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The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Saturday, 26th June 2021
« on: Sunday 27 June 21 15:04 BST (UK)  »
What can I say - our 'Christmas' day was a triumph!

The sun shone all day so nice and warm - food excellent and cooked to perfection, christmas crackers, bucks fizz (we'd all contributed in some way).   After a little rest after lunch and then it was time for Secret Santa followed by some games, bingo, a quiz (in pairs, one adult with a child so questions suitable for both ages and both could participate).   I was with Scarlett 13 and we got 19 out of 20.   Should have got 20 as although I didn't know the answer to one my gut told me 'Roald Dahl' which turned out to be right.   Even so, we won!   The last game was a family favourite - don't know if it's got a proper name.   You have a huge bar of chocolate and contestants have to throw a dice until they get a 6 - that person runs over to the chocolate, has to don a hat and scarf (usually gloves too but none yesterday) and then you have to use a knife and fork to try and get a piece of chocolate.   In the meantime the dice is still being thrown and sometimes a contestant has only just got the hat and scarf on when another contestant has thrown a 6 and takes their place.   It's hilarious - loved by adults and children alike.

It was so lovely being with all the family - such a happy day and thoroughly enjoyed by all.   Credit to my nephew and his wife for all the organising, especially his wife who'd done all the preparations for turning a June day into 'our' Christmas.

A fabulous day.


The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Thursday 24th June 2021
« on: Friday 25 June 21 11:37 BST (UK)  »
Lots of discussion, panic as to whether our Christmas 'Do' will still take place on Saturday.  Weather forecast changing daily - mainly cloudy and then on Wednesday changed to rain, the one thing we didn't want since it's an outdoor event in garden.

Later today became cloudy with sunny spells which it still is today (25th) so we are going with that and keeping everything crossed.

Finally tidied my desk in the study and can see the top again!   Finalised my ASDA order for delivery on Friday.   Lots of errands to run today (Friday) - collecting repeat prescription, withdrawing some cash for nephew in law's birthday, purchasing cheesecake to take to tomorrows do.

Happy birthday to Mowsehowse - hope it's a good one.


The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Monday 21st June
« on: Tuesday 22 June 21 14:12 BST (UK)  »
Can't believe Monday hasn't been posted already!

Not much for me to report - I did however book an online appointment to get my eye check-up at Specsavers.   Usually go to branch in town centre but haven't set foot in town since 1st lockdown.   Made an appointment at branch in supermarket on edge of town so can easily park there.   3.30pm on 23rd.

Yesterday, advised that 2 parcels (DHL and Hermes) would arrive on 23rd - thought with my luck they'd both be delivered when I was at my eye check-up but to my amazement both were delivered today (22nd) both within the past hour.

Hope everyone is okay.



The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Friday 29th January
« on: Friday 29 January 21 22:24 GMT (UK)  »
Thought I'd start off todays diary.

Temperature a balmy 10C today - mostly sunny - so felt a lot brighter.

Grocery order delivered at 1pm - after getting that all put away I had some lunch and then drove over to my niece's house to see the twins through lounge window.   My first time seeing them and they are so tiny.   8 weeks old now - Macy (who came home first) is now 6lbs and Darcy 5lbs.   Darcy had more feeding problems so is having to play catch-up now.   Is always hungry and wants lots of attention.   Macy is more placid and sleeps more.   

Just before I left to go visit I received my covid jab invite - hurrah - so organised that online when I got home.   Had 5 places to choose from and since only one was in Ipswich it was bit of a no-brainer really.   1st jab 11.45 this coming Sunday and 2nd jab Sunday 18th April same time.   

Not much has happened during past couple of days but did have cousins quiz Wednesday evening and 'girls' meetup last night on Whatsapp.

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe.


The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Monday 25th January
« on: Tuesday 26 January 21 01:56 GMT (UK)  »
Haven't posted for a few days so thought I'd start today's.   Been under the weather for 2/3 days so really not much to report.

Felt a lot better today which was lovely and sunny after a frosty start.   Just as well I was up and about as had 2 separate deliveries today. 

Have been reading all the posts though so have seen what you've all been up to.  Just remembered I did venture out once - popped out briefly Saturday afternoon to deliver birthday card to my nephews wife.   There and back in around 20 minutes.

Hope you are all keeping safe.


The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Tuesday 1st December
« on: Tuesday 01 December 20 22:03 GMT (UK)  »
For obvious reasons I'll start todays diary.

Twin 1 was born at 12.18 and weighed 3lb. 1oz. and twin 2 born 12.20 2lbs. 12ozs.  No names yet.

Both cried when born but were swiftly whipped away as expected after shown to Mum and Dad.   Both are now on antibiotics as a precaution and having help with breathing which was expected.  Doctors are very happy and say they are doing great.

'Dad' sent a whatsapp with pics at lunchtime then nothing.   I was crawling the walls all afternoon wondering what was happening.   Apparently Jo drugged up to the eyeballs and couldn't focus let alone send messages and Scott completely overwhelmed afterwards having closely watched them being delivered (i'd have been on the floor).  Jo lost 1.4 litres of blood and at one point they thought she might have to have a transfusion.   

So can breathe now - with this pandemic and their obvious stay in hospital heaven knows when I will actually get to see them but pics will do until then.   Will be a special day when it comes.


The Stay Safe Board / Diary - Wednesday 1st July
« on: Wednesday 01 July 20 19:26 BST (UK)  »
I'll start todays diary as feeling good today.   Have been going through clothes and have 2 black bags to go to the rubbish dump when allowed and a separate amount ready to go to the hospice shop when allowed.

The good news is that my sister found a bird bath, actually she found two.   Not as tall as she was hoping for (her husband says it's about 2/3rd's). Sent a photo asking which of the 2 I preferred - one was sort of a general one that you think of when you hear the words 'bird bath' and the more modern and has a kind of Japanese feel to me.   All three of us preferred the latter and that's the one we purchased.   I'm attaching a photo - hope it works.   It was half the price we were expecting to spend so now got to think of something else to go with it. 

Hope the hospice centre opens soon - besides the clothes I have 2 huge bags of jigsaws and books.

Now about to eat (salad with mini pork/apple pies followed by tiramisu).   Then to finalise my Asda delivery for Friday.

Hope you've all had a good day.


The Stay Safe Board / Diary - Monday 22nd June
« on: Monday 22 June 20 22:07 BST (UK)  »
Thought I'd start off today although the day not yet over!

After breakfast dabbled in Rootschat for a while - was amazed to receive a PM from someone I'd helped years ago - 2013 to be precise.    No progress had been made from what I had submitted then and it's really not that difficult.   Will probably reply to that later.

I had ordered some plants from a local nursery (5 geraniums) and they were delivered today by a very happy chappy of Hermes - advised delivery would be between 12 and 4 and they arrrived at 1pm.   My cousin Ann and her husband live in Dorset and I was supposed to have visited them in April - they both had birthdays in March and I would have given them presents when I visited.   However, we all know what happened next!    They love doing jigsaws and my cousin in particular likes the ones produced by Falcon.   That gave me an idea so I looked for Falcon jigsaws and found a pack of 2 on Amazon - I duly ordered on 19th June and had a phone call this afternoon to say they were delivered this morning.  She was delighted.

After this mornings Rootschat session I did the washing - net curtains, my bedding and a large bath towel.   Put up my rotary line, pegged it all out, and it was dry in no time.   Only problem now is I'll have to iron it.    Probably tomorrow, or the day after.......... manana, manana!

Has been a glorious day and forecast shows we've 4 more to come.   Yippee!


Kent / cityark.medway site
« on: Sunday 30 June 19 03:06 BST (UK)  »
I haven't had cause to search Medway parish records for a while but clicking on the link I last used i.e. I get a totally different screen and simply cannot work out how to find the parish records I've viewed before.   Can you no longer view Medway parish records on this site?   If you can will someone tell me how.


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