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Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Is Ivy a twin or doesn't she exist?
« on: Thursday 24 March 16 13:31 GMT (UK)  »
In 1941 Dec qtr an Ivy Fearn is stated as being born at Ploughley R.D, Oxfordshire, her sister is also born and she is alive and well and also has a middle name of Ivy.

But does Ivy exist?
The GRO has a page number of 2928 for Ivy and 2928a for her sister which is not something I have come across before, does this indicate that an error was made or that she has another sibling who was born at the same time?

Thanks Bryant

Travelling People / Part 1 of My g g grandmother Queen of the Forest
« on: Tuesday 08 March 16 14:46 GMT (UK)  »
My G G Grandmother Sarah Fletcher (nee Davies) (a pinch of salt with her declared age) Can anyone see her or him in earlier years and did Eli Fletcher from London arrive directly or via ?

22nd August 1929
Western Daily Press
Cinderford, Forest of Dean.
                                                                   Old Gipsy's Death
Mrs Sarah Fletcher a well known Forest of Dean gipsy has died at the age of 91 years. She was interred yesterday. She had resided in her caravan in the forest of dean for many years. A native of Shropshire. She had twenty one children, eleven of whom are still living.

The Western Times, Friday 23rd August
Funeral of Centenarian Who was fond of her tobacco
Sarah Fletcher, who was over one hundred years old and was believed to be the oldest Gipsy Queen in Britain was buried at Parkend in the Forest of Dean yesterday. The mother of twenty four children, who had eighty five grandchildren, sixty great grandchildren and ten great great grandchildren. She was fond of her pipe of tobacco which she smoked right up to the morning of her death.
Large crowds attended the funeral and flowers were sent from all parts of the forest. The old "Queen" was a renowned herb specialist and her advise was eagerly sought by many.

                                                    THE CITIZEN THURSDAY 22ND AUGUST 1929

                                                            MOTHER OF 24 CHILDREN
                                                    Death of Leader of Dean Forest Tribe.
       By the death of Sarah Fletcher "Queen" of a tribe of gipsies the Forest of Dean has lost an interesting character.
Mrs Fletcher was the head of the Fletcher family whose record eclipses the remarkable record of William John  " The Gipsy King"  She is stated to be 100 years old and although there is no record of her birth at Somerset House the fact that her eldest daughter Emily who keeps a lodging house at Pontypool is 80 years of age goes to support the age of this wonderful old woman.
       Born in a canvas tent on Hannam Common, Shropshire, Mrs Fletcher came to reside in the Forest of Dean when a little girl and ever since she made the Forest her home living the open life in an improvised shelter of canvas etc. She disdained the thought of living in a caravan always preferring to house herself and her children in tents associated with the true life of the Gipsy tribe. Mrs Fletcher

Gloucester Journal
24th November 1917
Littledean Petty Sessions
Eli Fletcher was summoned by Susannah Taylor for assault, and she in turn was summoned by Maria Smith for a similiar offence. All the parties are gipsies. It appeared that the trouble arose out of childrens quarrel. Defendants were bound over for 6 months, and ordered to pay the costs.

Gloucester Citizen 9th August 1907
Charge of Abduction in Dean Forest
In reference to the charge at Littledean, Police Court against William Slender a gypsy camping at Two Bridges, Blakeney of taking Mary Ann Davies an unmarried girl out of the custody of and against the will of her mother Sarah Davies who cohabitats with Eli Fletcher also a gypsy, the being alleged to be only 15 years of age, accused has been brought before Mr W. H. King at Newham and discharged, the police having discovered a birth certificate which gives the girl's age as 20 years.

Gloucester Citizen
Friday 9th August 1907
In reference to the charge at Littledean Police Court against William Slender, a gipsy camping at Two Bridges, Blakeney of taking Mary Ann Davies, an unmarried girl out of the custody of and against the will of her mother, Sarah Davies who cohabitats with Eli Fletcher also a gipsy, the girl being alleged to be only 15 years of age, accused has been brought before Mr W. H. King at Newnham and discharged, the police having discovered a birth certificate which fixes the girl's age at twenty years.

18th April 1903
Gloucester Citizen
Little Dean Petty Sessions
Charles Fletcher and Sarah Fletcher, gipsies, of Two Bridges, Blakeney were summoned by P.C. Ryland for drunken and disorderly conduct at Soudley on the 4th April

Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / Florence Leah Hazel born Jun qtr 1903 Bristol R.D
« on: Thursday 08 August 13 12:47 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone assist and tell me who Florence Leah Hazel is?
Born Jun qtr 1903 Bristol R.D
Then this girl/lady vanishes! ......doesn't appear to die, doesn't appear to marry

My interest....

My grandmother Leah Fletcher supposably born 20th April 1903 within the Forest (Forest of Dean) but never had a birth cert, in fact when she died the GRO did a search and gave her a birth based on what the family told them. My Aunt (Leah's daughter) said Leah had no other christian names and because she was the daughter of Gipsies that was the reason her birth was not recorded!

In 1911 my grandmother aged 8 is seen with her father? Austin Fletcher and the rest of the family but she is under the christian name of Flear.......? F for Florence, lear for Leah?

So....who is Florence Leah Hazel born June qtr 1903? Are there Parish records recording the birth/christianing

Thanks for reading and hopefully being able to assist or will I have to buy the birth cert first rather than later to find out?


The Lighter Side / What happened?
« on: Thursday 21 March 13 18:01 GMT (UK)  »
Having just entered a post I thought I had just started a new school (iv'e been away a while) what happened.......i'm one of those people who have the opinion if it ain't broke don't fix it!

was it broke?

the weather is fine here in Essex, sun shining as it would in spring, must be around 70 f

I suppose given time i'll get used to it....that pig just flew by again


Looking for info on Susan Fletcher (nee Edwards) born 1880 and her son Norman Harold Fletcher born 1901 who emigrated to Quebec Canada on the ship Victoria which left Liverpool on the 8th Oct 1913


Norfolk Lookup Requests / Christina Galer born/registered Mar qtr 1909
« on: Tuesday 25 September 12 19:03 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the demise of Christina Minnie Galer (nee Myler) born/registered in the Mar qtr of 1909 Wangford R.D, Suffolk who married Frank Charles Galer in 1932, he was born in 1867 and died in 1946 (a much older man who had been married before)

Christina never had any children and sometime after Frank's death moved to Oulton Broad, Norfolk (or is it Suffolk?) where she lived in Victoria Road, i'm assuming Christina is no longer with us as she was born 1908/1909 and I can see deaths upto 2006, so has she died 2006-2012 or is Christina still with us at an age of 103?

Where are the electoral rolls held ie local library/central library say from 1950 to 2000?


Galway / Patrick Noone marries Margaret Doyle 1914?
« on: Saturday 01 September 12 08:28 BST (UK)  »

I need some help to progress

I was looking for a marriage of a Patrick Noone to a Margaret Doyle and they appear to marry in the 1st qtr of 1914 at Mountbellew although I can't actually see them on the same page!

Patrick Noone appears to marry Margaret Doyle in the first qtr of 1914 at Mountbellew, Galway, Ireland, can anyone confirm this and can anyone tell me what a marriage cert would provide...would it provide fathers names and occupations, would it provide the ages/occupations of the couple and where they lived or is this information readily available somewhere or can someone provide me with this information?


Galway / Patrick Noone marries Margaret Doyle (please close)
« on: Sunday 19 August 12 20:39 BST (UK)  »
Looking for info on the Noone family from Galway

My sister in law's family.....I did note that a Patrick Noone (as well as a Margaret Noone) spent a lot of time in Galway prison but I did say to her that Noone was a common name in Ireland as was Patrick & Margaret but you live in hope  ;D

Census info for 1901/1911 which I can access via the national archives site but can't be certain of who i'm looking at!

Q1...Patrick Noone marries Margaret Doyle....when/where, childrens births indicate 1911-1914?

Q2...Patrick Noone died 12th June 1968 aged 84 Corraneena, Kilconnell...where & when was he born, who are his parents?

Q3...Margaret Noone (nee Doyle) died 3rd Nov 1957 aged 71 Kilconnell, Ballinasloe...where & when was she born, who are her parents?

Children....some of
Malachy born 28th July 1914, died 13th Mar 1989
Nellie born 2nd Oct 1915, died 5th Nov 1986
Thomas born Sep 1918, died 29th Jan 2007
Mary Noone born 2nd Apr 1921, died 19th Jul 2002 Manchester, England
Matthew born 9th May 1926, died Australia 3rd Aug 1983


My sister-in law's family

A few posts in one but you have to start somewhere  :)

Is it possible to tell me when & where these events took place?

Q1...Giuseppina (anglosised to Josephine) Lafranchi, who married Michael Bourke.... when/where

Q2...Her mother was Marghertia Filippini married to Andrea Giovanni Lafranchi. when/where

Q3...Andrea Giovanni Lafranchi b.01DEC1838 Coglio, Switzerland, d.15JUN1897 in Australia where in Australia did he die?

Q4...Margherita (Filippini) Lafranchi b.02SEP1852 in Cevio, Switzerland, arrived in Australia from Switzerland on 27th July 1872 on the Somersetshire, disembarking at Melbourne, and applied for Australian citizenship on 2nd June 1909, and was granted citizenship on 16th June 1909.  I don't know whether she was married or not when she arrived in Australia, so could have arrived as either Filippini or Lafranchi.  Her application for Naturalization states that she has 9 children (7 girls, two boys) and she is a widow and they all reside at Mount Prospect.
Does she appear in a census with her children and was she married when she arrived in Australia?

Andrea Lafranchi's parents were Giovanni Giacomo Lafranchi and Maria Domenica Adami. 

I think Giovanni's parents were (Giovanni) Giacomo Lafranchi b.12MAR1759 and Giacomina Piezzi who died 1808.

(Giovanni) Giacomo Lafranchi's parents were Giuseppe Antonio Lafranchi and Domenica Fassora (?).  The Lafranchi's all seem to come from Coglio, Switzerland.


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