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Other Countries / Persia now Iran - Agnes Hick age 42 in 1929
« on: Monday 24 May 21 20:54 BST (UK)  »
Any suggestions as to why Agnes Hick sailed from Falmouth, Cornwall to Abadan, in then Persia?  To my knowledge there was no family connections there, her parents had died, and both her brothers had also died in 1915 and 1916.  I'd be very grateful for your ideas. 

Help please from you very talented Rootschatters.  This photo I believe is of my grandfather and his colleagues employed by the SJDR British owned gold mine in Morro Velho, Brazil in 1910.  The photo is so very fragile.  Any improvement is very much appreciated. 

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Eliza Pooley maybe
« on: Thursday 04 March 21 18:45 GMT (UK)  »
Any suggestions please when the head gear was worn?  Thank you.

Family Bibles / Unwanted Family Bible - Thorp/Parke
« on: Wednesday 02 December 20 09:50 GMT (UK)  »
I posted this seven years ago, and I still have this beautiful family bible in my possession.  I would love to pass it on to the right family. 

Please can you kind people throw some ideas at this one? I am so puzzled by these two.  The first marriage was on the 6th Oct 1824 at St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex by licence;  the second one on the 3rd June 1835 at Saint Mary Newington, also by licence.  Both state him as  widower,  however she is a spinster on the 1835 one.  Also she dropped the Baulden/Balden in the 1835.  Help please.

Please can some magic be used on this treasured photo?  It has very special memories. Thank you so very much.

Please can this photo have the blemishes removed by the wonderful clever folk of Rootschat? This is my uncle I believe on his wedding day.  Thank you so very much.

I have the original certificate of the above named couple's Marriage at St George's Church, Edgbaston, dated Dec 31 1906.  Googling this couple's name I found on My Heritage a reference to Eveline's name, daughter of James Frederick Braine.  I'm not a member of My Heritage, and wonder if some kind person could let the owner of the tree know this.  Rather than destroying it I'd like to post it onto the descendants for their safe keeping. 

I have checked Find a grave for William Preston and no luck.  Please, where do I go to find where he is buried? Thank you for any suggestions.

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