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Somerset / James Parsons
« on: Tuesday 03 August 21 02:37 BST (UK)  »
Good Morning all, hope you are all well. Having issues with my ancestor James Parsons bap. 18/4/1790 Shepton Montague Somerset, marriage to a Martha Osmond 29/3/1819 Shepton Montague, his death 26/3/1856 parish of Shepton Montague, abode Knowle Rock. I have found on some entries like Freereg, Ancestry, and FindMyPast, his father is a John or James Parsons marriage date unknown spouse a Repuntance surname unknown,his death date? 13/3/1825 Horsington, and her death date? 8/11/1802 Charlton Musgrove. :-[ going around in circles with this search. :-\

Janet :-\

Gloucestershire / William Knight
« on: Monday 26 July 21 02:55 BST (UK)  »
Good Morning all, searching for the baptism of Elizabeth Knight around 1752 she married Earle Pearce on the 3/1/1768 St. James Bristol England. I found a William Knight who married a Hannah Maynard on the 13/1/1743 St. Mary's Redcliffe England, nothing much with this search. As most families repeat the same name throughout the pedigree. As this family of Knight, Maynard (Pottery) the same as the Cantle line with Edwin Matthias (Pottery). A Edwin Matthias Maynard bap 22/1/1815 Bristol father John and mother Ann. :-[ Hannah, Edwin Matthias, William also shows up in the children of John Cantle and Ann Mainard Cantle (Pearce). Trying to connect them is another matter, their is so many Knight ancestors in the Bristol area, who also showed up in the Burgess records with the Cantle ancestors, and Pearce, also a Colston name appears in the Cantle Maynard family. :-\ I will keep on with this, hoping I haven't confused you all. :-[
Janet :-\

Kent / Thomas Simmonds
« on: Tuesday 06 July 21 02:40 BST (UK)  »
Good Morning all hope you are all well. I am now trying to find the correct baptism of my ancestor Thomas Simmonds, their is so many different records around. This family connected with the family names of Lydia, Woodger, and Long right through to Phillis Lydia Hodge (married name). The Thomas Simmonds who married a Hannah Long on the 15/4/1823 Maidstone Kent her death 13/12/1857 East Maidstone kent and Thomas's death date 20/9/1849 Maidstone Kent. I have searched trying to find the proper Thomas Simmonds who has the names Lydia, Woodger and Long in the Record. I will keep on searching later. :-[ :-\

Janet :-\

Somerset / Sir. Thomas Earl Knight
« on: Monday 05 July 21 07:28 BST (UK)  »
Good Afternoon all, still searching for the baptism of Elizabeth Knight around 1752 who married a Earl Pearce (Pottery) on the 3/11/1768 St.James Bristol, when Earl passed away she continued with his Pottery Business and associated with a Benjamin Quarman who also is connected with Thomas Earl Knight, I am hoping with the descendants from this person maybe Elizabeth Knights family. :-\ :-[

Janet :-\

London and Middlesex / Ann Maynard Cantle
« on: Thursday 01 July 21 02:22 BST (UK)  »
Good Morning I am still trying to find the proper burial record of Ann Maynard Cantle (nee Pearce) she married John Cantle on the 8/7/1790 Bedminster St. John Bristol or Gloucestershire. I have since found her details connected to London Workhouse Admission and Discharge Records 1764-1930 with Paralyze problems, she was discharge around 1838, in the 1841 and 1851 Census she appeared with her and John Cantle's son James and wife Sarah. So many other dates crop up on Ancestry and other web pages with different dates, months etc. I have purchased GRO Uk certificates and none are the right ones, her Probate Date 13/4/1853 death about this same year. I have searched for this date no luck, even sent message to GRO UK for certificate. :'( Time for lunch closing now. :-[

Janet :'(

Somerset / Repentence Perrett
« on: Monday 28 June 21 08:46 BST (UK)  »
Good Evening all, trying to find if Repentence Perrett is connected to my ancestor John/James Parsons bap, 1753 Shepton Montague Somerset burial 13/3/1825, unsure of their marriage so I searched Somerset areas for her Forename and who she married, divorced or she is a widow. :'( On her burial record 8/11/1802 aged 46 Charlton Musgrove, searched the parish for her baptism, no luck as yet. :-[ I have been searching for records when a Repentance Perrett from Wincanton married a Samuel Robbins on the 21/7/1768 26/6/1768 Charlton Musgrove Somerset. Time to have a break, I will try again tomorrow, hope you are all well. :)

Janet :-[

Gloucestershire / Robert Spencer
« on: Tuesday 22 June 21 07:09 BST (UK)  »
Good Afternoon all, searching for the baptism, marriage of Robert Spencer burial date 11/3/1657 Farmington Gloucestershire, also his wife Barbara Sounystone burial date 19/10/1666 Farmington Gloucestershire, their daughter Sarah Spencer 1615-1711 Turkdean married Henry Mancell or Mansell on the 15/10/1668 Farmington Gloucestershire. I have searched the usual web pages with no luck. :-[

Janet :-\

World War One / Private Joseph King
« on: Tuesday 22 June 21 00:18 BST (UK)  »
Good Morning all, hope this finds you all well. :-[ I am searching for any records on Private Joseph King he was a member of the 69th and 86th Regiment British Army he came from Leicester England and was involved in the War 1 fighting in India. I found that he may have come from Whicastle area. Would like help in finding any information about him at all, as I am also connected to another person a Private James Rushton HM 12th Regiment who died on the 23/9/1815 Mauritius in 1815, Private Joseph King adopted Jame's daughter Mary. :-[

Janet :-\

Gloucestershire / Joan Watkins
« on: Saturday 19 June 21 07:34 BST (UK)  »
Good Afternoon all, hope this finds you well. I am searching again for Joan Watkins who married a John Hall on the 18/4/1731 Gloucestershire area, apparently their is two marriages for John Hall the other Mary Gaye 22/5/1732 St. Mary Redcliffe, one of these couples is the parents of Dinah Hall 29/12/1738 bap. Syston Parish. :-\ I don't know if Joan died and then John Hall married Mary Gaye any suggestions would help, I have searched this family for so long, then I have a break and go on searching my other ancestors. :-[

Janet :-\

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