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US Lookup Requests / Albany NY Directories 1961 to 1981
« on: Thursday 25 July 19 17:35 BST (UK)  »

Would anyone know if any Albany City Directories or Albany Post Office Directories - post 1961 are available online ?

Thank you,


London and Middlesex / London Orphan - Bridget TOBIN
« on: Friday 05 September 14 19:52 BST (UK)  »
Hoping this name might be familiar to someone out there.

Bridget TOBIN was the daughter of Bartholomew TOBIN and Sarah ALLEN.
She was born 14 Feb 1879 in Poplar.  By the time she was age 8 both parents
had died and for some time she was taken in by her paternal grandmother. By
1891 she was given up by her grandmother and is in St Mary's Orphanage,
"Poor Law" School for Catholic Girls.  September 1898 she enters the Stepney
Workhouse with her 10 month old illegitimate daughter.

I loose track of Bridget at this point.  I believe that her baby daughter died within
a year of the entry date into the Workhouse.

Is any familiar enough with Workhouses to say that it is probable that she lived
her days out there or would it not have been uncommon to eventually leave the
workhouse ?

Any advice, guidance, opinions greatly appreciated.


Cornwall Lookup Requests / Obituaries 1983 and 1988 / Truro
« on: Tuesday 17 April 12 16:38 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone  :)

Would anyone know of any links where I can find obituaries published in the Truro area of Cornwall ?  I am looking for two indviduals, the first passed away in 1983 and the second was in 1988.  I've searched Google but cannot seem to come up with anything during this time period.

Any direction will be appreciated.

Thanks - Heather
Also in Truro - Nova Scotia

Lancashire / Nicholl's Hospital before 1920
« on: Saturday 18 February 12 17:02 GMT (UK)  »
Would anyone have any information about Nicholl's Hospital circa 1915 to 1920 ?

I have a young boy that, according to his school register he was admitted 15Jan1917.
His father had died one year previously, he had two older siblings that appear to
have remained in their regular school(s) until they were over age 14 (1918 and 1919)

Curious as to why the young boy would have been sent to this school .

Any thoughts - greatly appreciated.



US Lookup Requests / Obituary Look up Dobb's Ferry NY - Paton
« on: Friday 03 February 12 23:13 GMT (UK)  »
If anyone has access to obituaries for the Dobb's Ferry, New York area I am
looking for anything that may have been published for:

Robert C Paton died January 1969 (may have been January 1st 1969)
Mary F Paton (nee MacIntosh) died 02 December 1994

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



Lancashire / Family of Joseph GILL and Ann LOGAN
« on: Wednesday 22 December 10 20:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hello everyone,
I am looking for anyone who is anyway connected to the family of Joseph Gill and Ann LOGAN, Joseph and Ann married at Manchester Cathedral, July 1843.

They had the following children ( I've listed their spouses in brackets ):
Thomas born 1844, Elizabeth Ann born 1846 (suspect she never married)
Sarah Ellen born 1849,John born 1851 (married Mary PARKER), Edward born 1854 ( married Emma COOPER ), Susannah born 1856 ( married John WHITTLE after his death married John SIMPSON), Joseph born 1860

Of particular interest Edward Gill married to Emma COOPER, had four children that I am aware of.  In the 1901 and 1911 they and there childrens' families all lived in the Collyhurst ~ Ancoats area.  These are their children and spouses: Alexander born 1873 (married Mary Emma SHORE),  Edward born 1979 (did not marry), Joseph (married Mary Ann GIBBONS) and Susannah born 1887 (married David LIDSTER). 

Anyone with any information, I would dearly like to exchange and share what I have.

Best regards,


Lancashire Lookup Requests / Manchester Marriage Edward Gill and Emma ?
« on: Sunday 28 October 07 14:46 GMT (UK)  »
Any assistance will be very much appreciated.

I am trying to track down a marriage between Edward Gill and his wife Emma.  I don't know Emma's maiden name.    Their first child is born in 1874 - and that is the only clue that I have. 

Thanks in advance  :)


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