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London and Middlesex / Missing Millers
« on: Sunday 06 September 20 21:01 BST (UK)  »
Looking for a branch of my extended family who seem to vanish - the fairly common surname doesn't help

James Walter MIller b c1858 Reading
Annie Louisa (nee Coles)   b 1865 Paddington

Children (all b Battersea)
Elizabeth Ann Miller 1886-
Alice Rose Miller 1887
James Walter Miller 18881891
Albert Charles Miller 1889-
Florence Emily Miller 18921893
Thomas Henry Miller 1893
Edward William Miller 1895

Elizabeth is the only one I can find after 1895. She's with her paternal grandmother in Brighton on 1901

Given they all seem to vanish I suspect emigration, but can't find an obvious trail.

Anyone got any suggestions?

London and Middlesex / Looking for Emma Jane Strains
« on: Saturday 02 March 19 19:40 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help me find Emma between 1895 and 1923

1891 - Emma Jane (nee Payne) and husband Edward Stephen Strains are in Bromley St Leonard [transcribed as Strainer by Ancestry]. She's b c1867 in Devon. They have sons Henry (1889) and Edward Richard (1890)

1893 - Frances Beatrice born
1895 - Margaret Louise is born

1897 - Edward Stephen Strains dies

Here's what I know becomes of the family

Edward Richard goes to Canada in 1900 as a Home Child, courtesy of Dr Barnardos. Moves to the USA. Dies 1919 - presumably on active service of some sort as he's buried in Arlington Cemetery

Henry also goes to Canada, courtesy of Dr Barnardos, in July 1901. Haven't found him on 1901 census, but presume he is in a home somewhere as I've traced many of the others in the group to institutions.

Frances - with Emma's relatives in Devon on 1901. Servant in Tottenham in 1911, traceable from then on.

Margaret - can't find on 1901. 1911 also a servant in Tottenham, again traceable from there on.

Emma however apparently vanishes until 1923, when there's a death in Edmonton district of an Emma Jane Strains b c1867. She presumably falls on hard times after her husband dies, given the boys are in a home and one daughter is away in 1901, but I can;t see anyone obviously her in the records.

London and Middlesex / Filling the gaps
« on: Saturday 26 November 16 22:26 GMT (UK)  »
I have a branch of my family for whom there is a bit of a gap in their history - wondered if anyone can help.

1881 - camberwell

William Foott    32
Emma Foott    32
Alice  Foott    8
Emily E. Foott    6
Arthur W. Foott    1

along with Eliza Lo[a]rd , mother in law

William dies a few months later, and after that they get a bit difficult to locate until the early 1900s. It doesn't help that they change the spelling of their surname to Foote

Emma nee Lord, b c1849 I do not see again at all

Alice Gertrude Sarah - no sign on 1891, but she must be in or around Walworth, as she marries David Wilkins there that July. I can follow her after that

Emily/Emma Elizabeth - last postive sighting in Feb 1887 when she joins a school, leaves immediately (fees too high) and goes to another, which she leaves a few months later. Living in Crebor St, East Dulwich. There's a possible for her in 1891 as Emily Foot, a 16 yr old servant in Peckham, birthplace not known. No sign on 190, then she pops up in 1902 to marry George Baines. again can follow on from there.

Arthur Wiliam  - school registration 1887 - 1890, again living in Crebor St. There's a hint in that he departs "for Sutton." again, lost in 1891 am next seen back in Camberwell in 1901 nd follows onwards from there.

Any ideas to fill the 1891 /1901 gaps, and what happens to mother?

For info - there's an Emma Foot the right age in Holborn workhouse in 1882, with 11 month old Rosina. Fairly sure she's not mine, as Rosina fits a birth in Holborn with mmn Adams

Surrey Lookup Requests / 1861 census - hunting the Hunters
« on: Tuesday 13 January 15 21:42 GMT (UK)  »
trying to find the following family on 1861. i have other censuses and baptisms etc - they are just being elusive on this one occasion.

John Hunter - b c1836, Clapham. Will be a clerk or broker
Sarah Ann - b c1834, Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire
Alfred Valler Hunter - b c1857, Clapham
Walter John Hunter - b c1859, Clapham
Arthur Thomas Hunter - b c1860, Clapham

They should still be in Clapham - there are further children born in the area after the census. The baptisms for the three boys above only list abode as Clapham, but a later entry in 1867 states they live in Rectory Grove

Essex Lookup Requests / Strains family - 1861
« on: Monday 25 August 14 18:15 BST (UK)  »
can anyone locate a missing family on 1861 - I think they'll be in Essex, given their youngest was born there in 1860. I have other censuses, just need 1861.

This is the list

Henry Strains b c1820 Woolwich. Occupation watchmaker
Mary Strains (nee Klimcke)  b c1829 Clerkenwell

Louisa Mary Strains b 1848 Clerkenwell
Alfred Charles Strains b c1850 Clerkenwell
Frances Nightingale Strains b c1855 Clerkenwell
Emily Rosanna Strains b c1857 Clerkenwell
Edward Stephen George Strains b c1860 Plaistow

1871 reference is RG10, 287, 60, 52 (but Ancestry has them as Strams!)

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