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Somerset / BAYNTON - Kilmersdon and Mells
« on: Monday 12 June 06 03:15 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

I'm looking for some help in finding the parent's and siblings of Thomas Baynton c. 1791, Kilmersdon.  He was married sometime before 1826, as we have a child Martha born in Somerset.  His last child Lydia Baynton was born in 1835.  I believe he is a widower in 1841, as he is alone with his children living in Bedminster, Somerset then.  Thomas Baynton died around Apr/May/June 1865.  Thomas Baynton was a Brewer.

There is a death of an Elizabeth Baynton Sept qtr 1840, Bedminster that might be his wife.   

There is a possibility that he had two brothers.

There are many Baynton's in Mell, which is just three miles south of Kilmersdon. 

Thomas' son George Baynton, born c. 1833, Bristol, married a Rosetta Baynton from Peckham, Surrey.  Rosetta's father Charles Baynton was from Mells, Somerset.  (Charles Baynton c. 1801 Mells, Somerset).   I don't know if there is any connection between the two families before this marriage.  Charles Baynton was noted as a Brewer in 1841, but in 1851 as a landed proprietor and in 1881 as a retired Brewer.

There was a marriage of a Thomas Baynton and Sarah Wrintmoor on April 16, 1786 in Kilmersdon, which might be Thomas Baynton's parents?

There is also a christening of a Mercy Baynton on March 2, 1806, in Kilmersdon to Thomas and Sarah Baynton. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. :)

Somerset / Else family of Somerset and London/Paris
« on: Sunday 30 April 06 19:58 BST (UK)  »

I'm looking for anyone researching the following ELSE families:

Rees Else c. 1741 Tenby m. Ann Thomas c. 1742 Bristol (Married on Nov 19, 1764 Bristol) had children:

Henry Else c. 1766 Bristol
Richard Else c. 1776 Bristol**
Thomas Else c. 1778 Bristol
Ann Else C. 1781 Bristol - married Edward Webb

**Richard Else and Sarah Rogers were married on Nov 22, 1796 in Walcot, Bath had children:

Richard Nance Else c. 1797 Bath*
Eliza Else c. 1798 Bath
Emma Else c. 1799 Bath
Laura Else c. 1801 Bath
William Else c. 1802 Bath

*Richard Nance Else c. 1797 Bath, Somerset who married an Eliza Felicia (late Street) c. 1799 Bath Somerset. They were married on July 3, 1821 in Bathwick.

They had children:

Emily Maria Else c. 1830 Bath, Somerset (was a teacher, never married)

John Edward Else c. 1828 Bath, Somerset (was a Clerk/Vicar)married Frances Ann Rodd before 1856. Had one child Arthur R?B. Else c. 1856

Felicia Eliza Else c. 1823 Bath, Somerset. Was a teacher, married Alfred John Perry 1859, he was a Vicar. They had one child who died at age 4. Alfred John Perry died before 1881. In 1881 she was a widow and living with her brother John.

Richard Charles Else c. 1824 Bath, Somerset married Zillah Rebecca Raggat 1850, had one child Zillah Rebecca M. Else 1851. His wife died in 1851, possibly during childbirth. Richard was an Engineer. He died in 1905.

Richard Nance Else also has a son George Edward Else c. 1845/46 born in Paris, France, who was a Civil Engineer. I don't think he was the son of Eliza, as she is alone in the census records from 1841 until 1871 when she dies, although each census always states her as married, he is never with her.

Richard is no where to be found in any census until the census of 1881 when he is living in London with his son George Edward Else and George's wife Harriet, and their son Edward. Richard Nance Else is noted as widow in the 1881 census.

George Edward Else and Harriet have two more children....Harriet Beatrice Else in Horsford, Yorkshire, 1873 and George William Else Forest Gate, Essex 1876. 

I am wondering if Richard Nance Else was in Paris all those years, and who the mother of George Edward Else is.

Would love to hear of any connections to the family.



Inverness / 1841 Census look up please McIntosh / Mackintosh Inverness
« on: Sunday 12 March 06 18:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

1841 Census - Inverness - McIntosh/Mackintosh

I'm looking for help finding a Rachel McIntosh/Mackintosh age c. 43 born Inverness (born c. 1798)
she was married to Alexander McIntosh but was a Widow in 1851

In 1851 the family was living at 36 High Street, Inverness.  Rachel was a lodging keeper age 53.

I'm looking in particular to find Alexander's (her husband's) profession.

I know they had a daughter Lydia Fraser Mackintosh/McIntosh in 1836, a Matilda in 1839, and Alexander in 1832, and Jemisina.

Any help given would be greatly appreciated. :)

Thank you kindly,

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Look up in 1840's and 50's directory - North Ormsby
« on: Thursday 23 February 06 00:15 GMT (UK)  »
Look up in 1840's and 50's directory


I'm looking for a Robinson BRANT living in North Ormsby.  He was there in 1850, and Theddlethorp in 1845.

Thank you so much for any help you can give & for your time.

Kind regards,

Tina :)

Nairnshire / HELP: McIntosh and Grant Families Nairn / Inverness
« on: Friday 10 February 06 04:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

I need a little help to make a connection. ???

I have an Alexander MCINTOSH born in Scotland living in England in 1861 & 1871.  Doesn't say where he is born other than Scotland.  He was married twice.  His marriage certificate says his father is Alexander McIntosh (SADDLER).  The verbal record of the family says he came from Nairn/Inverness. 

He had two girls with his first wife Elizabeth SMITH.  An Elizabeth McIntosh and Rachel McIntosh.  Born in London. Alexander MCINTOSH was a BAKER in London. 

He had two children with his second wife Elizabeth COLSTON.  Lydia Alice and John Grant McIntosh, born in London.  Elizabeth McIntosh is a widow in 1881.

The census records quote Alexander McIntosh's birth from 1833 - 1836.  He died in January of 1874, and his age is noted as 38 (c. 1836) on the death certificate.

In 1881 his daughter Rachel McIntosh from his first marriage was living with Alexander and Jessie GRANT and family in Suffolk, England, and Rachel is noted as NIECE.   

All of Alexander and Jessie GRANT's children were born in Nairn.

I found a record of a marriage for a Alexander Grant and Jessie Mackintosh on June 1, 1849 in Nairn, along with christenings of all of their children in Nairn.  I have also found this GRANT family in the 1861 and 1871 census living at 66/68 High Street in Nairn.  Alexander GRANT was a Baker. 

In the 1861 census in Nairn two doors away from Alexander and Jessie is an Isabella MacIntosh, widow age 58 born Moy? Inverneshire, with son Donald MacIntosh age 18, Appr. Laywer Clerk born Nairn.  (I don't know if there is any relationship with this MacIntosh family to Jessie MacIntosh above).

Jessie's GRANT (nee McIntosh's) birth is noted c. 1825 in Inverness in both the 1861 & 1871 Scottish census.

I'm trying to find the parent's of Alexander and Jessie McIntosh.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,



I would really appeciate help with a look up on the COMTE family of Stepney.

I'm looking for the parents/siblings of a Charles COMTE born c. 1829 in Stepney.

In the 1851 census Charles COMTE is age 22 (Gun Maker) and married to May Ann Comte.  They are living in Mile End New Town in Stepney, and have two children.

Thank you for any help given. :)


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / London Burial - Look-up request COLSTON
« on: Saturday 28 January 06 21:45 GMT (UK)  »

I'm looking for the burial of an Edmund Colston/Coulson/Coulston I believe about 1848 and a Mary Lilley Colston (nee CAMPION) about 1851.  The couple had been married at St. Dunstan, Stepney, London 1822,  and were living in Shoreditch in 1841.  Also the possible deaths of some of their children that I cannot find:

Joshua Colston born 1826 Saint Giles Cripplegate
Ann Colston born 1838 London
William Colston born 1840 Saint Leonards Shoreditch
Joseph Colston born 1844 Saint Leonards Shoreditch

Also any CAMPION's if possible.

Thank you so much for your kindness & generosity.

Tina :)


1841 Census look-up

I know this is a really big job, but if anyone comes across the COLSTON family in Saint Giles Cripplegate, City of London, in 1841 I would love to hear about it.

head Edmund COLSTON - age? place of birth?
wife Mary Lilley COLSTON (nee Campion) age? place of birth?

son Edmund COLSTON b. 1823 Saint Giles Cipplegate
son John COLSTON b. 1825  Saint Giles Cripplegate
son Joshua COLSTON b. 1826 Saint Giles Cripplegate
daughter Mary COLSTON b. 1834 Saint Giles Cripplegate
daughter Elizabeth COLSTON b. 1836 chst. 1837 Saint Giles Cripplegate
(all births/chrst. from IGI)

Thank you for any help. :)


Kent Completed Lookup Requests / 1841 Census look up please for Thanington - HOWARD
« on: Tuesday 24 January 06 12:48 GMT (UK)  »

I'm looking for Thomas Howard, I don't have an age or birth place.  His daughter Eliza Howard was born about 1822 in Canterbury.  She married John Terry in 1845 in the parish church in Thanington.  Thomas Howard was noted as a Farmer on the marriage certificate.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Tina :)

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