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Sussex Lookup Requests / 1851 Census, Eastbourne - Detective work!
« on: Monday 18 August 08 04:23 BST (UK)  »
In 2005, a kind person on this forum found a relative in the 1851 Census. Since then I've tried to find the image via , but can't locate the household.

Could someone please check to see if they can find the 1851 census image for the following:

Eastbourne, Sussex:
HO 107 1637 F130 (the reference I was given)

John Betteridge Hd widower 71  b Gls Stoke
Ellen     "           dau laundress  30  b Eastbourne

I am still trying to trace the baptism of John Betteridge. As he died before 1861, the 1851 census is my only source for his place of birth.

If you find the image, could you please give me the full reference (including page no), and also look closely at his place of birth  ... is the transcription of "Gls Stoke" correct, or could it be something else?

I believe "Gls" is Gloucestershire, and possibly "Stoke" is Stow-in-the-Wold - I've been told that Stow is a local Cotswold abbreviation for Stow-in-the-Wold.

Hope you can help with solving the place of birth mystery.

Many thanks

Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Detective needed!! 1851 Census - Sussex
« on: Monday 18 August 08 01:25 BST (UK)  »

In 2005 a kind person on RootsChat found a relative of mine in the 1851 Census. Since then I've had access to the Ancestry version of this census through my local library, but have never been able to locate the entry myself.

Could someone please check to see if they can find the image for the following household:

Eastbourne, Sussex:
HO 107 1637 F130 (is reference I was given)

John Betteridge  Hd widower 71  b Gls Stoke
Ellen                   dau laundress 30 b Eastbourne

I have still not been able to trace the baptism of John Betteridge. He died before 1861, so the 1851 census reference is my only clue to his place of birth.

If you find the image, could you please give me the full reference (including page no), and also check the image to see if the transcription "Gls Stoke" is correct. Could it be something else?

I've assumed Gls Stoke means  Gloucestershire, and "Stoke" is possibly Stow-in-the-Wold (I've been told that locals just refer to the village as "Stow"), and a Cotswold accent in Sussex in 1851 could easily transcribe "Stow" to "Stoke".

Fun stuff this detective work!  Anyone got other suggestions?


Canada / Searching for Alice LOVE emigrated early 1900s to Manitoba
« on: Monday 10 July 06 06:04 BST (UK)  »
I have family notes about a relative from England who married and emigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba sometime after 1910.

Her name was Alice Gertrude (nee Gambrill) and her husband's surname was LOVE (don't know his first name). Alice was born about 1889 in Ramsgate, Kent, England.

Alice kept in touch with her brother (my grandfather) in England, and I can remember as a small boy in the 1950's my grandfather opening the annual gift from Winnipeg.

I'm wondering if there is any information about Alice LOVE (possibly death), or if she had children.

I now live in Canada, but all my family searching to date has been for ancestors in England.

John Gambrill

Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / Birth/Christening BETTERIDGE, Stow, 1780
« on: Wednesday 28 June 06 23:24 BST (UK)  »

Can anyone please assist in my search for John BETTERIDGE.

I have from 1841/51 Census that he was born about 1780, and place of birth = Stow, GLOS. I'm assuming Stow-on-the-Wold, but if not showing there then I'll track any in Gloucestershire. 
He married a Sussex lass in Eastbourne in 1804 and spent the rest of his life there.


Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / BETTERIDGE from Stow ..Where is Stow?
« on: Wednesday 21 June 06 04:28 BST (UK)  »
I have an ancestor, John Betteridge, who has his place of birth recorded as  "Stow, Glos." in the 1851 Census for Eastbourne-SSX.

Is there a village or place called Stow, or is this a local shortening of Stow-on-the-Wold ?

Any ideas, or can anyone shed more information on this John Betteridge (born about 1780), and married in Eastbourne-SSX in 1804.


Sussex Lookup Requests / 1851/1861 Census pls - Brighton
« on: Wednesday 31 May 06 01:36 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find out where a Sarah Avis was born. I have conflicting information about where Sarah was born, and I'm hoping that details on the 1851 and/or 1861 Census will resolve the matter.

I have the following information about her marriage:

William Ayling married Sarah Avis 2-May-1833 in Brighton.
William Ayling was born in 1815; no info on Sarah Avis date of birth.

Can anyone please find the William & Sarah  Ayling household in 1851/1861 Census?

Thank you

Kent Completed Lookup Requests / Please: 1841/1851 Census - GAMBRILL
« on: Wednesday 08 March 06 04:56 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for  the location of my family in 1841 & 1851:

Here's what I have:

George GAMBRILL  head  b. 1816  Woodnesborough, Kent
Harriet     "  wife  b.  abt1812
Harriet     "  dau   b. 1839  Erith, Kent

The next child Ellen was born in 1842 in Strood, Kent. So for 1841 Census the family could be either in Erith or Strood. I believe they were still in Strood in 1851 (5 or 6 children by then).

George GAMBRILL was at some stage a mariner, so he may or maynot be shown with the household. I'm most interested in any other information about the household that shows up in 1841 and 1851.

Can anyone help me?

Sussex Lookup Requests / Sarah AVIS - birth/parents - Maresfield SSX
« on: Sunday 05 March 06 21:01 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please help me in tracing the roots of Sarah AVIS. The information I have is:

IGI ref: Sarah Anne AVIS m. David MOCKFORD on 20JUL1833 in Newhaven, SSX

1851 Census: Newhaven, SSX
David MOCKFORD  head M 44  b. Newhaven
Sarah  "   wife F  39  b. Mar(e)sfield, SSX
6 children all b. Newhaven (one of the children is my gggfather).

1861 Census: Newhaven, SSX
David MOCKFORD  head M 55  b. Newhaven
Sarah  "   wife F 50  b. Maresfield, SSX
4 children still at home

I cannot find any IGI reference to a birth/christening of Sarah AVIS in Maresfield. Can anyone help with the birth and parents?


Somerset / Mystery with GRO Birth Reference error
« on: Tuesday 22 November 05 00:48 GMT (UK)  »
 ??? ??? ???
Some months ago I traced an ancestor's birth to the following GRO reference:
SELWAY, Frederick James ;  Jan-Mar 1861
District: Wellington, SOM
Vol 5c, Page 410 .

I ordered the Birth Certificate, and shortly afterwards received notification from GRO that they had searched for the Birth Certificate using my reference, but there was no such document. GRO confirmed that I had the correct information per their published Index, but on file was a totally different individual. I received a full refund, but they did not offer an further suggestions.

Well, I'm relatively new to this, so at the time I took GRO's word as gospel. Since then I've searched high & low, and the more I search the more I'm convinced I have the right name and date. The family (per 1861 Census) lived in Devon & had links back to Somerset. The District of Wellington covers part of Devon.

I don't know how the GRO Index was compiled, but is there a source in Somerset where the original "vol & page no" information was transcribed where I can check?

Alternatively, there is a chance the vol/page information was not copied correctly - I believe the birth could have been in Vol 5b , which is Devon. Is this a possibility?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


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