on the Cheshire BMD there are a few Margaret Roberts. Where would I look on the Cheshire Parish record Project?

Thanks for any advice.


Lancashire / Morrison family Ashton in Makerfield
« on: Tuesday 24 June 08 14:50 BST (UK)  »
I'm having a problem with my ancestors the Morrisons and would like another opinion(s) if possible.

I'll try to keep it simple and in a chronological order..

Elizabeth Lowe married William Morrison in Ashton in Makerfield 24 May 1832.

Margaret Maria Morrison was born 31 May 1834. (no baptism at the time)

Ellen Morrison was born 3 March 1837 second child, second daughter of William and Elizabeth) Occupation of William 'pensioner'.

William Morrison died 23 April 1838. (palsy)

Margaret Maria was baptised 28 July 1839 (Why so late?) I haven't found a death for her.

John Morrison born 14 October 1839 (no baptism) No father on birth cert.

Ellen Morrison died 18 March 1840 (smallpox)

Ann Morrison born 4 June 1842 no father on birth cert. No baptism

William Morrison born 26 July 1848. No father on birth cert.

The residence for all the above events was Whitledge Green Ashton in Makerfield.

Elizabeth Morrison (formerly Lowe) married Thomas Partington 27 October 1850. Residence at time of marriage, Pemberton Wigan. He was 12 years older than Elizabeth. They were given as widow and widower.

Mary Partington born 9 January 1851. Residence, Lodge Lane Ashton. Haven't found a baptism yet.

There are baptisms for a John and Ann Morrison on the IGI in Wigan but when I went over to look at the parish records the father was given as William Morrison, tailor.

On John and Ann's marriage certs. no father is mentioned but I've just found a marriage for William Morrison to Hannah Glover in the parish records where the father is given as William Morrison, Engine Tenter. It must be my William as the witnesses were John Morrison and Mary Partington. I've sent for his marriage cert. to see what it says.

I can't find any of the Morrison family on the 1841 census even though Elizabeth's father, Daniel died at Whitledge Green a week before the census was taken.
There's a Thomas Partington on the 1841 census living in Lowton with his wife, Mary (15 years his senior) and daughter Ann. He was a mule spinner as he was on the marriage cert. Mary's birth cert. and his death cert. But, on the 1851/61 census he's a tea and coffee dealer. That doesn't make sense to me as there's absolutely nothing in common between the two occupations.
I had thought that perhaps Thomas was the father of Mary's children and his wife died just before Mary was born explaining why it was a "shotgun wedding" but I haven't found a death yet for a Mary Partington at that time.

I haven't found a marriage for Elizabeth to another William Morrison
So, what was Elizabeth playing at?
Any ideas?



Northumberland / prescot births
« on: Friday 30 May 08 18:17 BST (UK)  »
I have a problem with the births and christenings of the 2 daughters of Paul Prescot and Ann Brown.

On the IGI I have found Ellen Mary Prescot, born 10 June 1866, christened 30 May 1867 at All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne but I can't find any trace on the BMD records.
Then there's Annie Prescot who, according to the IGI was christened Anne Priscot on 30 May 1869 at All Saints, Newcastle but on her birth certificate she was born 14 July 1870.
Both are extracted records with parents given as Paul Prescot/Priscot and Ann.

I'd be grateful if someone could have a look for the birth of Ellen Prescot and give their advice on what happened to Annie.
I must explain that Paul and Ann Brown weren't married (no trace of a marriage record) as I think that Ann was still married to Thomas Elliott. On the 1861 census she's living in London with Thomas and 2 daughters. In 1871, she's in Sutton, Lancashire with Paul Prescot. She finally married Alfred Jones in Prescot, Lancashire in 1875 under her married name, Ann Elliott. Annie and Ellen are with them on the census in 1881.

She's a complicated person.



Yorkshire (West Riding) / Ann Westwick 1761
« on: Saturday 19 April 08 11:27 BST (UK)  »
Has anyone got access to the parsih records for Leeds?
 I'm trying to find the baptism of Ann Westwick circa 1861. She married in Durham but on  the baptism entry for one of her children it says she came from Loos or Leed Yorkshire. I can't find a Loos in Yorkshire so it must be Leeds. She isn't on the IGI.
I'd really be grateful for any info.



Yorkshire (North Riding) / Ann Westwick
« on: Tuesday 15 April 08 19:47 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for an Ann Westwick born circa 1761 in Yorkshire.

I had found an Ann Westwick born 1861 in Sunderland who fit in perfectly with a marriage in 1785 in Durham. That Ann Westwick's family came from barnard Castle C Durham but I've just had access to the original transcript for the baptism of one of her children and it says she comes from "Loos/Leed/ Lood??? Yorkshire.
I can't find any Ann Westwick from Yorkshire on the IGI or on the parish records I've looked at.
I'd be really grateful if someone could have a look for me as I may be missing something.



Cheshire / Eatham on the IGI
« on: Thursday 13 March 08 13:45 GMT (UK)  »
I have lots of ancestors born in the Eastham area.
On the IGI it says the name, date of christening or marriage and just Eastham, Cheshire but when I try to find them on the Cheshire Parish Records Project (which is absolutely great), Eastham doesn't come up as such. Would it include Bebington, Bromborough etc.?



Shropshire Lookup Requests / 1851 lookup please for Mager family
« on: Thursday 13 March 08 13:37 GMT (UK)  »
I'd be really grateful if someone could check the 1851 census for my Mager family.

They are:

John Mager born 1794 in Worthen Shrpshire
Margaret Mager born 1793 in Church Stretton Shropshire
Mary (Ann) Mager born 1825 in Church Stretton
Ann Mager born 1830 in Church Stretton.

I have them in 1841 and Margaret (transcribed Marie)in 1861 but can't seem to find them in 1851.

There were also three sons, Thomas born 1820, John born 1822 and Richard born 1827 all in Church Stretton. Can't seem to find them anywhere.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.



Armed Forces / Which regiment?
« on: Saturday 08 March 08 21:30 GMT (UK)  »
I have two ancestores who were soldiers. One was from Lancashire but stationed in Bristol 1811-1814 (dates that I know). On his marriage cert. and birth of his son he was 'soldier'.

Another was married in lancashire in 1931 aged 24 and was 'pensioner'. I think that means that he was pensioned from the army.

How do I go about finding out which regiments that served in?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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