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United States of America / Edgar William Fisher / Fischer
« on: Saturday 03 October 15 12:28 BST (UK)  »
My great uncle, Charles Frederick Pfisterer, was born in Rotherham, Yorkshire to German immigrants. Apart from their children's birth certificates, they seem to have adopted the Name of "Fisher" in England.

Charles Frederick Fisher emigrated to the States in 1883 +/- 1-3 years. He settled in Flint River, Des Moines, Iowa, married Mary Knapp with whom he had 6 children (one died as an Infant). Sometimes the children call themselves "Fischer".

Edgar William Fisher was the second son. I have found all the others, as well as spouses and children but Edgar has eluded me for many years now.

When Charles Fisher's wife died in 1948 in Burlington, Iowa, Edgar was noted as one of the survivors, living in South Dakota.

In FindMyPast World Newspapers with just "Fischer" I found a report that his mother who had not heard from him in 15 yesrs, had written her son whom she found through World Veterans Bureau Records, asking him to visit home. Date of newspaper 1936. He was expected to do so. In the newspaper article he is named Edward William Fischer

My question is: How can I find these records? I also am unable to find his death.

Europe / German Pork Butchers' Database
« on: Tuesday 18 August 15 18:42 BST (UK)  »
I am quite astonished about the database.

arky101 and limehouse79 have done a great job in adding to this database.

Unfortunately, the duplicate entries have remained causing confusion. Is it not possible to "clean" the duplicates away?

There must be many pork butcher descendants that could add "stories" to this rather "clinical" database.

It grows in size but not in wealth of  historical events.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Manchester Grammar School
« on: Friday 24 January 14 17:31 GMT (UK)  »
Seeing the last thread about MGS, I am hoping you can help me Barbara H.

I once was informed that someone did Lookups for MGS and so I posted but never heard anything.

My brother, John Christopher Owen, Born 21st September 1934, Sale, Cheshire, attended MGS probably from about 1942 - 1952 ?.

I was in possession of his School reports but unfortunately due to removal here in Switzerland, they went amiss, along with mine.

I remember reading that Chris, as he was called, was considered to be a "total loss to Society" so anything you find out about him will not astonish me.

Chris was an extremely honest person. My mother brought us both up to tell the truth, whatever. It hurt me then to read the reports but as ever not each teacher had / has the ability to understand each pupil and both of us were livewires waiting to explode!!

Technical Help / Avatar
« on: Thursday 02 January 14 19:37 GMT (UK)  »
I don't seem to be able to re-upload my avatar as it has disappeared.

I have tried "upload Avatar" but cannot gain access to my Eigene Dateien.

Before I call my "inhouse expert", i'd appreciate a little information.



The Lighter Side / What where the worst things you had to endure as a child?
« on: Saturday 19 October 13 14:19 BST (UK)  »

I'll start it off:

I had an 8-year older brother - need I say more?

The Lighter Side / Transcription howlers
« on: Thursday 22 August 13 15:59 BST (UK)  »
I've experienced many errors in my time such as park butchers instead of pork butchers, male salesladies, inhabitants of 164 years of age, same sex marriages that weren't, etc.

This I find the best, it was also in my own family:

Joseph Muskett, retired queer

Someone had corrected it to "retired grocer" with the remark "oh! for the trials and tribulations of non-English speaking transcribers."

But I must say, I quite enjoy the bloomers!!

Cheshire / Culcheth Hall School for Girls, Bowdon
« on: Sunday 03 April 11 20:17 BST (UK)  »
My sister-in-law sent me a newspaper cutting that this school is about to be closed. The school is 120 years' old and the headteacher blames rising costs for decision, i.e. credit crunch.

I attended this school from the age of 7 and did so enjoy my time there.

Miss Ruth Brownson was the headteacher during my "reign". She used to call me "my little mole" as when asked to provide exercise books, or whatever, I used to lift the desk lid and burrow!!!

Lately, I looked for a picture of the school, but only since the threat of closing, have I been able to find one.

Were any of you scholars there? Would love to hear from you.

Gillian Owen (now Schuler and living in Switzerland).

The Common Room / Correlation of birth dates
« on: Friday 29 October 10 14:53 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any "feelings" about birth dates in the family, especially months.

My grandfather was born on 9th September
I was born on 11th September
Brother was born on 21st September

A second cousin of mine had two children, one born on 11th September and one born on 21st September

My mother was born on 18th March, her grandson on 3rd March,

I have more but these are the main ones.....

My brother's daughter married on 9th September (coincidence)

Just wondering

Europe / Louis Pfister, Künzelsau
« on: Saturday 21 August 10 15:52 BST (UK)  »
I found the relative I have been searching for a long time in the Probate Agenda on one of the subscribed sites.

Although I am overjoyed at this information, giving his address as "Am Zollstock, Künzelsau", I wonder whether he just went over for a visit or emigrated. The last I found of him was on the 1911 Census.

In the probate it states that Louis Pfister died on 9th October 1936, at the above address. Does probate in England signify that he still had his abode in Widnes and was only visiting Germany? Funnily enough, I cannot find Christina Pfisterer's death notice in England.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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