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Northumberland / Blair Marriage 1840 Morpeth
« on: Thursday 11 July 19 16:54 BST (UK)  »
Could some kind Rootschatter provide me with info on the following Marriage Reg;
(I cant find anything on line)

BLAIR, Margaret, Morpeth 25 369
Thomas Proctor was her Spouse.
They both should be Widowed.

Very interested in her Fathers name/occp and witnesses.

I may not be on here for a day or so if I dont reply quickly that is why.

Trish :)

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / SCOFFIN of Beverley, Yorkshire
« on: Monday 12 September 16 10:49 BST (UK)  »
Hi All, its not often I ask for help as I'm usually giving it but I am stuck!

I am doing a friends Tree and am down to WILLIAM Scoffin born c 1864 Beverley.
According to the 1871/1881 he is the Son of David/Sarah Scoffin.
As Sarah would be about 47 when he was born I am a bit sceptical.
Not impossible but just need confirmation if possible.

I have Davids Baptsm and Parents Marriage in Lincs and his Marriage to Sarah Abbot 1837 Beverley.

FreeREG has some Baptisms of David/Sarahs Children and Familysearch also.
But I cant find a William c 1864 to them.

Trish :)

Clare / Costellos of Killaloe, Co. Clare
« on: Monday 04 January 16 15:50 GMT (UK)  »
This has beeen a long running saga for me since I first posted a query on the Australian Board in 2009.

I new descendant popped up and started the thread again and wivenhoe gave me a new lead and of I go again!


Died ; 1927, NZ, widow, aged 86
Born : approx 1841, Derby, England
Parents; James MOLONEY ( farmer) and Nancy nee COSTELLO
Married; aged 27 to James PURDY, Melbourne, Vict.
Time in NZ 58 yrs

In Melbourne, Victoria,  24 April 1869, aged 25
to James Purdy, resident of Melbourne at time, James of Beechworth.( have heaps on him)
Born Derby, Derbyshire
Parents James Moloney and Ann Costello

Straight after their marriage they went to N.Z. on the ship "Tararua 1

From her her Daughters Marriage Entry in NZ Newspaper

New Zealand Herald 5 Oct 1894
LEGGETT—PURDY.—On September 5, at Kaikohe, Bay of Islands, N.Z., James Leegett, son of William and Ann LEGGETT, of Waiuku, Auckland, to Mary Jane Purdy, second daughter of James and Ann PURDY, of Kaikohe
- g granddaughter of Lord and Lady Gougb, Galway, Ireland;
- cousin to Father Moloney, Limerick;
- cousin to the Whaling Brothers, K. C. Priests of Loch Reagh, Ireland
- cousin to Dr. Moloney, Gort, Ireland
- cousin to Dr. Whalings, Loch Reagh, Ireland,
- and cousin to Father Costello, late of Auckland.*****
Southern papers please copy.

*****Now I took this to mean Father Costello was DECEASED

After this thread was revived wivenhoe found this for me;

Father Costello, at 1894, is formerly of Auckland, but is not now (1894) in Auckland....and is still alive, is how I am reading this.   Possibility?

Using ParersPast, Father COSTELLO died 7 Dec 1912, priest at Palmerston North, started at Auckland...53 years old...trained in Co. Clare......

BDM NZ death
1912/7461 COSTELLO  Patrick Curtin   54Y
this is 17 Dec 1912, so might be transcription error.  No other COSTELLO dying in Dec 1912.

Buried Terrace End Cemetery

Electoral Roll 1896 COSTELLO Patrick Curtin, Hill St Wellington, RC priest
                    1911 COSTELLO Patrick Curtin, 14 Broad St Palmerston, clergyman

Link to full query Australian Board, sorry I;m useless at shrinking links.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Waikato Campaign Photo Album
« on: Wednesday 28 January 15 15:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,
When I was in Hamilton last early year I did a card search at Hamilton Library for my Family name.

I result came up as a Photo from 1867.
The Staff could not find it so I came back later to find they had done a lot of searching and the item was at the Waikato Museum.
(very helpful they were)

I had to make an appointment to view it as it was in the Vault.

So if anyone has Ancestors who were British Soldiers particulary in the Waikato Campaign the Album is AMAZING.

My Description;
"Leather Bound Photo Album containing at least 30-40 Photos of Soldiers and Wives and some Children (from memory)
Most named"

It is one of the most lovely things I have ever seen and in beautiful condition.

Why it is not on display I cant understand.
It should be scanned and put on display and on-line on the Museum Website

I am posting this a long time after I viewed it as I lost the details and have just found them again;

Although my Cummins Family arrived NZ 1865 the Cummins Photo in the Album was not a Ancestor of mine.

Library Info if anyone wants to see it;

Photo Album
"Waikato Campaign" 1867
Donated 1967 by Mrs Hickman
Ref; 1966/121/1

Trish :)

Durham / Re: Five Generations- date please?
« on: Thursday 30 December 10 10:14 GMT (UK)  »
Paternal Side;
1891 Census
Seaham Harbour,
6 Green St,
Dawdon, Durham
George T E REED, 40, Head, Mar, Coal Miner, born Hetton
Mary J Reed , 40, Wife, Mar, born
GEORGE T Reed, 16, Son, Coal Miner, born Shotton
Mary J ANGUS, 14
Thomas Angus, 11
Ellenor Angus Angus, 9
James Angus, 7
Grace A Reed, 3
Mary A Reed, 1
All others born Seaham Harbour
All the other Children on the image have a different surname which is hard to make out, Argus/Angus or similar.
Looks like a second Marriage for George.

From FreeBMD,
March 1888, Easington, 10a 501
George Thomas E REED
On the same page is Mary J ANGUS.

1881 census which you can see yourself on Familysearch George Snr and Jnr and another Son Edward are with George Snrs Parents;
Edward REED, 52, Head, Mar, Coal Trimmer, born Newcastle, Northumberland
Grace, 52, Wife, Mar, born Houghton Le Spring, Durham
GEO T, 30, Son, Mar, Coal Miner, born Hetton Le Hole, Durham
Edward, 9, Grandson, Scholar, born Easington, Durham
George T, 7, Grandson, Scholar, born Easington, Durham

Apologies to everyone on the Restoration Board for taking up space and time here :-[
To the Mod;
Could this be split off please and posted on Durham Board????

Trish :)

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Restore and maybe colour please
« on: Thursday 10 June 10 16:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi again,

I have opened a floodgate of photos from other sources since sending some that you wonderful people have restored for me on to other Descendants of my Cummins line.
I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated everything done for me on the Board :-* :'(

Here we go Great Aunts Kate and Margaret. I think taken late 1890's.

Trish :)

Hi again,
I would appreciate anything that can be done to improve this one.
It is a gift for the person who gave me all the other photos that have been restored for me in the last few days.
It is his Grandparents and Mother+Auntie.

Trish :)

Hi All,

I just received this one today. I am so excited as I had never knew a Photo of her existed ;D
My Grandma, Paternal side born 1882, married 1903, died 1910 age 28 of TB.
She left 4 children 7, 5, 3, 6Mths and her Husband My Grandfather died 6mths later of a Heart Attack :'(

Restore, colour, anything REALLY would be appreciated.
I presume this would be dated late 1890's before she married.
Aged abt 16-18?

( Sorry I cant scan as I dont have the original and was lucky to get it from an elderly relative)


Me again,
Last one.

Restore please and date about same time as last 2?

Trish :)

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