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Is anyone with access to the Stanton St. John parish register willing to look up the baptism record for a John Busby, born around 1800 in that parish?

I would also be grateful for the baptisms of his children:

Mary 1831
Sarah 1844
Charles 1847

There are likely to be some missing ones.

There may also be a marriage between him and a Jane around the date (or just prior to) the first child's baptism.

Jane is from Kirtlington, but I have access to those transcripts and can't find a marraige that suits.

Thanks in advance for any help:-)


Berkshire / Thatcham Parish Register Look Up Request - HEAD Family
« on: Tuesday 05 July 16 22:27 BST (UK)  »

I have the following information from the Ancestry website, but as this gets to there from the IGI (whose accuracy is problematic), I was wondering if anyone with access to the parish register would check the following information for me?

I have the children of Henry HEAD and Elizabeth BASTIN as follows:

Sarah Jane/Ann - bap. 15 Mar 1846 bur. 23 May 1847
James Henry - bap. 29 Aug 1847
Lucy Ann - bap. 2 Sep 1849
William Edward - bap. 6 Feb 1851 bur. 24 Feb 1876
George - born abt 1853 (unable to locate baptismal record)
Mary Ann - bap. 6 Apr 1856


Henry Head's parents also had a few children there.  They are called Joseph and Ann (although I have seen her name written as Nancy and Hanah too).  Can the following be checked if possible:

Jane HEAD born around 1814 (cant find baptismal record, but believe if is in Thatcham).
James Archer HEAD bap. 9 Apr 1819
John HEAD bap. 13 Feb 1825

Any missing children and other information about this family that is in the parish register would also be gratefully received.



Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / Kingsclere Parish Look-Up Request - Joseph Head
« on: Tuesday 05 July 16 22:15 BST (UK)  »

Is anyone who has access to the Kingsclere parish register able to do a look up request for me?

My ancestor Joseph Head was born there around 1784.  I am looking for his baptismal date and the names of his parents.

I would also be glad to receive any other information about this family from the register, including the marriage date of his parents (if there) and any baptism/burial dates of any siblings - if anyone is willing.

Much appreciated.



Does anyone have access to the North Waltham Parish Records who is willing to do a look up request for me?

I need confirmation that a Joseph Head married an Ann Chivers there on 1 Oct 1806.

I would also be thankful if anyone was able to provide me with Ann's baptism date and the names of her parents - I believe she was born between 1782 and 1788. 

Lastly, if Ann had any siblings and if her parents were married in the parish, I would also like those dates, but appreciate that this is a big ask.




My ancestor Cudbert William Jones LANE died in Badgemore Manor House, nr Henley-on-Thames on 9 Sep 1862.  Would it be possible for someone with access to the parish register/transcipts to look up the burial date?



Berkshire Completed Look ups / Bray St. Michael's Parish Register - STAMP
« on: Sunday 23 February 14 15:01 GMT (UK)  »

I would be grateful if anyone who has access to the Bray Parish Register and would be willing to look by the baptism / burials dates for the following children of David STAMP and Lucy Parsons?

Ann b. 1852 (d. young?)
Ambrose b. 1854
William b. 1857 (d. 1857)
David b. 1860 (d. 1860)
Emily b. 1861
Mary Ann b. 1864 (d. 1866)
Eliza b. 1868
Alfred b. 1871

Many thanks



My ancestor John Reynolds LANE died at home in Wimblehurst Road, Horsham, on 4 Oct 1904.  It seems likely that it would have been buried in the local church in Horsham due to this, however, his profession is 'Vicar of Hampnett' so could have been buried in the church that he worked in.

I would be grateful if anyone with access to parish registers for Horsham and/or Hampnett could confirm to me where he was buried and the date?

Many thanks



A few of my ancestors were married likely to be married in All Saints Church in Binfield.  I would be grateful if anyone with access to the Parish register could tell me the dates of the marriages:

HEATH William to SMALLBONE Edith Kate
Registered in the Jul-Aug-Sep 1893 Quarter

SMALLBONE Richard Henry to HEATH Sarah Ann
Registered in the Jan-Feb-Mar 1901 Quarter

And for those that have noticed, yes, this is a case of two sets of siblings marrying :-)




The husband of one of my ancestors, Henry Weeks Herrington (or Harrington) is likely to have died in Binfield and been buried in the All Saints Church.  His death is registered in December of 1932.

I would be grateful if anyone with access to the parish register would be able to look up his burial date for me?

Many thanks

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