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Somerset / Surname NORMAN of Dunster Marsh, Somerset
« on: Sunday 28 October 18 04:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,
This inquiry is generated from Australia regarding one Kenneth Ronald Norman born 10 Apr 1918 who disappears after marrying in 1946 and having at least 5 chn.  When he marries he says he's born Dunater, Somerset, England and declares his parents to be John Norman and Mary (nee Murphy).  When he enlists in 1943 his mother is NOK living at 20 Conygar View, Dunster Marsh, Minehead, Somerset.  On this record he says his father is Edward Norman and that he's born 10 Apr 1920...I think this is him trying to confuse the army as he already enlisted in 1940 and was subsequently discharged about 6 mths later.

A birth cert has been sourced by family mbrs which agrees with the birthdate 10 Apr 1918, born to Hilda Norman (no father recorded) in Biscot, Limbury, Luton, Bedfordshire, only he is one Kenneth Raymond Norman!  ::)  I have no idea if that is the correct record and I wonder if he was illegitimate and perhaps raised by family back in Somerset (pure speculation!)

I wondered if it might be best to try and source a directory that might locate Mary Norman at the above address in the 1940s and see if I can get some leads there.  Can anyone help me please?

Hi Rootschatters,

I normally research Scotland records so having some difficulty with English researcj and hoping someone can help.  Sarah Cracknell was born in Romford in 1843 to John Cracknell and Sarah Hasler.  John and Sarah had married in the district of Halstead in 1840 and it was at least a second marriage for John because on the 1841 census there is an 8 year old Caroline Cracknell. 
Fast forward to 1884 Sarah Cracknell (now Auger) took her family to Australia and she is said to have been sponsored by a brother from Rushworth, Victoria.  I believe I have pinpointed said bros as George Cracknell who had arrived in Australia in 1854 and established himself in Rushworth.  When he died in 1902 the records show his father was John and his mother Eliza Hawkin/s and that he was born in Hornden, Essex in 1835.  I wondered if anyone can locate or knows of a marriage between this couple and can establish that they had a son George. 

Sarah also had a bros James born in 1840 to John Cracknell and Sarah Hasler but he became a teacher and remained in England so I have been able to eliminate him as the bros who came to Australia.  I suspect that George aged 5 is at the Vicarage House, Gt Maplestead with Isaac and Sarah Harrington in 1841 and that Sarah was possibly a Cracknell and related to John.

I seem to have a lot of circumstantial evidence and I think I'm on the right track, I just can't get the evidence to prove my theory.

Cheers, Sage.

Canada / Peter INGLIS and mother, Mary from Scotland to Canada in 1926
« on: Saturday 18 June 16 12:40 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I was able to find a shipping record (UK Outward Passenger Lists 1890 - 1960) for Peter Inglis aged 20, an engineer and his mother Mary Inglis (nee Young) aged 43, both of 56 Hamilton St Wishaw, Lanarkshire travelling on board S.S. Letitia sailing from Glasgow 15 May 1926 bound for Quebec and Montreal.  Peter was born 04 Jun 1905  in Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire, son of Robert Inglis and Mary Greenshields Young who married in March of the same year. 

I had a quick look for Peter and Mary Inglis returning to the UK without success so I was hopeful that someone might be able to tell me where they ended up in Canada.

With thanks...Sage

Canada / TOM AUGER born c1843 Great Baddow, Essex, England to Canada 1883?
« on: Monday 23 November 15 06:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hoping for some help to establish what happened to Tom Auger whom we believe was estranged from his family in Essex and may have traveled to Canada in 1883.  The Essex Standard (Aug 1882) reported that Tom's wife, Sarah attempted to have Tom committed to an asylum because after an episode of sunstroke he was prone to 'paroxysms of rage' and that he had threatened to kill the children and herself.  The attending doctor refused to sign a cert. of insanity but rather than pay a surety of 20 pounds to keep the peace for six months he was prepared to serve time in gaol.

I have not managed to find a matching death record for Tom in England but I did find a Canadian passenger list with a Thomas Auger sailing on board the 'Polynesian' to Toronto 24 Oct 1883.  That entry was scored and it appears that he sailed instead on the 'Parisian' 30 Oct 1883.

Meanwhile, Sarah and her 5 children sailed for Australia in Oct 1884, sponsored by her bros. already resident there.

A family tree on Anc. indicates that Tom may have been murdered in Canada???  I was hoping that someone with more knowledge of Canadian records  might be able to establish just what happened to him in Canada and when he actually died.  Finding him has proven to be a solid brick wall over the years.

With thanks, Sage

Lanarkshire / Looking for Jane/Jean Inglis beyond 1861, Shotts area
« on: Saturday 17 October 15 02:36 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rootschatters,

I am trying to trace Jane (sometimes Jean) Inglis (daug of Alexander Inglis & Mary Jackson) beyond the 1861 census where I think she was living with the Pettygrew family in Blackhall, parish of Cambusnethan, aged 21, single and a domestic servant.

I don't have a birthdate for her but she was aged 1 (Jane) living with her parents in Stane, then in 1851 aged 11 (Jean) living with her father and stepmother (Ellen Spence) and then 1861 as above. 

I haven't found a marriage for her and wondered if anyone can please give me a clue as to where she might be beyond 1861.

With thanks...Sage.

Lanarkshire / James Ferguson died 1886 Hamilton
« on: Friday 02 October 15 03:21 BST (UK)  »
I wonder would anyone know which cemetery to look for James Ferguson (Master Grocer) died 25 Sep 1886 at 29 Chapel St Hamilton?  His father was Robt Ferguson and his mother was Lilias Thomson.  His wife was Elizabeth Inglis.  She died 14 May 1907 in Millport, Cumbrae, Bute so I'm thinking there's every chance that James and Elizabeth are not buried together?

With thanks,


Hi All...I've got myself tied up in knots over the above family.  :)
Some background info here
but as it's a lengthy post I will summarise.

Elizabeth Hamilton was born circa 1841 in Hamilton to Thos Hamilton & Marion Inglis.  She married Robt Crawford in Dec 1863 in Pembrokeshire at which time he was a spirit merchant of New Milford.  A daughter, Marion Inglis Crawford was born 19 Jan 1865 where Robt is referred to as R. J. Crawford.

An 1861 census was sourced in the previous post for Robt Crawford, aged 25, Chief Steward, married, born Ayrshire, Scotland and on board S.S. Courier in Pembrokeshire.

Last sighting of him is via a publication in the London Gazette dated 21 Feb 1865 by the Registrar of the Court of Bankruptcy for Robert J. Crawford of the Mariner's Inn, New Milford but....

by 1871 Elizabeth Crawford is a widow in Llanstadwell, Pembroke, Licensed Victuallar and I'm struggling to find Robt's death.  The most likely options are:

Robert Crawford died Liverpool aged 33 Mar Qtr 1871 (8b 172) or aged 35, Woolwich Jun Qtr 1871 (1d 574).  The 1871 census was taken 02 Apr 1871 and the latter death was registered in the Apr, May, Jun Qtr of that year.  I suppose it's possible that Elizabeth was widowed in March and the death registered in the following month?

A second daughter was born to Robt & Elizabeth...Susan born Dec Qtr 1866 Pembroke (11a 732) and she possibly married as Susan McLean Crawford Jun Qtr 1894 to Josiah Evans or George Orlando Patey. 

With that in mind I searched for a Robt Crawford born Ayrshire with a mother Susan and I found a family in 1841 in River St Wallacetown in the parish of St Quivox, Ayrshire:

Mrs Crawford aged 50, a Sewer, born Ayrshire
Susan Crawford aged 30, born Ireland
Isabella Crawford aged 10, born Ayrshire
Janet Crawford aged 8, born Ayrshire
Robert Crawford aged 4, born Ayrshire

1851 at Garden St Wallacetown:

Susan Crawford, aged 40, born Ireland
Robert Crawford, aged 14, born St Quivox
and 3 McFee visitors

The problem is I can't tie all this together.  I don't know what Susan Crawford's maiden name is or who she married.  If this is the Robt Crawford I'm looking for in Wallacetown and on the SS Courier in 1861 then it's possible he was married before he met Elizabeth Hamilton in Pembroke in 1863.

I hesitate to access the marriage of Robt and Elizabeth because it will likely only tell me the name of Robt's father and not his mother.  Does anyone have some suggestions as to the next step I might take?...Please.  ;D

Canada / Isabella Chalmers from Scotland to Canada in 1916
« on: Wednesday 01 July 15 07:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I have a shipping manifest for 'Athenia' departing Glasgow 29 Aug 1916 with Isabella Chalmers aged 45 and 3 daughters, Christina aged 11, Agnes aged 9 and Mary aged 7.  Her destination was Sault Ste Marie and she was to join her sons, George and Robt Chalmers and possibly a daughter Isabella.  There is a record of their arrival but its very difficult to read. 

My question is what happened to them all after their arrival?  I have already done some work on son George who lived and died in Sault Ste Marie.

I found the son Robt arriving Quebec 18 Sep 1912 on board 'Cassandra' also bound for Sault Ste Marie but I don't know what happened to him either. George and his wife Elizabeth arrived in November of the same year.

A possible complication is that the 3 daughters travelling with Isabella Chalmers (nee Paterson) were born to her second husband, Matthew Roy.  After he died in 1910 she and the children appear on the 1911 Scottish census as Roy but she seems to have reverted to Chalmers (her first husband's name) thereafter.

Is it possible to find them on a Canadian census?  They all had a rough start back in Scotland and I wondered if life got any better for them in Canada.

Regards, Sage.   

Canada / Nellie Armitt to Canada in 1916...then what?
« on: Saturday 06 June 15 05:02 BST (UK)  »
Seeking help to find what became of Helen (Nellie) Cowan Armit(t) who travelled to Montreal aged 22 on board the 'Cassandra' departing Glasgow 21 Oct 1916.  She arrived in Quebec 06 Nov 1916 to stay with her sister, Mrs Andrew Bryson (Annie).

I haven't found her returning to Scotland via U.K. incoming passenger lists so as most of her family were already settled in Canada I imagine that she did too.  Annie Armitt and Andrew Bryson married in Stratton, Algoma in 1915 and another sister, Elizabeth and her husband Geo Chalmers settled in Korah, Algoma.

I have all the background info on her in Scotland, just wondered what became of her when she got to Canada.

Any help appreciated

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