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Census Lookup and Resource Requests / I need census look-up for SCOPES
« on: Wednesday 10 September 08 06:32 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the names, birthdates and the place of birth for the children of James Scopes and his wife Janet. James was abt 1820 in Rendleham, Suffolk and Janet was born in 1825 in Quebec, Canada. I found the 1881 census that listed their daughter Janet (b. abt 1858 in Kent). The surname was misspelled as SCOOPES and the called the wife Jessie. I think that James was in the military, bef. he and Janet married in Canada (1846). So they may have moved around a bit. But I believe that most, if not all of their children were born in England. Any help is appreciated. 

Morgan Cole

Worcestershire / What Mary did Thomas SOUTHALL marry?
« on: Wednesday 03 September 08 06:03 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find out the surname of Mary, the wife of Thomas SOUTHALL. They married bef Nov 25, 1829 as that is when their son Reuben was born. Thomas was born March 25, 1807 in Cradley, Worc. Mary was born, according to census', abt 1808 in Cradley as well. I looked up the LDS site and saw two possibilities, one being Mary Ann HILLMAN. She and a Thomas Southall married Oct 23, 1827 in Kidderminster. The other was Mary WHITE. Her marriage was Dec 25, 1828 in Old Swinford. There is one other possibility, and that was the name of Mary DOWNES, that somebody listed on their Rootsweb tree. But I can find no Mary DOWNES listed for a marriage to Thomas Southall on the LDS site. Any help is appreciated.


Cambridgeshire Lookup Requests / Need possible BMD look-up/ parish rec.
« on: Monday 01 September 08 23:46 BST (UK)  »
I've been working on my mothers line only to become more confused. Maybe not so confused as  :o. Ok, here is where I need the help. While looking up, or trying to, the marriage of Jane Newton to James (Turner) Mothersole on the LDS site, not only was James' last name misspelled, but I found that Jane was b. abt 1770 in Wicken. James is from (Drinkstone?) Suffolk. That is where they lived out their lives. What I need is to find out who Jane' parents are and some possible relatives. I want that info because Jane' daughter, Mary "Motherfield" Mothersole married Henry Bailey Feb 27, 1817 in Soham, Camb. Mary was wife #2. The first wife who died in 1815, was Elizabeth Webb Newton. Elizabeth was born Nov 22, 1789 to William Newton and Ann Webb. I'm curious to wether and they probably are, Jane Newton and Elizabeth Newton were relations. Any help appreciated.


Somerset Completed Lookup Requests / Looking for any info on these ancestors
« on: Monday 07 July 08 22:51 BST (UK)  »
I finally found my William Weavers family. But other than some birth and Christening dates and places I know next to nothing on these families. Any help is appreciated. Cousins most welcome. William Weaver was born in Buckland Dinham bef July 26, 1812. He was the son of Richard Weaver and Mary Tapper. Richard was born Buckland Dinham bef May 12, 1793. Mary Tapper was born (according to someone else, with her in their tree) abt 1793 in Tisbury, Wiltshire. I am unable to find anymore info on her or her family line. Richard and Mary had other children, Giles, John, Anne, Elizabeth, Susan and Maria. Richard' parents were William Weaver and Mary Singer. William, I assume was born in Buckland Dinham abt 1761. I have no further info on his family line. Mary Singer was born bef Feb 8, 1761 in Buckland Dinham. Her parents were Walter Singer and Johanna Carter. William Weaver and Mary Singer' other children were Charles, John and James. Walter Singer looks to be from Frome, Somerset. I know nothing further on his family line. Johanna Carter, I know nothing of. Their other children were William, James, Hester and Elizabeth. 

Census Lookup and Resource Requests / I need an UK 1851 census look-up
« on: Wednesday 16 January 08 04:54 GMT (UK)  »
If possible can I please get an 1851 census look-up on Susan Weaver. She was born abt 1847/48 in Guernsey (supossedly). As her father, William Weaver, seems to possibly be in Yorkshire for the military, I do not know where his wife or companion, Jane Weaver nee Bailey is in 1851, nor his daughter Susan. They do not seem to be with William in Yorkshire, as (if it is him) he is living in the singles barracks. If it helps: William Weaver was b. abt 1815 +/- 5 years, in Buckland Dinham or Frome, Somerset. Jane Bailey was b. abt 1822 +/- 2 years in Wicken, Cambridgeshire. Jane was also previously married to a William Creek and may have her son, Henry Creek b. abt 1844 in Thetford, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, with her. Any help would be appreciated.

Shropshire Completed Look up Requests / William Bishop and Elizabeth Weaver- CLOSED
« on: Saturday 15 December 07 04:12 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for info on their son Thomas. Who he married, where he lived after marrying, etc. I'm trying to find out if he is my Thomas Bishop. My Thomas, according to census' was from Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, except for one census where it was written Hopton (Wafers), Shropshire, England. And this is where William and Elizabeths son Thomas was born, with one exception, mine was figued to have been born in 1811, their thomas is down for 1809. But back in those days, not everyone knew exactly how old or when they were born. My Thomas also married an Elizabeth Wood in 1841 at Holy Trinity Church in Wordsley, Worcestershire. They lived in Cradley, Worcestershire and had children by the names of James, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ellen and Philip. Any help would be appreciated.

How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here) / Linking question
« on: Friday 14 December 07 19:58 GMT (UK)  »
I posted a message in the Shropshire look-up request board and Lloydy has kindly assisted me. But she recommened that I also post a look-up request in the Worcestershire board, that is connected to my Shropshire topic. She also recommened that I post a link in my Worcester message to my Shropshire message. How do I do that?   ???

Worcestershire Completed Look up Requests / Need a marriage look-up please- CLOSED
« on: Friday 14 December 07 10:03 GMT (UK)  »
Update: I was advised to visit my Family History Center (Latter Day Saints) to look-up the marriage of Thomas Bishop and Elizabeth Wood. They DO NOT have any records for this marriage as the date (year) is not microfilmed.

If someone is going to the Dudley Archives can they do a marriage look-up for me please. I need a look-up on Thomas Bishop and Elizabeth Wood. In the UKBMD index and the BMD index sites they are listed as having married in the June Quarter of 1841 at Holy Trinity, Wordsley, Worcestershire. I need the names of their parents and places of birth mainly. If someone is able to do this I would be greatly appreciative.
 :)  Happy Holidays  :)

P.S. Here is a link to my Shropshire Topic that may be of assistance. Please let me know if it does not work.,272567.0.html

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Birth/marriage look-up please
« on: Saturday 08 December 07 06:16 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for some help on my BISHOP line. The first is Thomas Bishop. From the census' I have, he was b. 1811-1814 in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. He married Elizabeth Wood June 1841 at Holy Trinity, Wordsley, Worcestershire. First it is believed that his parents were James and Mary Bishop. I have found a Christening for a Thomas Bishop for March 16, 1817 in Cleobury Mortimer. The parents of this Thomas are James and Mary. But I am unsure if this is them. I can not find any reference to a Thomas Bishop in Cleobury Mortimer other than that Christening info from the LDS site. I also cannot find any marriages for a James Bishop and a Mary. I have found James and Mary Bishop names listed in the death section of the BMD site from Cleobury Mortimer. But that is it. I know, for around this time period, there were numerous BISHOP families around. But I have not as yet found any connections to them. Any help would be appreciative.
 :)  Have a Happy Holiday- Morgan  :)

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