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The Lighter Side / Mini Meets (plural)
« on: Monday 27 May 24 15:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
My name is Jackie and I'm on a trip to UK again from Australia.
I only have one day in London and hoping I can meet as many of you as possible, even if it's only for a meal.

I arrive at Healthrow early morning on 29th October 24 which is a Tuesday and I understand that would be inconvenient for some due to work or whatever.
Unfortunately it's the only day I'll have free as the following day I'm travelling north for my eldest son's 40th Birthday.  Contact Dave1948 to discuss it.

I'm also going to spend a day in Manchester and Jed59 will be organising the meet.  I have no idea what day it will be...I'm not even sure if he's planned it yet.  All I know is that it'll be between 3rd and 16 November.

Hope to catch up with as many of you as possible.


Hi All,
I'm hoping someone can assist me.
I've searched high and low on FTM 2019 but for the life of me, I can't find how to show a shared fact from MARRIAGE to RELATIONSHIP or PARTNER.....
Even if I type it in as an actual added fact, the list on the right always says MARRIAGE.
I'm sure I've done this before with an older version but I do want it on the list on the right to say RELATIONSHIP.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

Angus (Forfarshire) / Dundee Cemetery
« on: Wednesday 02 February 22 21:30 GMT (UK)  »
Am helping a friend.

Looking for the grave of:
died: 1979
Age: abt. 25

Grave: Section RR, Lair No. 9

Hoping for a photo of headstone.

Thank you in advance.


The Common Room / Visiting Birmingham area and Dublin
« on: Friday 20 September 19 06:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
I'm leaving the land of Oz and popping over to see my son in Walsall next month.
I will be free Monday 21st Oct late afternoon/evening.
All day 28th and 29th if anyone wants to meet up.

I'm taking a few days to go to Dublin.
Arrive at airport 9.10am and will be free until check in time of 2.30.
Although I have booked to go to the Irish Immigration Museum that day and the Leprechaun at 5pm.
The only other time I'm free is Friday 25th but booked to go to the Guinness Storehouse Tour.  Not sure if there's a specific time for that but looking at the will be free all morning.

If anyone wants to meet up for a coffee or something, that would be great.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / HelpPlease
« on: Tuesday 10 July 18 10:33 BST (UK)  »
Do I need to have a photo online to post it here and also, what is the maximum size of an image?

Thank you in advance

Armed Forces / RAF - Fuller, Geoffrey Francis
« on: Sunday 22 April 18 11:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

Looking for information on my late FIL's time in RAF.

Geoffrey Francis Fuller
b. 15 Jan 1937 Bournemouth

Parents: Joseph Henry Fuller (known as John) and Stella Violet Major.

Husband of: Rita Rose

Service No: 4238336

Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker Apprentice by trade - De Havilland, England

RAF Borgentrich, Germany

I have no other info.

Any help would be appreciated.

Australia / Elsie Vera Winifred GRANT
« on: Saturday 21 April 18 11:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I'm trying to fill some gaps in my Mum's birth mother's information.

Elsie Vera Winifred GRANT was b. 23 Oct 1905 at Somerville, Frankston, Victoria.
She had a liaison with Clive Richard GOLDSWORTHY and my Mum was the result.
The story is that Elsie tried to keep my Mum but just couldn't and ended up having her adopted out.  However, so saying that, Clive's mother, Harriet Kate GOLDSWORTHY (nee CROSS) came down from country Victoria and adopted her.  I have all that paperwork.

What I'm seeking is Electoral Roll/s information.

In 1935 she married William Ephraim James HEYWOOD and they had a son named James.
Another son, Kenneth Walter apparently died prior to 1962 from drowning -> possible in the Murray River.

I'm trying to find info on James and Kenneth.

Elsie passed away on 16 September 1962.

I have seen the following on Google...
JG Mackintosh - WorldConnect -
Oct 23, 2005 - ... Ailsa MCKECHNIE 4 Living GRANT + Ruby Buckley WILLIAMS b: 1929 4 Living GRANT 4 Living GRANT 4 Living GRANT 3 Elsie Vera Winifred GRANT b: 1905 d: 16 Jun 1962 + William James Ephrain HEYWOOD b: 29 Sep 1894 d: 1963 4 Kenneth HEYWOOD 4 James HEYWOOD 2 John David GRANT ...

but I don't have ancestry to connect with this person.

If anyone can help, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Australia / Isobell EDMONDSON
« on: Saturday 17 June 17 14:11 BST (UK)  »
Hoping someone can help me.

According to information given to me years ago by my cousin (all stuff is packed so can't check)....
Isobell Baxter was born in Scotland and married George Downey EDMONDSON.

She apparently died in Forest Creek (which is now Castlemaine area) and I can't find her burial.

I've also looked on Vic BDM's and can't find her death.  It supposedly happened 8 June 1852.

Nothing in Trove either.

Hoping to go one more step back on her line.

If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Cornwall / Thomas GOLDSWORTHY
« on: Wednesday 24 May 17 23:11 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for any information on Thomas Goldsworthy.
b. 26 Dec 1797 Wendron.
Son of: John Goldsworthy and Jane Knuckey.
mar. Christiana Bowden 29 May 1820 Constantine.
Father of: Jane, Harriet, Thomas, Henrietta, Caroline, William Henry, Harriet (2), Christiana, Alice Ann, John, Richard, James and possibly a Sally.
d. 10 Nov 1852 Trewenack, Wendron.
Occupation at time of wedding: Farmer

Was he baptised?
Did he leave a will?
Was he always a farmer?
Does farmer mean just growing stuff or was it horses or something he was into?
Anything would be helpful.


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