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Armed Forces / Archibald Ramsay - Radio Officer
« on: Monday 30 October 17 16:19 GMT (UK)  »
Archibald Ramsay – Radio Officer

There is a short enigmatic memorial inscription in a Carluke Cemetery for a distant cousin of mine. It reads:

Their son Archibald
Drowned through enemy action 1940.

It was added to the stone for his elder brother, Thomas Ramsay, who died in WW1.

There is no mention of Archibald in the cwgc website, nor any other site I can find.

Recently I found the following newspaper article from 1940 on the British Newspaper Archive website:
The Carluke & Lanark Gazette dated 9 August 1940 reported:
BOAT SUNK BY ENEMY ACTION. Mr Archibald Ramsay, who was a wireless officer on a boat which has been torpedoed, is missing. He is a son of the late Mr and Mrs Thos. Ramsay, Cadzow Villa, Carluke, and was married to a Lanark lady. His ship sailed on 16th July and was sunk by enemy action on 18th July. He is well known in Carluke and is a great favourite with all who knew him. Official information that the boat had been sunk was received on Friday last, and it is known that nine members of the crew have landed in America but so far there is no definite news of Mr Ramsay.

I have a list of UK ships torpedoed about this date:
16th July 1940 - Scottish Minstrel; 41 crew, 32 survivors, 9 lost.
17th July 1940 - Manipur: 79 crew, 65 survivors, 14 lost.
17th July 1940 - Fellside: 33 crew, 21 survivors, 12 lost.
18th July 1940 - Woodbury: 35 crew, no casualties.
19th July 1940 - Pearlmoor: 39 crew, 26 survivors, 13 lost.

The casualties for these ships are in the cwgc website and also the Tower Hill memorial.

There was another newspaper report after the war:
The Carluke & Lanark Gazette dated 8 June 1951 reported:
Additions To Church Memorial At Kirkton Church
On Sunday morning, opportunity was taken to make mention of the recent additions upon the Church Memorial to those fallen in the two world wars. It was remembered that Sunday was the eleventh anniversary of Dunkirk, and there were prayers offered for the welfare of our nation and for the peace of the world. The congregation stood in reverent silence while the minister read the following words: " According to the wish of the Kirk Session and by the will of all the people of this congregation, we have this day added to the Church Memorial to the Fallen the following names:— Harold A. Paterson, Archibald Ramsay, James M. Skeoch. "We remember that these men went in jeopardy of their lives and returned no more to the peaceful scenes of home. Within the bounds of this congregation we place on public record their service, their devotion, and their sacrifice. We, too, dedicate ourselves anew to the cause of our own well-loved land, of all humanity and of the Kingdom of God. 

Why is there no official record of Archibald Ramsay? Perhaps he was a passenger on a ship and not on the actual crew list, or he may have a crew member on a foreign ship. Any suggestions as to why he has seemingly been forgotten?


The Common Room / Merchant Navy
« on: Friday 21 December 12 13:55 GMT (UK)  »
Just noticed that the web site Mercantile Marine is back on line. An excellent forum for merchant navy queries.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1930 USA Census
« on: Thursday 16 June 11 16:51 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help me read the names of the family at number 47 please?
It is from a 1930 Census in Georgia, USA

I can make out:
Jones Rhodie
??? Sarah
Roberson Willie F.

What is Sarah's surname?


Canada / Refused Entry into Canada
« on: Saturday 06 March 10 15:42 GMT (UK)  »
I was reading a Canadian newspaper report from 1902 of a migrant ship arriving in Halifax, Canada from Liverpool. There was a  United States immigration inspector based in the port. He refused to allow four of her passengers to land, as they were declared to be suffering from tranconia. Two of the cases were young girls from Sweden. They had broken up their home to go to friends in Minnesota, were without English and had very little means. All four were sent back on board the ship, to be returned to Liverpool.

Would these two girls really have been sent back to Liverpool and just dumped on the quayside to fend for themselves, or would the ship’s captain put them ashore in Canada when no one was looking? Why were there no inspectors in the British ports to check the passengers prior to sailing? Surely that would have been a better solution.

Also, what is tranconia? I cannot find any reference to it. Perhaps it has something to do with a trance. Maybe epilepsy or catalepsy?


Family History Beginners Board / Questionable Behaviour on RootsChat
« on: Thursday 30 August 07 15:18 BST (UK)  »
I have recently had a disappointing experience on RootsChat. I am unable to explain why it happened.

Two weeks ago I saw a posting from a member requesting information about one of his ancestors. The name in question looked familiar, and when I checked my own records sure enough there he was. I sent a reply giving details of where the person fitted into my tree and quickly received a reply confirming that we did have a match, and we were in fact distant cousins. We exchanged personal messages and agreed to swap family trees. I copied out the relevant branch from my FTM file and sent it to his personal e-mail address, which he had sent me. Since then I have had no reply, neither from his own e-mail address, nor from a personal message through RootsChat. I know that he is not away on holiday, because he is still posting messages on the board. He is deliberately ignoring my messages.

In the past, I have made contact with several other cousins from different branches of my family. We have exchanged information and even BMD and census records. I have never had this problem before, in fact I have never even heard of this happening before. It never crossed my mind that it could happen. I am completely baffled by it, I cannot explain his motive. Surely, it cannot be some ancient family dispute, our nearest common ancestor was born over two hundred years ago. Can anyone offer me an explanation? What has he gained by it? Is he now one up on me? Or was it just plain old-fashioned selfishness?

Looking at his profile, this particular member has made many requests for information (I probably should not mention his name). Those who have helped him in the past, what do they think of his attitude.


Staffordshire / Birth Registration in Bilston
« on: Wednesday 28 March 07 15:04 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help?

I have recently discovered that one of my g g grandfathers was born in Bilston, Staffordshire about 1839/1840. However, looking in the Free BMD website, there were no registrations in Bilston before 1935.
My question is: where would he have been registered?


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