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World War One / Admiralty Records Mediterranean
« on: Wednesday 07 November 18 15:17 GMT (UK)  »

One of my gt gt uncles Henry Alfred Ballard, born 19 Oct 1889 Hastings, Sussex, stated in a press cutting (n.d. possibly 1944) "I was in the Eastern Mediterranean during the best part of the last war, on special duty for the Admiralty,..." According to his grandson Christopher Ballard "I enjoyed the 1944 quote by Henry, saying he was on “special duty with the Admiralty.” He was busy reverse-engineering a captured German submarine (I have a piece of it on my mantel), and in his “spare” time building gasoline bombs to drop on Turkish wheat fields (I have his sketches), and, according to family lore, adding sugar to drums of German diesel hidden in sandbars meant to refuel submarines. He always was a tough old bugger."

I can find no trace of any information on WWI captured U-boats & haven't been able to track down his service record through Discovery for the TNA or via Ancestry. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to where I might pursue this further please?


Pembrokeshire / Gwyther & Jenkins, Begelly area of Pembrokeshire
« on: Sunday 24 July 11 15:59 BST (UK)  »
George Gwyther was the son of Elizabeth Jenkins and an unknown Gwyther. He entered into business as a nurseryman with his maternal uncle Thomas Jenkins (born c1760 probably in the Begelly area of Pembrokeshire) and they traded as Jenkins & Gwyther from New Road, Marylebone and also had a nursery in Regent's Park. George married Henrietta Anne Leslie twice, firstly on 4 October 1806 at Deptford St Nicholas and again on 4 April 1807 at St Marylebone. Henrietta Anne was the oldest daughter and heir in her own right of the 13th Earl of Rothes and she became Countess of Rothes in 1817 at which time George Gwyther adopted the Leslie surname and Arms by Royal Warrant. Quite an elevation from nurseryman to consort of a Countess!

George witnessed the marriages of Margaret Gwyther to James Aris (28 Feb 1815 at St Marylebone) and Martha Gwyther to Thomas Dunnell (27 Nov 1815 at St George's Hanover Square). Martha Gwyther is my 3 x Gt Grandmother and I am trying to confirm the baptism details of George, Margaret & Martha in or around 1780 and again probably in Pembrokeshire. I know that their mother Elizabeth was widowed before 1829 and remarried to a John Lewis, this is independently confirmed in the Wills of Thomas Jenkins and George Leslie (formerly Gwyther).

I would be glad to hear from anyone who knows anything about this family and would be happy to exchange information.

The Common Room / Sorry.. Can You Spell That
« on: Sunday 23 September 07 19:10 BST (UK)  »
William Ballard, an Ironmonger who was bon in Bermondsey in 1819, clearly read a diverse range of books and was intrigued by names. Perhaps, having married Ann Gelina Randall, he decided he could do better. So it was that he started to warm up with Rudolph Herbert (1858 - 1866) and then progressed to Hadassah Leonilda (1860 - ?) who, unphased by her "burden", became a school teacher and married. William became even more adventurous with his second son Cleanthus Avicenna (1864 - 1864) and one wonders if the gravity of his name caused his untimely death. Finally we end with Quintilia Glaphyra (1867 - ?) who disappears without trace after 1891 - deed poll anybody! 

Sussex Lookup Requests / Marriage c1827 Hastings
« on: Saturday 12 March 05 23:24 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please do a lookup for me.

Trying to find the marriage of John Mann Stonham to Constant (or Constance) surname unknown but possibly Cloke. John Stonham was baptised 3 March 1802 at All Saints, Hastings and was a fisherman. Constant was born between 1800 and 1810.

Any help much appreciated.


Sussex Lookup Requests / Marriage Lookup Please
« on: Friday 11 March 05 18:20 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please lookup a marriage for me. George Catt born Northiam c1800 married Elizabeth Hart born Northiam c1809. Their first child was baptised in East Guildford 8 Nov 1829.

Very many thanks,


Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Marriage Stadhampton c1835
« on: Wednesday 09 March 05 20:09 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please do a lookup for me? I am trying to find the marriage of James Hunt (born Little Milton c1809) to Harriet <Unknown> (born Brookhampton c 1808). I know that their first child Harriet was born at Holcomb (presumably Great Holcomb near Ewelme) in c1836 so it looks like there might be 3 candidate parishes, Little Milton, Stadhampton and Ewelme and the timeframe would be somewhere around 1835 +/- 5 years.

Many thanks,


Berkshire Completed Look ups / 1851 Census - Hunt in Stadhampton
« on: Thursday 24 February 05 20:59 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please do a lookup for me?

I know that Stadhampton is actually in Oxfordshire but it appears on the same records as Berkshire parishes in HO 107/1688 ABINGDON Stadhampton OXON 519-542 - at least on the 1851 Berkshire census CD's anyway.

Looking for:-

James Hunt; head; married; aged 41; ? ; born Little Milton, Oxfordshire
???? Hunt; wife; married; aged ??; ? ; born ????
Harriet Hunt; daughter; single; aged 14; ? ; born Holcomb or Stadhampton
Eliza Hunt; daughter; single; aged 11; ? ; born Stadhampton
James Hunt; son; single; aged 5; ? ; born Stadhampton
and possibly
Sarah Hunt; daughter; single; aged 1; ? ; born Stadhampton

Many thanks,


The Common Room / I love it when a plan comes together ...
« on: Saturday 19 February 05 20:58 GMT (UK)  »
With Nutkin's news earlier I thought I might also chip in - not wishing to steal your moment Nutkin but:

For some time now I have had a "theory" that the Easey's, Dunnells and Garretts from Dunwich & Leiston in Suffolk were all inter-related. My 2 * gt grandfather James Easey married a Martha Dunnell. His father, also James, married a Rebecca Dunnell and there was an earlier marriage of an Elizabeth Dunnell (Dunwell) to a James Easey. With me so far?

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was Britain's first woman doctor and also Britain's first woman mayor. Her sister, Millicent, was a prominent figure in the Women's Sufferage movement. Their mother was Louise Dunnell who married Newson Garrett and she was reputedly from Dunwich.

Browsing through the wills on PRO Douments on-line the other day I spotted one for a John Dunnell of Wingfield, Suffolk. The place was the same as the parish in which the marriage of James Easey to Elizabeth Dunnell had taken place. So nothing ventured and £3.50 later I had a copy of the will.

Well, to shorten things a little I have now tied up the relationships and James Easey married one of John Dunnell's daughters, Elizabeth, by whom he had my 2* gt grandfather James and a daughter, Elizabeth. After Elizabeth Dunnell's death he married her sister Rebecca and had a further son John.

One of John Dunnell's other children Thomas Dunnell was the father of Martha Dunnell (so James married his cousin). Another of John Dunnell's children was John who had a daughter Louise. It was she who married Newson Garret and had Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson and Mellicient Fawcett nee Dunnell.

So one theory, one will and a lot of searching later I established that my 2 * gt grandfather married his cousin and now also have Britain's first woman doctor as my 2nd cousin 3 times removed. What a day!


Could someone please do a lookup for me.

From the will of Robert Tate written in 1848 I know he had a property at 2 Circus Street New Road in St Marylebone. He died in 1854 and I believe that he was living at that address for the 1851 census, probably with his wife Sibbell.

Many thanks,


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