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1871, Union Street, Worksop

George Chambers Head - Male 74 1797 - Lincolnshire
Sophia Chambers Wife - Female 70 1801 - Lincolnshire
John Chambers Grandson - Male 18 1853 - Yorkshire,
Annie Chambers Granddaughter - Female 11 1860 -
Edward Chambers Grandson - Male 6 1865 - Nottinghamshire, England

1881 Census
13, St Martins Row, Lincoln St Martin, Lincoln

Elizabeth Coldron Head  1828  Barlings,
George Coldron Son Married 1860  Lincoln,
Walter Coldron Son Single 1864  Lincoln,
Edward Chambers Nephew  1864 Labourer  Worksop, Nottinghamshire,

I know that Elizabeth Coldron was born Elizabeth Chambers and is the daughter of George and Sophia from the 1871, based on the two census returns showing Edward born in Worksop it should be easy to work out his parents but I'm really struggling. 

I thought this was his birth ref;
GRO Reference: 1864  D Quarter in WORKSOP  Volume 07B  Page 24

Dive into the marriage index and there's a marriage that looks good, it's a couple of years earlier and just a few miles away in Retford ;
Marriages Jun 1858   (>99%)
Chambers    Bilby        E Retford    7b   9   
JOW    George        E.Retford    7b   9    
Pettinger    Hannah        E. Retford    7b   9   
Pettinger    Hannah Clarke        E. Retford    7b   9    
Whitlam    Ann        E.Retford    7b   9

It all falls down when following the census as Bilby Chambers married Hannah!
George and Sophia had several children including 3 sons I've never quite been able to work out;  I can never find them in the census as George and Sophia were in trouble with the law and the last son was born in the house of correction.

John Espin Chambers b1825, Langworth nr Wragby, Lincs
An un-named son in the GRO index; CHAMBERS, - mmn ESPIN GRO Reference: 1838 J Quarter in LINCOLN UNION
Uriah John Chambers b1841 in the Folkingham House of Correction

Am I missing something really obvious with Edward born in Worksop? Have I mistakenly thought the Edward in 1871 and 1881 are the same person? Was he just not registered or does he belong to one of the mystery sons?

London and Middlesex / Missing marriage record 1843, advice please
« on: Tuesday 06 July 21 20:14 BST (UK)  »
I have a couple of newspaper articles noting a marriage in 1843 but haven't been able to find a GRO ref for it. I've tried the usual sites, tried forenames only, surnames only, full names and every combination of bride and groom separately and together I can think of.

Short of some real mishap between the local registrar and creating the GRO index I'm stumped. I think the local registrars are probably my best bet  but it's not an area I do a lot of research in.  I'm floundering a bit with the churches that might be relevant before trying the local reg office.

Copy of the article attached, marriage date would be 8th Oct 1843.

The couple had a son the following year with a Middlesex birth reg and are in Middlesex in 1851.  Martha is a widow in Lincoln in 1861,  living with her sister and brother in law and dies at their Lincoln address in 1864

United States of America / Lockport NY birth and death around 1914
« on: Thursday 24 June 21 03:24 BST (UK)  »
Several members of my Chambers family covering three (or more), generations are buried in an area of Glenwood Cemetery. The burials are recorded in adjoining graves in Section 5, Lot 60-62, graves 1-8. Another burial has come to light;

April 23rd 1914, Frances J Chambers, child, Lot 60-62 grave 5 1/2 (five and a half).

I can find the burial on familysearch but I'm unable to find a birth for her, when she was born or work out who her parents are. 

Lincolnshire / Long Lost Family #2; Caroline Smith nee Chambers
« on: Tuesday 22 June 21 09:28 BST (UK)  »
Caroline Chambers b1890 married George Smith in Lincoln Nov 1908.

Details from cert include;
Groom George Smith aged 21, occ Groom
Bride Caroline Chambers aged 19
father William Henry Chambers
witnesses Walter and Sarah Speck (brother in law and sister of the bride)
Address of bride and groom 7 Cooling Street

the 1911 entry for 7 Cooling Street includes;
William Chambers (head)
Walter Speck (son in law)
Sarah Speck (daughter)
Dorothy Mary Smith, grand daughter, aged 1.

GRO Reference: 1909 S Quarter in LINCOLN Volume 07A Page 479
Dorothy remained in Lincoln, married in 1929 and died in Lincoln in 1981.

I've found a married Caroline Smith of the right age at the spread Eagle in 1911, no sign of George in 1911 but I have no idea where/when he was born though the 1908 marriage cert states he is 21.

I can't find anything for Caroline or George after 1911.

Lincolnshire / Long lost family post 1911
« on: Sunday 30 May 21 11:26 BST (UK)  »
I have totally lost track of the following family after 1911, address in the census is 50 Gresham Street, Lincoln.

Harry Chambers b1863
Elizabeth (nee Sturdy) c1867
Jane Annie b1894
George William b1905
Hilda Mary b1910

Harry is noted on both his marriage certs (Elizabeth is 2nd wife), and baptism of children as a builder.

I wonder if they moved out of county as there's no obvious bmd entries in Lincs that look likely for them and nothing in Lincs FHS burial transcripts (though they only cover the main Lincoln cemeteries). 

Lincolnshire / John Askwith death c1851
« on: Tuesday 06 April 21 00:09 BST (UK)  »
In the Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 11 June 1852 there's a report about the sale of property on Friars Lane in Lincoln "now in the occupation of Mrs. Askwith, and upon which Property the business of a Higgler was for many years carried on by her and her late husband. The Property is offered for sale by direction of the Trustee for sale, under the will of the late Mr. Askwith......".

I've found a John in 1851, boarding in Brant Broughton, married but occ noted as Carrier so not sure if it's the right man. Elizabeth is in Friars Lane, married, higglers wife.

The only John Askwith deaths in county are Jun qtr 1841 (aged 0), and Mar qtr 1856 aged 45, this would fit pretty well with the 1841 and 1851 as both give yob as 1811.  There are two others in York and Hull during the 1840's, one is a 5 year old, the other is a 61 years old.

I'm floundering to try and find anything for him so hoping some sharp eyes will spot the obvious that I'm missing.

Graveyards and Gravestones / Link; Belvoir Angel gravestones
« on: Wednesday 03 March 21 20:44 GMT (UK)  »
Not many people will have one of these stones in their ancestry as they are only found in and around the Vale of Belvoir, details in the link mention a survey in the 1970's by George Heathcote who sadly passed away in December last year. A group of enthusiasts with a facebook group have found around 20 more examples of "BA's" as they are affectionately known taking the total to around 340.

I'm fortunate to have not one but two examples in my tree (possibly dibs on a third but I'm greedy that way  ;D), one example is a double angel although it bears the scars of almost 300 years of exposure to the elements.

Enough of the chat, here's the link,largely%20unchanged%20over%20a%2060-year%20period%20More%20

Lancashire / Sources of burial records Salford RD 1837 and 1847?
« on: Tuesday 02 March 21 16:59 GMT (UK)  »
I've had a fair bit of success locating burials in my Goulson family but a stray family are eluding me with deaths prior to the cemeteries act.

Benjamin Goulson d1847 Salford Union RD
Hannah Goulson d 15 Jul 1837 Salford RD

I have the baptism for Hannah (nee Armitage) at Wakefield as a non con record, news cutting death announcement and death cert but still no closer to finding burials for either of them.

Somerset / 1940's burial record sources, Bridgwater
« on: Monday 08 February 21 04:19 GMT (UK)  »
Is there anywhere I can find the plot for a burial in Quantock Road Cemetery in 1942?

The funeral was reported in the newspaper in Feb 1942 and mentioned the cemetery. The local FHS have apparently released records to FindMyPast but there is nothing that I have been able to find for Bridgwater and there are no results on deceased online. From the probate register I know the deceased was named Eric Thomas Beechey, died 26 Jan 1942 aged 27 and he was a resident of Bridgwater. 

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