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Lincolnshire / Palace Theatre, Lincoln
« on: Friday 21 August 15 20:50 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone please tell me if the Palace Theatre, Lincoln still exists, and is there anywhere that would hold Archive records of performers, say circa 1907?

Many thanks

Lincolnshire / Lincolnshire Marriage?
« on: Sunday 16 August 15 20:43 BST (UK)  »
On the 1891 census RG12/2612, F37 Gt. Grimsby,

Charles Mapleston aged 48 Head, ag. lab b. ?? Lincolnshire
Ethel Mapleston aged 21 wife, (could be 31? there is a line thro) b, Lincoln.

Trying to find out who the Ethel is and what happened to them. Cannot find on the 1881/1901 census Charles, or 1901 an Ethel age 31/41
Can find no record of any marriage or any  deaths.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated


The Common Room / Narrowing down a search
« on: Monday 10 August 15 22:00 BST (UK)  »

general query

With roots chatters help have found a marriage in 1814 listed on two sites.  Both show witness names but not fathers, presumably they were not recorded on the original document.  Would this be unusual, or because maybe both were deceased and/or because it was out of their normal parish (?) - although they were both said to be residents of the village they were married in.


Lincolnshire / CODD/BLOWS cold
« on: Sunday 09 August 15 23:00 BST (UK)  »
can anyone confirm a marriage for me please?

An Edward Blow to an Elizabeth Codd 1810 or 1814, possibly St Botolph, Lincoln

many thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Identification in the 1880's
« on: Friday 07 August 15 22:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Hypothetical Query - if a person committed suicide in the 1880's, how would identification, registration and burial/disposal of the body have been handled.

I'm assuming no identity on said person, or anything left to suggest reason etc., and found in a city location.

Does anyone know if much effort would have been put in to try and find an identity?  Would the person have been buried in consecrated ground, or was it considered a crime?

Would it have been considered a newsworthy story/did they have inquests?

Have the possibility of one in the family and don't know where to start looking.


Yorkshire (West Riding) / Stevenson/Stephenson, or Sandham pre 1837
« on: Wednesday 05 August 15 20:26 BST (UK)  »
Would very much appreciate some help trying to trace the parents/family pre 1837, of Edward Mountain Saunders, b.c.1823, Knaresborough, (married 1844 Sarah Ann Barker).
I know from his marriage cert that father was a John Saunders, innkeeper, and from the census mothers name was Ann (b.c.1799/1803).  One of the witnesses to his marriage was a Job Stevenson - was this Anns' brother and Stevenson her maiden name?

I have Edward back to the 1841 census (15yr old, upholsterers app., with mother Ann), but beyond that I can find no record of the family - births, baptisms etc.

Coming forward I wondered if either of the following entries would shed light on the family/families
1861 census
James Stevenson - Head
ANN SANDHAM 62, sister, b. SHELF
Thomas Stevenson - son

1871 census
James Stevenson - Head
ANN SAUNDERS 70, boarder, b.SHELF
Thomas Stevenson - son

I thought they may have transcribed the name - Sandham - incorrectly in 1861, but it does not appear so; looking back to the 1851 census there is an Ann Sandham b. c.1799, Clayton, and according to the maps, the villages of Clayton and Shelf appear pretty close together.

I cannot find a marriage for an Ann Sandham (to confirm maiden name of Stevenson/misspelling of Saunders), or any Stevenson/Stephenson births for James/Job to establish if they were brothers.

As Edward Mountain Saunders was married in a church of England, would they not have expected him to have been baptised?
Would there have been a directory back then whereby I could even establish which inn John Saunders was keeper of?


The Common Room / Help needed finding a SOWRY
« on: Sunday 26 July 15 21:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Frances Mary Holdsworth married  in 1896, Francis Sowry, but I can't find them on the 1901 census, or wife Frances in 1911. They were both born in Leeds, 1873 and 1869 respectively.

I think I have found Francis Sowry in 1911 - an engine fitter, lodging in Manchester, with a Charles Henry Vaughan & family.

He lists himself as married, then a line has been drawn through the 'no of yrs married' (14 which would be about right) and that he has 3 children (obviously irrelevant where he is lodging).

Tried looking for poss. children, and x ref, with census, but no luck. Also tried looking using alternate 1st initials Towry/Lowry etc.

Would be most grateful if anyone can spot them and point me in their direction!


Yorkshire (West Riding) / Confused by a MATTHEW BARKER
« on: Saturday 25 July 15 22:33 BST (UK)  »

Sarah Ann Barker married Edward Mountain Saunders on the 22nd October 1844, where she is listed as a minor. 

I understand from reading other posts this simply means she had not reached the age of 21.

Her father was entered as Matthew Barker, reporter.  I have the deaths and burials of a Matthew Barker, printer, 1888 Sheffield, and his wife Mary, 1885 Sheffield, [both in the same grave at City Rd Cemetery]. 

Following the census back he had been a compositor, printer/compositor, etc to 1841 where he was a reporter, and it's where I start getting confused.


I cannot find any baptism records for the children to verify ages, but working from the census his daughter Mary would have been 13/14? at the time of her marriage in 1844, which I would think unlikely.

The only marriage I can link to Matthew and Mary was on the 25th May 1824 - Matthew Barker to Mary Stevenson, but Matthews' birth is given c.1799 at Rotherham.

The closest birth for Matthew I could find is listed on the IGI for a Matthew Barker Oct 13th 1803, baptised 22nd Nov.1803, Parish of Leeds (son of John Barker of Duke St.).

Confusing me even more are three listings they show for births of possible children?
JOSEPH BARKER b 11/11/1824 chr. 26/12/1824 Ebenezer Chapel, Aldgate Independant, Doncaster
JOHN BARKER b.31/12/1825 chr. 28/3/1826 Ebenezer Chapel - to MATTHEW ROGERS BARKER and MARY ANN

Please can anyone help verify ages, births/baptisms etc. as to whether I even have the right Matthew and Mary marriage?

Many thanks

I've been asking myself the question, what would make the above lady mother of 3 children, apparently disappear off the face of the earth, and how easy would it be to do so back in the 1880/90s'?

She was born Betsy Maxwell 1859 in Sheffield (daughter of John Maxwell/Ruth North). By 1871 she was Elizabeth - and married in June 1876 (Sheff. 9c 410) Edward Matthew Saunders.  In 1877 John Edward Saunders was born.
In Sept. 1878 her husband apparently put a notice in the Sheff. & Rotherham Ind. Newspaper disclaiming any debts she had incurred.
In 1880 she gave birth to twins  - Alice & Gilbert Saunders - & was on the 1881 census with Edward Matthew and the children.

By the 1891 census Edward M is with Harriet Marsden. Also included his eldest son John Edward (14) and the twins (12) [only now their names have changed to Annie & George] - together with  their own children Bertram Marsden Saunders & Florence Marsden Saunders.

So what happened to Elizabeth (Betsy) Saunders, his wife? Was the childrens name change to shield them fom something?

I cannot trace a death registration for her 1881-1885. Nearest I come up with, age wise etc, is 1909, but where was she in 1891 and 1901?
Given the notice in the papers I considered imprisonment. [There was an Elizabeth Saunders sentenced to 3 weeks I think at Scarborough, for larceny, but couldn't find any other references about her]
I considered traumatic births/baby blues etc. which may have explained erratic behaviour (again referring back to newspaper),  which I assume back then would be considered a mental illness.
Rootschatters info re: Asylums in Sheffield, cannot trace her there. Also couldn't find details of any other hospital/Asylum records - checked out Yorkshire Archives.
If she committed suicide, would it not have to be registered?
Considered maybe she left Edward M. for some reason & remarried (legal or not).  Thought maybe I'd found her on the 1891 census with a John Shaw, the age was right etc, but info from BumbleB,[help with 1881 census] made me discount that one.
There is however another marriage entry which includes a John Shaw and Elizabeth Saunders in Rotherham Dec.1890 (9c 1028), haven't located any banns for it in parish records. Only considered it because her mother came from Rotherham, wondered if she might have had family there.

Edward Matthew Saunders died in 1901 and I cannot find any record of him (1881-1901) ever marrying Harriet.  Was that not unusual back then? Did he know he couldn't or was it from choice?

How many more scenarios can there be? And why would she leave 3 young children or could she have been made to?

All your thoughts and input would really be appreciated, as always there will be plenty I've missed


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